Basket UFO Finished

Thanks to everyone that commented with suggestions on how to finish off this Basket Quilt UFO.  I had a deadline, and I actually made the deadline.  I almost forgot to show it at the meeting because I had so much more on my mind that day.  Several key members couldn’t be there, and I was trying to do all my stuff and theirs too.  Thank you to my friend, Karen, who reminded me about it during Show and Tell.  So, here it is!

Baskets of Flowers - 3

I decided to use wool felt for the flowers. Looking at the pantograph I used to quilt the base layer, those flowers looked like just the right size. Using template plastic, I cut out some yellow ones.

Basket UFO flower - 3

But, I thought more color would look better once I got started. So, pink and blue. The blue ones could be Bachelor Buttons. Oh, buttons for the centers!

Basket UFO pink:blue

I matched up some larger buttons with the flowers. Then I hand sewed a button to the center of each flower. After those were done, I hand stitched them to the quilt.

Basket UFO  flower stitching

I hid all the knots under the flowers, and there is just the smooth stitch on the back, so it hardly shows!

Basket UFO back close

From even a short distance, those stitches cannot be easily seen.

Basket UFO back

Scattering the colors around, I tried to make it look random.

Baskets of Flowers - 1

Overall, it wasn’t my first choice of how to do the flowers, but a deadline is a motivating thing. After seven years of looking at it, it is done. Finished is better than perfect any day, LOL!!

Baskets of Flowers - 2

On to the next project! Have you ever had a quilt where you are just happy to have it done? Any long term UFOs in your stash?

4 thoughts on “Basket UFO Finished

  1. Oh YES!! For sure! I’ve had more than a few that I’m happy to just have them DONE. My motto is “Done is good!” And yes. lots of long term UFO’s kickin around too….

  2. carolegoldquilts

    A deadline IS a motivating thing!!! Where would we be without them? Under an even bigger pile of UFO’s, that’s where! The wool flowers and the buttons made a sweet finish.

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