Help me bring back a favorite and enjoy some creme brulee

Have you seen The Christmas List?  It is a wonderful, 1997 holiday movie owned by ABC, and they refuse to bring it out on DVD.  I have personally begged them for years to release it, but every year they tell me “not this year”.   That is when they bother to answer the feedback emails.  Amazon has had a wish list button for it for years, but that apparently doesn’t matter either.  Internet Movie Database has a forum with people begging for the DVD, to no avail.  They didn’t show it on the ABC cable channel or network last year, and it isn’t on the schedule for this year either.

This movie has some seriously funny parts.  It is a heartwarming story about a woman who dares to dream big, and starts getting everything on her list, but not quite the way she wanted it.  It is mostly comedy, part romance, and an engaging story of a woman taking control of her life.  Mimi Rogers is the perfect casting choice.  There is a scene with her and her best friend doing a fashion show with hand-me-down designer clothes that is priceless.  That is one of several scenes that have been either deleted or greatly shortened by the network to cram in more commercials.  Releasing it on DVD would hopefully have all those scenes restored.

Well, now they are having a poll, and I want to ask everyone that likes this movie, and even those who have not seen it, to go to the link below and vote on the right sidebar in the poll.  For smartphones, it will be at the very end of the page.  It is over 400 votes behind the first place movie in their poll,  second to a movie that isn’t nearly as good a story or as well acted.  Maybe if we get enough votes, they will finally release it with all the cut scenes restored.

Image from Amazon

Another great scene has Melody dumping a large ramekin of creme brulee in her boyfriend’s lap when he is acting like a jerk.  Creme brulee was one of my mother’s favorite desserts.  She and I made a pumpkin creme brulee from scratch one Thanksgiving years ago.  I have made it a number of times since DH gifted me with my own kitchen torch, something every woman should own.


There are many recipes on the internet for creme brulee, but I confess that I don’t usually make it from scratch. My Christmas List sometimes has the box mixes from World Market on it. They are easy, just dump the mix in a pan with 2 cups of milk, heat then pour into individual ramekins and bake. DH got me these half-cup brulee ramekins with the torch a few years back, along with the flavored sugars.

Creme Brulee at From My Carolina Home

Set the ramekins in a pan with water to about halfway up the side of the ramekin, and bake according to the directions. Now the fun part, the crust!  You can use the flavored sugars, specialty carmelizing sugar that has a large crystal, or just plain granulated sugar.

Creme Brulee at From My Carolina Home

Start slowly, just moving the flame lightly, melting the sugar topping.

Creme Brulee at From My Carolina Home

Keep going until it browns and starts to bubble a little.

Creme Brulee at From My Carolina Home

Voila! All done, ready to break into the crunchy sugar crust and enjoy.

Creme Brulee at From My Carolina Home

Back to the movie, just so you know, there are a couple of places on the internet that claim to have DVDs of this movie, but they are bootleg copies, recorded off the network and illegally offered.  The quality will not be good, and I refuse to reward these places breaking the law.  I want a legal, clean, crisp movie with all the scenes intact.  I have even notified ABC of these places, but they don’t seem to care. Here’s the link again –

Please vote, and share this everywhere you can – facebook, instagram, twitter, anywhere and everywhere! I appreciate all the votes we can get!  You can vote daily if you like.  Did you vote and share?

15 thoughts on “Help me bring back a favorite and enjoy some creme brulee

  1. I don’t recall ever seeing The Christmas List. I voted, and it is currently in 2nd place. I love a lot of the other movies on the count down, and some I’d be happy to do without for the rest of my natural life! I sent the hubby a link to the list and put him “in charge” of reminding me what I want to watch and when. Will have to get my hexi kit or my applique patterns to trace ready for a marathon tv watching December!! ps…all women need flame throwers!

  2. Rosemaryflower

    I did vote for it.
    We do not watch television much, but it is crazy that they do not put this out on DVD for purchase.
    That flame torch is pretty cool. Maybe I will drive over and borrow it sometime. 😀 😀
    Enjoy this windy nippy week-end

  3. Melanie

    I voted and will share this. At the time I voted, The Christmas List is coming in 2nd. I have never seen the movie, but would love to see it and hope it does come out in DVD. Thanks, Carole, for sharing this info. :o)

  4. Julie Mackenzie

    Carole, I’ll be voting as soon as I make my comments: thank you so much for sharing the creme brulee recipe. A kitchen torch? I love it and a great Christmas gift idea for my daughter and her fiance. They like to experiment in her kitchen..:)
    The Christmas List sounds like a great movie. I’ll be voting, too!

  5. Carole, I went and cast my vote for you! My favorite Christmas movie is the Ten Commandments and they stopped showing that many many years ago. Last year hubby found it on DVD and bought it for me, now I can watch it throughout the year, which is fabulous. In the movie world, it seems like family movies and just plain good movies are pushed aside for movies about violence and sex and I do not really enjoy the choices. Hubby and I gave up television over 10 years ago and watch DVD’s or Netflix. I truly hope that they release this movie or at least show it for you! Today I am on the last stages of quilting my Scrap Dance quilt. Plus, I shared your table runner/topper post yesterday with a friend and she wants to make one also. So later on I have to get her fabrics cut out (she loaned me her AccuQuilt cutter machine to cut up all of my scraps for the next mystery quilt. So, I will gladly do this for her. Everyone who has seen my quilt just love it and I tell them all about you and your brilliance! What a special gift from your hubby! The dessert sure do look wonderful and tasty, but something I have never tasted. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  6. Barbara Jenkins

    I voted and will share as soon as i am done here I love creme brulee and it would make a great gift for my son. Thanks for this post!!!

  7. I voted 🙂 I vaguely remember the movie but it’s not one I got to watch…I even went to my husbands computer and voted for him 🙂 I’ve been wanting a kitchen torch for a while. The DH is convinced I’ll burn the house down with it 🙂

  8. nancyabc

    It’s been on my Amazon wish list since I got one.
    I agree—-I don’t know why they don’t release that movie and a few more I would like to see.

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