More MINIs on the Dragon

More fun at our annual MINIs on the Dragon event to show you today. The event included several days of drives in the beautiful mountain area of western NC and eastern TN. Lining up in the morning, the leader would go over the day’s drive route and get us all on the same radio channel so we could hear any warnings (like for hazards in the road) and know when a turn was coming up.

This day we were running over to Tennessee driving the Cherohala Skyway. We started out going through arbored streets of vibrant green. It is fun to have a line of MINIs all headed out together.

We positioned ourselves about halfway back to act as a rely on the radio in case the leader couldn’t communicate with the last car, called the sweep. We had 24 cars on this run! In the mirror, more MINIs.

The route took us by the Cheoah river and over Santeelah lake, with beautiful scenes of the flowing water over large rocks. Both names are Native American.

Twisty section ahead!

Stopping at an overlook on the Skyway, we had a few minutes to stretch our legs after about an hour on the road.

Beautiful view from the overlook showed trees in bloom and lots of green.

More driving along in the valley meant seeing the mountains rise in front of us. Entering Nantahala Forest, the green of the trees and underbrush was stunning.

As the sun peeked through the clouds, the vibrant green color became more intense.

On the way back after lunch, a few of us wanted to go back along the route to see the Bald River waterfall.

On Saturday, we lined up for a panoramic photo. There were over 150 MINIs on the field and it took about 2 hours to park them all. It was fun to walk around and see all the graphics and themes people have on their cars.

There is an amusing and playful thing that goes around during these events, called getting “ducked”. People will leave rubber ducks on cars with little notes, saying things like ‘we like your MINI” or “you’ve been ducked!” Prior to this event, we have not ever been ducked at any event. This year, we got ducked twice, so much fun! One was a little fire duck, and we got it during the Bingo game night.

Then the really amazing one, a dragon duck that was 3-D printed in a glittery dark green. This one was left on the car during the panoramic photo. I have to say, I was so excited about this one, it is just a bit of a thrill to get ducked. I had to show it to everyone I knew, LOL!! More than one person wanted to run off with it. So now, I am on the lookout for some cute ducks to order so I can make someone else’s day. We did ‘duck’ a friend late on Saturday evening with a little duck that was part of the decorations on the table at the dinner.

Overall it was a really fun week, with little cell service and very spotty internet. We connected with friends, laughed ourselves silly at times, and drove through our beautiful countryside. We waved at MINIs on the road, one time with a group going one way, passing by another group going the opposite way. We especially enjoyed a quiet evening watching the sunset and the stars appear after the last dinner with friends we don’t see often on the deck of their cabin. We had a marvelous time on our MINI vacation. Can’t wait until the next one!

The bad news is that I apparently brought home an unwelcome souvenir. I came down with covid on Tuesday. I feel terrible this morning still, with muscle aches, congestion and fever, and the medication I got last night has left an awful alkaline taste in my mouth, like I dusted it with baking soda. Luckily I have written all this week’s posts before I got sick, but forgive me if I don’t respond to your comments today.

25 thoughts on “More MINIs on the Dragon

  1. Kathy Harris

    I hope you feel better soon. I always enjoy reading about your mini travels and events. It looks like so much fun. My daughter was just telling me about the ducks. She said people are putting little ducks on cruises and hiking trails. Sort of like the painted rocks. Rest up and a speedy recovery.

  2. Linda

    Griff came home with it too. I just tested myself but the results were ambiguous so I need to test again. Griff isn’t feeling too bad but my head feels like it is overstuffed with something heavy. I hope you have a mild case.

  3. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting

    Enjoyed the photos, Carole! Especially seeing all 150 minis. They “duck” Jeeps, too. I hope you recover quickly. No need to reply–get well!

  4. charliedisante

    Got a chuckle about you being “ducked’ we have a Jeep renegade and got ducked too. It is a cool feeling and feels inclusive….especially in these days.

  5. sorry about coming home sick – I worried about that after attending the quilt show in Paducah but two weeks now and I’m ok – hope you will not get it bad.

  6. Oh, so sorry to hear you have Covid after all this time of being so careful. That happened to us during the last 4 days of our recent cruise. Surprised we were so sick in spite of being vaxxed and boosted to the hilt. Yes, and the bad taste is the worst! Please rest and allow yourself time to heal. Sending love and good vibes!

  7. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Carole, I loved everything about this post except that last paragraph! I’m so sorry about the covid. I have been told that Paxlovid messes with your sense of taste. Hoping this won’t last too long for you. Loved the beautiful lush green that you showed and all the fun you had. The ducks are so cute!

    1. Connie S Wolfe

      Your photos of the scenic drive are beautiful and so green! I enjoyed the duck tradition story and pictures. Sorry to hear that you brought home an unwelcome souvenir. Hope your symptoms are mild.
      Connie W.

  8. Niki B

    Great trip, sorry for the extra you brought home. Rest up, feel better soon. Hope you have a mild case and are on the mend already.

  9. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Looks like a fun time and so many mini coupes! The ducks were cute, and I liked your green dragon best, but getting ducked is a Jeep thing. Sorry, I’m a Jeep person. OllllO. 🙂

  10. June Neigum

    I am wondering how someone gets covid with all shots and boosters and so far into this covid sickness. I’m sure you were careful meeting people and talking a step farther apart than we were before this stuff. I do not remember you saying you have had covid before so maybe our immunity is waning and we need to think about another booster. I have had other friends in the same circumstances. Did anyone else end up with covid in your group??

  11. Oh dear, the dreaded Covid, not what you wanted I’m sure. Hope you recover quickly without nasty side effects. Your Mini run looked like fun, as you traveled through the glorious countryside.

  12. I am so, so sorry you were sick. You’ve been very careful, too. And it sounds like you are feeling absolutely wretched. I hope the meds kick in quickly and you’re not down too long.

    Congratulations on getting ducked! I’ve never seen ducks like either of those before — they’re very clever. This looks like a great weekend. (And very good parking!)

    1. Suzan deSerres

      Hope you’re feeling better!!!
      Looks like it was a wonderful vacation and good time with friends.
      Now to rest and recover…

  13. Judy Andrew

    Do take care of yourself Carole & especially get lots of rest! Have had this myself, My symptoms were a massive debilitating headache for four days & when the headache went away ( which I thought meant I was better now) I stood up, walked to the kitchen & passed out! Back to bed for another three days. I never woke up during that whole time to eat anything nor do I even remember going to the bathroom, was just out cold!

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