Sew an Autumn Valence

My kitchen window has had the same valence over the shade for more years than I can count.  It was also over the kitchen window in our previous home, which amazingly had the same size window.  Of course, the view here always takes my attention, but the lace valence had seen better days.  I made it from the edge of a lace panel adding a green trim accent. The trim is now faded and discolored, and I am just tired of the look.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

So, time for a new one. These are so simple to make, ridiculously easy and fast, why don’t I have several to change with the seasons? So, Autumn Jubilee is starting, let’s make an Autumn Valence. I found this perfect striped print in the stash resource center. I cut the size I wanted, for me it was a 14 inch strip. For yours, measure the size of your window. The length should be 1-1/2 to 2 times the window width measurement, and the height should be 1/4-1/3 the height of the window.  I cut off the selvedge edges.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

I used my serger to join the strips for the length, and to finish the edges.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

If you don’t have a serger, no problem, just fold under 1/4-inch, iron and proceed on. I iron in the hem before topstitching.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

On the short sides, which will be the edges of the valence, turn under about 1/2-inch or so and topstitch.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

Turn down 3-inches at the top and press. This will become the rod pocket and the ruffle at the top.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

Stitch one inch from the top edge to form the ruffle over the top of the rod pocket.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

Then stitch at the bottom of the foldover to create the rod pocket. This will fit up to a 2 inch circumference rod easily.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

Topstitch the hem. Then hang it up!  The fabric was perfect, matching the butter yellow walls, and picking up the black in the appliances and countertop. It even has green and burgundy to pick up those colors in the accessories in the kitchen. Adding the fall leaves and flowers in the print, and it is a fall festival over the sink.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

I tucked that edge into the window after I took this picture. I am loving these colors! Such a contrast to the light lacy valence from before.  Start to finish took me just over one hour.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

Now the window looks fresh and new, with a great autumn print. I’ll be making a couple more and changing them with the seasons.

Autumn Window Valence ~ From My Carolina Home

You can upload pics of all your Autumn Jubilee projects to the Flickr group.  Debbie put her wreath on the group yesterday, and it is lovely.  Only pics of the quilt along will be eligible for the drawing for quilting by me, but any picture of any Autumn Jubilee project is welcome!  If you just found this blog, click on the Autumn Jubilee link to see the fun month-long celebration of Autumn with projects, a quilt along and giveaways!

Can you change your kitchen for the seasons?



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14 thoughts on “Sew an Autumn Valence

  1. Connie Kresin Campbell

    Great idea and……I think my valence over my sink is about that old…..I’ll have to think about making a new one!

  2. lol….thanks for the early morning laugh….”resource center”…..that’s what I’ll call my stash from now on…..What a great way to remove “quilt guilt” from a too large stash! Your valance looks great. Only an hour’s time involved? You’re right….we could easily change them with the seasons. Another great post! Thank you!

  3. Rosemaryflower

    So pretty Carole. It looks wonderful. And by the end of Winter, you will be ready for something else!
    How come your trees are turning? Ours are still green. It’s fine though. Yesterday I just realized it was October.

  4. Good Morning Carole! From your “Resource Center” you chose just the perfect fabric for your Valance! It is gorgeous above your window and does highlight and bring out the other colors in your kitchen. Truly, for an hours time of sewing enjoyment, it was a perfect project! I have been wanting to make my own Roman Shades since I saw a fabulous tutorial on how to do it, for my kitchen window and both of my living room windows. Hopefully after the wedding I can get hubby to cut the wood and I can do the rest. Thank you so much for sharing such a fun and beautiful project! Have a fantastic creative day!

  5. lois92346

    What a perfect fabric choice for your updated valance. You’ve inspired me to do the same. I have a small kitchen window by comparison so it would take no time at all.

  6. Love the valence. I keep thinking I am going to make something for my sewing room. I have a bay window that has blinds, but no curtains or topper. Oh, I added two photo’s to the group. I made 3 totes for Helping Hands Quilt Guild in Dover DE for their food bank projects. The colors of the upholstery fabric make me think Autumn. I also made bibs for my little granddaughter. Her mother picked out a couple of batiks from my “resource center”. 🙂

  7. Carol Preston

    I have a “live edge” spalted maple area as part of my kitchen island. That is usually where I feature the seasons. I will post to Flickr a picture of my fabric pumpkin collection that makes up part of the Fall 2016 display. I like to incorporate real and artificial leaves, painted wooden, and ceramic items for interest.

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