Using Panels for Quick Finishes

In our local quilt club, our charity quilting chair brought a number of preprinted panels to the last meeting.  She asked for us to simply quilt the panels for our outreach to children in need.  I know I like to do more piecing when doing any quilting, but there is an urgent need right now and panels offer a way to make fast quilts for children.  You know, I don’t think any of the recipients will care that it is a panel, it is the quilty hug that is important.  So, to make these special, I wanted to quilt them with care and add something special.  First on the frame was this really adorable bunny panel, with the bunnies sitting on a quilt.  I liked the yellow border, and I had some variegated yellow thread I had been wanting to use.

Donation Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I selected a pantograph that would add nice texture to the quilt, and also a pretty flower to the large white areas, echoing the flowers in the border and in the bunny paw.

Donation Quilts at From My Carolina Home

Looking closer, you can see the interest created with the color variations in the thread.

Donation Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I loved the way this came out. The small size was bound in a single day.

Donation Quilts at From My Carolina Home

The other panel was in red white and blue, but I didn’t want it to have a patriotic feel. The cute little bear on the rocking horse has a country feel with little hearts on the borders.

Bear Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

I picked up on the hearts with this pantograph that has hearts in it. Although it is a little on the sweet side, maybe a little boy would like it.

Bear Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Here’s the corner. One thing about quilting just panels, there are no issues with fullness, LOL!!

Bear Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

All done. I did the binding while watching a preseason football game.

Bear Panel Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

So, this makes four donation quilts for the little kids. Are you doing any quilting now?



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22 thoughts on “Using Panels for Quick Finishes

  1. Sandy

    I love the pantograph on the bunny panel. Can you tell us what it is called? Thank you for doing these for the children!!

  2. Good Morning Carole! The quilting that you did on these quilts is magnificent and makes them look so soft and huggable! I do not think I have any panels at all, but was in a new to me fabric store that had an entire rack of panels I just may have to go and take a look at and make some up for Project Linus after seeing yours! I have one more fabric napkin to make today for my Daughters Bridal Shower gifts. Then I will begin sewing my blouse on the dress form that Hubby, Deanna and I all helped make of me. Hubby and I got it stuffed yesterday and today he has to get it on a stand. It turned out pretty well, except I had to put a bra on it and pad it. It looks rather funny this way but it sure does work and that is all that matters. After the blouse, I have to make my dress for the wedding. Thankfully, it is just a nice dress nothing fancy. Well have a fantastic creative day and thank you for sharing!

  3. Melanie

    I really like that design, too. Both panels are adorable, what a great way to make a quick kiddie quilt special. Often these panels are on sale racks and it would be a good way (for me) to practice FM quilting without wrestling a large piece under my home sewing machine. LOL–no hills or peaks on panels!

  4. Phyllis Smith


    The children’s charity quilts are so precious and a wonderful way to cheer up the children in need and brighten up their days.


  5. The panels are darling and your quilting turns them into something special.

    My guild does an emense amount of charity work, both small quilts and hundreds of pillowcases. There is a monthly workday, kits for a variety of quilts and pillowcases can be picked up at meetings. One of the members, whose family owns part of a commercial space, lets the guild use the ground floor at no cost – the front is for sewing (guild workshops also take place there) and masses of very-well organized supplies live in the back.

    I will have to keep my eyes open for some panels.

  6. I love these rather vintage looking panels. I have to say my first effort at quilting of any kind was a pre-printed – pre-quilted panel; that I simply added satin binding to. 1st grandchild who is nearly 9 years old! I did use 3 or 4 more panels for him and they improved in concept from start to finish. I have come a long way since then. My friend who is learning to FMQ is trying out her skills on a panel. She is doing well I think. Great efforts and any child will love that special little quilt of their own.

  7. Two beautiful quilts, Carole – your quilting finishes them off perfectly. When I made my one and only panel quilt, I didn’t know that it qualified as an actual quilt, till readers told me it most certainly did and referred to it as a whole cloth quilt.

  8. VickiT

    I love this panel and what you’ve done with it for the quilting. I have a bunch of panels I purchased in the past year hoping to use them for quilts to give to my grandchildren. Sadly, the panels aren’t as big as this one you’ve shown is and I need to add something to the panels to make it large enough for any of my grandchildren to use. I’ve been searching for ideas, but I’m picky and don’t want to just stitch together squares of fabrics in order to enlarge the size.

  9. Dianne

    Your panel quilts are beautiful. Your quilting made them very special! I’m wondering what kind of batting you use.

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