Refashioning a Necklace

Do you have any of those multi-strand necklaces?  This one was sitting in the drawer not being worn because two of the chains were starting to look tarnished.

Necklace rework - 2

Plus it was a lot of necklace at once, actually just too many strands.

Necklace rework - 1

So, I decided to take it apart and recycle the individual strands into single necklaces.

Necklace rework - 3

I really like these lavender beads with the gold ones between. The pearls became two necklaces, one with chain links and the other without.

Necklace rework - 7

I have another vintage pin to use with a couple of strands like I did with the black ones from What’s In YOUR Closet?

Necklace pin 1

I have this snowflake pin that goes well with the pearls from this project and a rhinestone necklace from the vintage drawer.

Snoflake pin

This one DH gave me in the 70s when we all wore rhinestone pins on scarves around our necks.

Necklace rework - 6

Who knows, this may turn out to be a new trend!

Necklace rework - 4

Do you have any pins that would work with two necklaces like this?  Do you like to recycle older jewelry into a new look?

8 thoughts on “Refashioning a Necklace

  1. Great idea taking the necklaces apart! Love the necklaces with the pin. Super cute. I will have to have a look in my jewel box. I inherited tons of pins etc from my mom.

  2. I love, love, love that rhinestone pin! I’m glad you were able to put it to good use so that it sees the ‘light of day’ again. It looks great with those necklaces.

  3. catsandroses

    LOVE this repurposing of old pins — that butterfly one looks like it was made for those necklaces! I have lots of vintage pins which go unused in my jewelry box. I will definitely be checking to see which ones will go with the necklaces I have. Your ‘what’s in your closet’ posting was so helpful, too. Think I should watch that TV show you mentioned to find out what I should/shouldn’t be wearing, as I’m a bit clueless — your clothes look so cute, glad you figured out what works for you! Am missing being on the Paperbackswap, but am glad to see a friendly, familiar ‘face’ from there with your blog and am so glad I subscribed. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas, Carole!

  4. Mary

    Carole, you continue to amaze me with your multiple talents. You enjoy this, I can tell. And you are so blessed with this talent. Keep up the good work.

  5. Monique U

    Some of that vintage jewelry was really good quality compared to what you can buy today 🙂 So nice to see you re-purpose and reconfigure all those pretty strands 🙂

  6. How pretty! Love what you’ve done with it 🙂 I am a total jewellery addict – if I’m not wearing at least three different pieces, it isn’t enough.
    – Linking over from Weekend blog party

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