Slow Stitching Sunday #7

This week was fairly productive, but I am not at all sure I like the results, starting with the thimble. I made a mistake, using three strands of brown for the French knots instead of two strands. I didn’t figure this out until it was all done, and I don’t think I want to pick it out and do it over. I don’t think I stitched it well either, the cream just does not look as smooth as the gold and the leaves.

Slow Stitching week 7 thimble

While I had the needle threaded with gold, I started on the tape measure. Here again, I am not really happy with the contrast. The pattern calls for the gold with the cream, but it seems to be a lot more visible on the pattern sheet than it is stitched out.

Slow Stitching week 7 tape

The pins got some attention.

Slow Stitching week 7 pins

And I was able to get a little farther on the buttons, just working with colors left on the needle as I worked on the thimble.

Slow Stitching week 7 buttons

I am hoping to be done with the stitching by Thanksgiving weekend. I plan to finish them differently than the kit wants. I don’t want to mount them on cardboard, instead I plan to sew the front to the backings and stuff them.

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13 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sunday #7

  1. I wouldn’t have noticed any of what your not happy with, had you not pointed it out! Your french knots, in particular, do not look too bulky at all! Your satin stitching is gorgeous — you do a great job with it. I don’t think you have anything to be dissatisfied with at all!! And I think, at the rate you’re going, Thanksgiving will come and the ornaments will be done!! Keep up the great work!!! 🙂

  2. Barbara Jenkins

    I agree with daneesey. I love how they look and I would not have noticed that the french knots were bulky as they don’t look that way at all. I think the gold/cream issue on the tape measure will take care of itself. Most tapes I have seen are not really all that easy to read!!!! I like your idea regarding finishing them too.

    Not doing any slow stitching – just a bit of crochet. Making a new hat for me!!!

  3. Rosemaryflower

    This looks really very very good.
    The French Knots look perfect to me. I am rather picky about my hand work too, so I do not do much of it, which results in continued poor results, LOL
    Happy Sunday

  4. Carole, concerning the Thimble; from your photo, I can not tell that it looks crowded at all, it (to me) really adds a balance to the other threads. I would not pick it out if it were mine, but I always encourage others to do what makes them happy. As for the Tape Measure, I do agree that the threads blend together to much; instead of unpicking have you thought about choosing a darker golden thread and using just one strand or maybe even two and taking a straight stitch beside each side of the gold thread and highlighting the detail. In my opinion that would be a much easier solution…just lay some embroidery floss beside each section and see what thread you like the best. Maybe even a yellow or brown would add that contrast. I do not remember you showing the pins before, but I really think they are spectacular. I look forward to seeing them when you have completed them! The buttons are also adorable and are looking great! I am so glad that you are sharing these embroidery projects.

    I printed out a tea pot pattern on blue fabric using freezer paper and the printer for a project that I am going to be making for my oldest step daughter. She really likes tea pots. I spent several hours trying to decide what stitch to use on the stems in the back ground. I still am not completely happy with my choice and may unpick and try a different version of the chain stitch that I pinned on Pintrest today. I never did get around to posting yesterday. LOL. Today is hubbies birthday and we are just taking it slow and easy this morning. Just a few moments ago, I took some pictures that I would also like to post later on along with my new embroidery project. But, we are going to go over to my parents here in a couple hours and have cake and ice cream and play a board game we call Wahoo. I am also in the process of ironing out my backing fabric for the Scrap Dance quilt. Most likely, I will have to piece it to get it large enough.

    Have a wonderful creative day Carole!

  5. I agree with Brenda that you could add a darker gold with a single thread and it will increase the contrast. I would leave the thimble as it looks just fine to me. I really like your idea to stuff those ornaments. I am looking forward to seeing them finished. Happy stitching.

  6. I too wouldn’t pick out any of the things you criticized, it all just looks very pretty to me, but I guess if it bothers you that’s what matters. Your idea of stuffing them is very clever.

  7. Sharon Schipper

    I worked on the sewing machine this weekend, have everything but the leaves and the gold thread done. Looking at your thimble, I may do the entire thing in the gray and a darker gray rim rather than the cream… just a thought! I started from the center of the printed fabric out. I think I will do cardboard with a thin batting, and maybe other christmas fabrics for the backing rather than the provided ones. Heaven knows I need to use up some more stash! I have some christmas cording around somewhere too for the edges. Thanks for the fun!
    Snow in our forecast for overnight, they think maybe heavy, so here’s hoping for a snow day tomorrow!
    Sharon in Colorado

  8. I think you’re being especially hard on yourself! (I can talk!) They all look fantastic to me and you’ve made really good progress. One thing you could do, if you really are that unhappy with the French knots on the thimble, is to try and iron them on the back to flatten them a bit, but personally I like the more 3d effect of some embroidery stitches 🙂

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