Autumn on the Veranda

Color is finally showing in some of the trees, and I wanted a pretty veranda for our recent company to enjoy. I thought it would be nice to add a quilt to the tableau, fall inspired and cozy feeling. The little pie pumpkin will become pumpkin bread in a couple of weeks.  I found dark red chrysanthemums at the local store, and got two.  I couldn’t resist putting a small quilt out too.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

A larger pumpkin is sitting near the front door, with the other deep red chrysanthemum.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

The begonias and impatiens are still blooming, and I cannot bear to throw them out while they are.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

I did bite the bullet on the torenia hanging baskets, and took them down. They really were ragged. There was a lot of green still in the forest when I rearranged the pots to form this grouping in the corner of the veranda. Those pink flowers just don’t go with my fall theme, but I am still watering them.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

My thrift store find Halloween metal hanger is hanging on the outside wall, just down the way a bit from the harvest wreath near the door.  It is fun, even though we have never had trick-or-treaters.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

At the last minute before company came, I found two orange daisy plants, so I put them in a basket and placed them with the pumpkin. It made a festive fall grouping near the door.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

Along the driveway, the trees began to show a bit of autumn in the past week.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

There was a bit more coming along farther down the driveway.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

Early one morning last week, I pulled up the shade in the kitchen window to this lovely scene. It is so pretty when an early morning fog settles into the valleys. The layers of hills and mountain are brought into sharper relief with the fog.  The rising sun over the mountain to the east lit the neighbor’s tree beautifully.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

Zooming the lens a bit closer, lovely isn’t it?

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

It still is too warm, and I am looking for it to cool off more.  I am working on Scrap Dance 3 for you, dear readers. More on that a bit later.


Today is the last day to enter all the drawings, so if you missed one, you have time today to get in a comment.  I’ll be drawing winners tomorrow and notifying you by email.  We will wrap up Autumn Jubilee Friday.

Autumn On the Veranda at From My Carolina Home

Is there some color at your part of the world?



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27 thoughts on “Autumn on the Veranda

  1. Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing! In Colorado, our color has come and gone already, even though it is still warm. Thanks for sponsoring Autumn Jubilee! I’ve had fun participating!

  2. My husband lived in Hendersonville and tells me the more water, the more color in fall. Well, we are in Texas now and even after the Deluvian Floods we had in April and May, it is parched and dry here. The trees are just turning brown and dropping their leaves. It is Halloween and still in the mid 80’s. I think Texas forgot to turn the calendar page from August!

  3. ElAINE

    Still lots of color here but a really wet dull day. We need them so we appreciate the sunny ones. I have family, friends, a new puppy and my sewing machine. Life is good.

  4. Pat Evans

    Our first killing frost came with a dose of light snow, but we were out of state and missed it. Drove from western NY to Ohio and the colors were showing but somewhat muted. Garden clean up tomorrow and
    Wednesday when we will be back in the 60’s for two days.

  5. Melanie

    Lovely vinettes on your viranda, and I see a wreath near the door, too. Your photography is wonderful, your new camera serving you well. We have the beginning of fall colors here in OR and finally some cooler weather with 21″ of rain this month, much needed!

  6. I’m new to your blog but I love it. I’m in Arizona for the winter and it has been extra hot in the 90’s will cool to the high 80’s this week. Nothing fall looking in the desert. My home is in Washington state but my family says just lots of rain at home. Your home is lovely and you have amazing views. I was in the blue ridge mountains years ago it is beautiful in your area.
    I’m not sure what the give away is but I would love to enter.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Cheryl Buchanan

    There are 2 very lovely stretches of road where the trees drape over the road and they are the brightest of yellows and oranges with a splash of very bight red here and there. Takes my breath away. My favorite part of fall is to drive down a road where the leaves are in the road and as I look in the rear view mirror, the leaves are dancing! Simply love this time of year!!!

  8. Cheryl Buchanan

    One more… your mention of the valley fog reminds me of a flight I took out of Asheville one time. The only thing you could see were the tops of the mountains, everything else was blanketed by this very thick fog. It was breathtaking!

  9. Dian

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful veranda and pics of the mountains. Here in Western Wisconsin, we have had lots of rain all summer so the October colors have been glorious. Sorry to see Indian summer come to a close but it has been the longest temperate Fall in history so I am not complaining. We too have had many beautiful misty/foggy mornings in the deep valleys along the Mississippi River. My entire month has been filled with folks heading North for leaf watching so I have not accomplished as much sewing as I would have liked. Thanks for all the wonderful give-aways that you are sharing with your readers and the quilt designs and ideas you pass along too. Dian gdavidhoffmanatyahoodotcom

  10. Love that veranda with a wonderful width for tables, chairs and the pumpkins, Even a small quilt there to be a great addition. Mums, daisies, and that seat just waiting. My table topper is on hold, I need to go shopping for some sashing, the LQS last Friday had nothing that came even close to being suitable. Thanks for all the inspirations, help and photos to give us even more ideas.

  11. Susan

    I live in the Northeast where the color is usually spectacular. This year the leaves changed really late! They were lovely for a week, then they came down. We have already had snow and this morning it was 27! Winter is here!

  12. dezertsuz

    Love the flowers and arrangements with pumpkin. Your view is certainly beautiful. It looks about like the color we have here. Tomorrow, we’re cooler!

  13. I have a deep red chrysanthemum almost the same as yours, and it’s just coming into flower, which is not the norm for chrysanthemums at this time of the year here. It also flowers for Mothers Day in May, which is when it should. My other chrysanthemums only flower once. Our colours at the moment are Spring flowers. I noticed my yellow gazanias flowering for the first time this season when I went for a walk in the morning. I love seeing photos of your garden, verandah and stunning views.

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