Christmas Table Topper Step 2

Well, the vote is in, and it was heavily in favor of a quilt along, almost 3-to-1 in actual numbers, so Quilt Along it is!  Today I’ll give you the first step, and at the bottom, will show the design.  And there will be a warning for those who would rather not know what the final project looks like, so if you would rather do it as a mystery and be surprised, you still can be.

I decided to do a runner myself, and it will have a few more pieces than the small table topper.  It will measure about 17 x 64.  If you want to do the same, cut 40 3-inch squares of black, red, green and neutral, and 40 2-1/2 inch red squares.  Cut 5 of the 4-1/2 inch black squares.  I went back and added those numbers to the cutting grid on the first post – here.

Step 2 – Make the Half Square Triangle Units

Pair half of the 3-inch black background squares with half of the green 3-inch squares. Pair the other half of the 3-inch black background squares with half of the background neutral 3-inch squares.  Pair the other half of the background neutral 3-inch squares with the other half of the green 3-inch squares

Christmas Quilt Along 1

Draw lines and chain piece the units on both sides of the line.  Click on the link here if you need a refresher.

Christmas Quilt Along 2

Cut apart and press forming the half square triangle units.

Christmas Quilt Along 4

Square them all up to 2-1/2 inch units.

We have a Flickr group for sharing photos of progress and prints, and finishes.  Ask to join the

Christmas 2015 Quilt Along

Now, for those that would rather have a mystery, stop here and don’t scroll any further.  Next step next week will not show the design.  I won’t put the completed one on the Flickr group until we get to that step, so you can look at the progress pictures without spoilers.
Pssst, Spoiler Alert !!  The views of the overall design are coming up next!
OK, here we go!! The table topper is either a 4-block square or a 9-block square.

Here it is in the larger 9-block version –

Christmas Topper

I am still working on mine, but I decided to do a runner with 5 blocks.   So, I have the blocks done and the border put on.  Here’s a peek at that –

Christmas Quilt Along 39 Christmas Quilt Along 40

Hope you like it!  Will you quilt along?

Step Three has been published.  Click HERE for Step 3.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Table Topper Step 2

  1. Oh gosh, I love a mystery because it keeps me from spending time debating decisions; color placement, size, etc…
    Of course, I did not resist peeking though. I may runner it…

  2. Carole, Oh Me Oh My, you have designed a Spectacular Beautiful table topper or runner! I could not resist looking, but that is fine; who could resist taking a peek and seeing your awesome design and fabric choices come together as a whole. I will be starting on this later on this weekend, after I finish the quilting on the Scrap Dance quilt! It is going to look so magnificent on top of our bed!! Thank you for sharing and have a magnificent wonderful day creating!

  3. sgrancio

    I have a ‘non-Christmas’ fabric pull and all the squares cut. Will make the HST this week. Will you please add me to the flickr group? (Can’t remember how that worked from the Scrap Dance Mystery.)
    Should be fun and a small enough project to tuck in with others.

  4. ok; so I rattled the package, and slipped my finger under the tape, I mean, I scrolled down too! Looks great. I am headed out to the garage and up to the sewing room right now. !! Thanks again for another great pattern.

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