Autumn Jubilee Wool Applique Stitch Along Finish

Now that the applique and buttons are sewn, finishing is just a few more steps. This last bit is pretty quick. After the leaves are stitched down, the stem stitched veins added for interest, and buttons were added to the piece. Today we will finish it up. I decided to use the red base.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along ~ From My Carolina Home

I start by ironing on leftover bits of fusible interfacing to stabilize the back, and lock down the stitching. Just arrange the bits on the back side of the stitched piece and iron down.  It doesn’t matter if some overlap, they won’t be seen once the base is on.  This will also add a bit of body to the piece.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

Press well, being careful not to move the iron sideways as this might roll the fusible and make a mess.  Don’t worry about covering every inch of the piece, it is enough just to get all the stitching covered.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

Place the stitched top right side up on the base piece. Mark a cutting line 1/2-inch away from the edge of the top piece.  This will ensure that your base is an exact mirror of the edge of your stitched piece. I use chalk to be sure it comes off easily. Cut on the line.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

Whip stitch or blanket stitch the top embroidery to the base.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

All done and ready to display with a pretty autumn candle, or a favorite small knickknack.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

I have this pretty leaf design votive holder that goes nicely.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

So, there you are! A pretty little wool applique finished in time for use this season. And whoopee, the internet is back, thanks for all your comments over the past couple of days!! Good luck to everyone in the drawings.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

I am in the mood for my Bourbon Chicken and Mushrooms, and the slow cooker is going.  Football and some hand work will be today’s activity.  What are you working on today?

If you missed the first post with the free pattern, click on Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique Penny Rug.


Slow Stitching Sunday


21 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Wool Applique Stitch Along Finish

  1. Carol Preston

    Very nice! This project is especially nice because it allows sooo much individual input. Everybody has a button jar/tin and scraps for leaves, so stash gets used… and that’s a good thing! Thanks Carole

  2. Nora Ellis

    Hi, That looks great. Today I am working on some items for the craft stall at our village Church’s Christmas Fayre at the end of November. I am making tree decorations e.g. small angels, owls, stockings. Will post a photo when they are all assembled!

  3. Rosemaryflower

    Oh Carole. I have always wanted to make something like this. Most particularly for Christmas or Spring.
    Yours turned out so pretty. very neat and tidy stitching.
    It is going to be a hottie day here in No Va. I am going to take my dad to Algonquian Park on the Potomac River.
    Always a lot of people there just relaxing. Mostly Hispanic families gathering and spending the day together outside with a picnic and games, kids running and playing. It must be the culture, kind of like how Americans used to be 40 years ago 😀
    It will be a nice adventure. I like walking along the Potomac…. watching the snakes swim across the river from Tenfoot Island.
    Have a fun day making stuff

  4. Melanie

    Very nice fall wool project, and I really like the red background, too. Your chicken recipe looks delicious. My favorite stovetop recipe for chicken is Chicken Cacciatore with peppers and onions.

  5. I really like the candle mat. I don’t have any wool, let alone scraps, so won’t be doing this. But it turned out so nice, I wish I knew someone with scraps so I could trade some fabric with so I could make it! 🙂 Thanks for all the fall decorating projects.

  6. Your penny rug is so pretty! I love the fall colors you used. I’ll be stitching on mine this afternoon. I’m not as happy with my colors, but they are leftovers from a kit, so I can’t be picky. Just happy I found some and have a chance to make something with them!

  7. I enjoyed your project. What was I working on? I was looking for a shark’s tooth. Logan from across the street thinks he lost his precious shark’s tooth in our house. We ran our hands in all the chairs, finding a broken record, peanuts, one penny, and one half-eaten peppermint drop. I baked cookies for him to take home, and he did the math. He is only six years old, but he figured out everyone would get three cookies. His mother said he came home and announced that, saying it over and over.

  8. dezertsuz

    Today … I’m reading your blog post! That turned out very, very pretty. Thanks for sharing how you did it. I expect I’ll come back to this later, but I’m going to keep on with the pumpkins and leaves for now.

  9. Congrats on your finish. Very nice. Appreciate the tip on using the iron on fusible. I shall remember this whenever I get around to making one.

  10. Thank you for sharing and for hosting such a wonderfully quick Stitch Along! I’m eager to finish mine this week! My husband liked it so much we’re going shopping together for choose the wool for the back! Thank you also for encouraging me to join in on your Stitch Along! Hugs! Patricia

  11. Your sweet little candle mat turned out splendiferously! I’ve traced mine and am ready to cut it out — I’ll be sure to share (and link back to you). I peeked ahead to your ‘veranda’ post, too — it looks very inviting!! 🙂

  12. liz brown

    Like the idea of putting interfacing on the back.You did a nice job. I need to learn how to take photos of the finished project, to put with my kit. Thanks.

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