Snow Day! Time to Quilt!

After missing work most of last week, I got up this morning to this.  The picture looks white all over because it is still lightly snowing.


Not good news, as the schedule was slammed this week because of all the snow last week. Oh well, what to do but accept the fact that I am not going anywhere today. It is still snowing, too, but should stop by noon if the weather report is to be believed. There is snow on the branches of the trees, and the veranda railing. Looks like about 2 inches.


Lots of birds are stopping by the feeder. DH said he planned to refill it last night but didn’t get to it. I think there is some in the bottom that they can get to still. These little guys are goldfinches. They lose their bright yellow in winter.


This titmouse is looking for a meal too.


Cardinals look so gorgeous in the snow. We have two pairs living nearby, but only this male was out this morning.


In the back, the rhododendrons are curled up against the cold.


So, I am headed to the basement to make order out of this.

Mystery Scraps 2

Believe it or not I do have a plan. But, I cannot share that just yet. Stay tuned for a quilt along to start in mid-March. I hope you will enjoy it. And if you are snowed in like I am, have fun quilting or crafting today, and stay warm!

10 thoughts on “Snow Day! Time to Quilt!

  1. Robin in NC

    Believe it or not, it is snowing here in Charlotte also. Not as pretty as your snow because it is not enough to completely cover all the grass and such. It is still lightly snowing so just maybe it will cover. If we’re gonna have snow … let’s have some real snow!

  2. Rosemarazzle

    Dear Robin and Carole,
    Rosemary B here:
    We had 11 inches of snow a few days ago, They were predicting 3-6.
    So we got a pile of it. It is bitter cold here, so even though we have bright sun, it is melting slowly, and every morning a new sheet of ice.
    I like snow, and really used to love tramping around in it. At present, I am content to look at it from my window, and do some straightening of my sewing room, and other things. I do need to go out and see mom and dad every day, so my car looks like a big meatball.
    Carole, I think whatever you make with that pile of browns and greys and yellows will be pretty – just like that cardinal!

    1. Robin in NC

      Rosemary, I agree! That cardinal is beautiful! Love the way he stands out against the snow. I don’t think I want 11+ inches of snow. Just enough to look at for awhile and then … MELT AWAY!

  3. Karen

    Beautiful photos. We were out in it @ 5:30 am as Ray had a procedure and needed to be @ Pardee by 6 am. Everything’s fine and we’re now home for the rest of the day.

  4. These photos are so beautiful! I’m a Midwesterner that’s been living in the South for 5 years which makes snow appealing again. Thank you for sharing a bit of your winter wonderland with those of us who actually miss it. Stay warm!

  5. It does look like a good day to stay inside and quilt…. you have such a beautiful porch and outside though, that I am sure it will be wonderful to get out there in the spring. 🙂

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