Another Quick Christmas Project

Christmas fabrics are taking over my sewing room, and I wanted to use a new technique to use some up.  I eventually want to do a Trip Around the World quilt, just because I haven’t ever done one.  The construction uses a cylinder technique, where you sew all your strips together into a tube, then cross-cut into strips again with rows of squares.  Starting this with a small project seemed like a good idea, just in case I didn’t like it.  Better to find that out with a table topper than a full size quilt, right?  So, starting with some 3-inch wide strips, I sewed them together.  Jelly roll strips work wonderful in this quick project.  You can use whatever number you like. I ended up with six strips, alternating red and green prints.

Quick Christmas squares 1

Pressing towards the greens will make nesting easier.

Quick Christmas squares 2

Then, the strip sets were sewn into tubes and cross cut into 5 square-strip sets, the same width as your strips.  In other words, if you use a jelly roll strip, cross cut into 2-1/2-inch strip sets.  If you use a full Width of Fabric you’ll get a lot more.  I was using fat quarters.

Quick Christmas squares 3

Pick out one seam to begin, and then pick out a second seam on the next strip set that is one square away from the first one.

Quick Christmas squares 4

Sew those together, and continue until all the strip sets are used. Add borders if you want them.

Quick Christmas squares 5

I had this cute holiday dogs fabric for the back. The holiday theme here too make the little toppers reversible.

Quick Christmas squares 6

I loaded them on the longarm side by side, so I could just keep quilting across and get both done quickly.

Quick Christmas squares 7

I stitched down the edges before starting. You can do this on a DSM too, a simple SID, or an x-pattern diagonally through the center of the squares would look nice.

Quick Christmas squares 8

Keeping in mind that I wanted them reversible, I used a tone-on-tone red matching the border on the binding.

Quick Christmas squares 9

All done! Here’s the pieced side.

Quick Christmas squares 10

And the back looks good too with the red border.

Quick Christmas squares 11

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Giveaway Fabrics 12-9-15

Want to do a quick quilt along?  Click on Christmas Table Topper for a fast and easy project in 4 steps.  Links at the end of each post take you to the next step.

Hope you are having a fun holiday season!  Are you sewing holiday projects?

143 thoughts on “Another Quick Christmas Project

  1. manasotavacation

    Oh, Carole, AS USUAL , a really attractive item that you make seem so “doable”….I am actually going to try this one later today or tomorrow. Too cute! I have some Christmas fabric I thought I’d have to save until next year, but this is a nice little project to do for a couple of last minute gifts and get that fabric WORKING (since it is not paying rent)….

  2. Rosemaryflower

    Oh this is a great one Carole. Now I really wish I could say “I will be right over this afternoon bearing cinnamon rolls and projects to finish” but I won’t be lol
    I did start the table runner project yesterday evening. Not sure if I will finish it….. but I will try.

  3. Trip Around the World quilts is on my to do list. Right now I `m quilting a runner and this will be addded to the list.Happy Christmas!

  4. This is so neat – sharing a tutorial and then giving us a chance to win the fabric. I would love to make this tutorial. I have seen this pattern and have always thought about making this myself. Thanks to you, I can. Winning would be a great way to begin this project. Thank you for taking the time out to become a part of the Sew Mam Sew Giveaway Day and giving us all the chance to win. Happy Holidays to you.

  5. Lesley Gilbert

    I love all the fabrics but that doggie one is so so cute. I made a small T.A.W. quilt earlier this year, using 6 fabrics in each block. It’s now waiting to be finished off. If I was making it again I would plan it a lot better than just loads of different fabrics 🙂

  6. Lesley Gilbert

    Also, I follow you via email. I’m making kiddie presents at the moment so that’s keeping me busy 🙂

  7. Gale Betterly

    What a great way to use up fabric! I’m planning to take your idea and make placemats with tractor fabric for one of my favorite “rusty iron” groups to use as a fund raiser. They use their money to put on educational programs about agriculture and food production. Very few students know that there is a huge industry behind what they see on their grocery store shelves and that there are thousands of good jobs behind what they eat.

  8. Linda Collum

    Thanks for the tutorial and the giveaway. A Christmas table runner would be great in my kitchen. When you do a big trip around the world, I want to follow along!

  9. Joyce Carter

    Thanks for the tutorial. What a cool idea! Haven’t tried this way before.
    That fabric is so adorable. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  10. Linda

    What a great tutorial and the chance to win the fabrics to make this up is a bonus! Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Ramona

    I have never used that technique either and love how you tried it on something small. I just loved how it turned out! The fabric is adorable.

  12. Lori Morton

    Love your Toppers!! I am busy making flannel Jamma’s for the Kiddo’s & Grankiddo’s! Am also crocheting dishrags to match colors in patchwork trimmed dish towels. (shhhh…Christmas surprises… giggle)

  13. That dog fabric is so cute! It’s been great seeing all the holiday projects you’ve got going. I liked seeing everyone’s Christmas mystery, and I’m really looking forward to Scrap Dance 2!

  14. Good Evening Carole! I adore the fabrics that you used for your Trip Around The World Table Toppers, I would be delighted to win these. It has been a very long time since I have done a Trip Around The World and doing Table Toppers is an excellent suggestion, especially for Christmas Gifts! I have been having so much fun making Christmas presents this month. I got the table topper all quilted last night and just need to get the binding made and put on now. The girls were over today, so I worked on quilting a Christmas Stocking and helping Deanna get her Table Topper Quilted. She has never done any quilting before. I also found out that my Niece is 3 months pregnant and so I want to make all sorts of baby items. Which after sitting for a tad bit, I should get back to the sewing machine! Again, thank you for the great idea again! Have a wonderful creative day! You, my friend, are a very talented individual with so many great ideas!

  15. Carole, Yippppeee! I get a second chance at all of that spectacular fabric! I follow by email. Of course, you already know that…but I do try very hard and play by the rules! Fair is Fair. So, off I go to do some creating of my own. Hubby and I stopped by the dollar store last night before heading over to Mom and Dads for a long fun visit. We picked up some beautiful ribbons for decorating some wreaths and some other things also. I will share pictures when I get them all made; well if they turn out. This is a total new adventure for me! Have a great night Carole and thanks again!

  16. Verna

    That dog fabric is so cute! I’m working on a scrappy trip around the world quilt, just needs the final border. Once I got the hang of it, the blocks were fun to make!

  17. Melanie

    Carole, enjoyed your scrappy Christmas topper. I haven’t made a “trip” quilt yet either and wondered if I’d like it well enough, so this is a great try-it project. BTW, I must tease you a bit. You stated you used 6 strips….I counted 7. LOL Please enter me in the drawing! :o)

  18. Debby E

    Thanks so much for the chance to win – I LOVE Christmas fabric! 😉
    Merry Christmas
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  19. I love table toppers and runners! They are fun to practice new techniques and so nice to pull out of a drawer to change up the décor! Yours is so pretty!

  20. Mom C

    Fun project. I like the way you loaded your longarm. Smart. Yesterday my 6 year old grand daughter made a pillowcase for her 16 mo. nephew. She picked out the fabric, I cut it out and helped her pin. She did all the sewing with a little help on staying at 5/8 seam allowance. I love to have my grandchildren make Christmas projects. Thanks.

  21. This holiday season is the most favorite for me. I know some find it stressful but to me… it is the best.! No holiday topper yet for me but I sure could use one.

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