Sunday Chat

What a bloody wasted week. Getting covid was not in the plan. Two days lost to fever and feeling awful, then two more days of sitting in my chair binge watching Yellowstone, with no energy to do much. Since I have nothing new from this week to share, today’s post will be a catch up on a few things I was doing before our trip. The bluebirds were working hard to feed their chicks before we left. Here are a couple of those photos that I didn’t have a chance to share before. The female was bringing fat bugs to the brood.

Look closely inside the birdhouse and you can see a baby bird with its beak open on the lower edge.

Another trip with another fat bug, this time someone else is opening wide, farther back inside the house, but you can see more of it.

I don’t know how many little birds were in the brood. But, they apparently fledged while we were gone. I was sorry we missed that. My Sweet Babboo cleaned out the house yesterday, so we are ready if they want to raise a second brood this year.

A pair of cardinals have been here pretty much daily, and I hope they are raising a nest full somewhere.

This little juvenile took quite a while to identify. I went through pages of my bird book, then had to do several internet searches, but I did finally identify it by looking at the juvenile markings on the species we see most right now. It is a juvenile rose-breasted grosbeak. The black on the very top of its head, along with the white eye stripe, wing bars and spotted breast made the identification.

Poor Jasper thought he’d been abandoned, but showed up for a meal a couple of days after we got home.

Congratulations to Keysha P who won the quilting sharing prize in our facebook group!! Keysha posted about her stretching her skills by doing a honeycomb stitching using a ruler. Thanks to all the readers who shared their quilting, I wish we’d had more! Our FB community is only as active as its participants share. Let us see what you are working on inspired by my blog.

My plan last week was to get started on the quilting for this Quilt of Valor. But that didn’t happen. It started out a disaster, but I’ll tell you all about that next time.

I hope to do something productive this week. I am feeling better, and but still have a few doses left of the Paxlovid anti-viral. Hopefully, the awful alkaline taste in my mouth will go away once the medication is done. What are your plans for this week?

36 thoughts on “Sunday Chat

  1. Kim from TN

    I’m sorry you got covid and it put you down for a few days, bummer. I haven’t had it yet, but I know my days are numbered. Glad you got the meds to help you. Our neighbor feeds the birds and I get the joy of watching them all from my chair. I finally finished the quilt for our niece who graduated. So proud of her, she got her medical degree from Pikeville, Ky and will practice family medicine.

  2. Mary Stori

    I’m so sorry you are going through this…..being laid low is especially difficult for a productive, active person like you….hang in there.

  3. clara macuirles

    Covid is no fun…..and it seems to take forever to return to our old self. Be kind to yourself, whatever is in the making will keep. I just love your site and reading about all you do.

  4. I will need to look for that Milk Street cookbook that you always share – I have never seen it – is that a magazine or a thin recipe book? hope you get better from covid soon I have heard several others that have gotten it in the past month I was so afraid I would get it from going to the show in Paducah KY but didn’t knock wood

  5. Rita C.

    Carole, I’m so sorry to read you’ve had Covid. My hairdresser and several if her family members had it in the past few weeks. She took Paxlovid, as did my daughter. My hairdresser stopped after 2 days, saying it made her sicker (gastro, and that awful taste in the mouth). My daughter got rebound Covid with taking the drug. I hope yours resolves quickly.

  6. I am so sorry you got sick with the covid – and terribly sick for that matter! Wow, I hope both of you go slow and recover nicely. we watched all of Yellowstone. It is entertaining to be sure.
    Have you seen The Americans? Ozark? Fargo? I could go on and on. We have watched most of the series that years old and we old fogies finally got lazy enough to watch. We have Britbox too and we watch a lot of Drama, mystery and comedy on that channel.Of course I am never sitting and watching. The only time I am sitting and watching is if I am hand sewing something. I hope you do not suffer any residual effects of the stupid virus.

    1. Julie

      My pharmacy sent a text advising that I’m eligible for another booster. I’m going to take them up on that offer. So many people I know have been infected this spring. Take it easy and let the TV entertain you for a while. Unlike fresh food, sewing won’t spoil, it will be right there for you when you’re feeling better.

  7. Happy Mother’s Day Carole. Covid can have so many nasty effects, different for everyone. Hoping you don’t experience them and recover quickly. My sister and I are having a three day sew along this week. Should be lots of fun and I am expecting to accomplish quite a bit.

  8. Rebecca Burch

    Feel better! I had COVID (AGAIN!) over Christmas & you’re right… it sure does monkey with your plans! Take care of yourself & have a marvelous Mother’s Day! 🌺

  9. Cathy Walker

    We also had a rose-breasted grosbeak on our feeder last week, and my husband had to look it up also. It was beautiful! Looking forward to the juvenile cardinals again. It’s so fun to watch the parents, especially dad, feed the little ones as they follow him up and down our deck rail. Take care, hopefully you’ll be yourself soon!

  10. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Glad you’re starting to feel better, I definitely hope the bad taste from the Paxlovid goes away soon. You got some great photos of the bluebirds feeding their brood! We spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon watching a Western Tanager come and go from our trees and feeders – such a pleasure!

    1. Sarah

      Carole I am so sorry you have been sick with the darn virus. I hope you will be feeling much better soon. Take it easy for a bit if you can. You have so many activities I know that may be hard.

  11. Judy Andrew

    Hi Carole, so glad to hear you’re feeling better! I was back @ the nursery buying more plants! I think someone just needs to buy me my own nursery, haha! So, before the storms hit today I will be back out planting but after I give some of my lettuce away to my friends. I bought 2 “Blue My Mind” plants, 3 red snapdragons, lemon grass ( good for ridding your body of parasites) & a red Dahlia. Hopefully I can fit in some crafting today. I know I have some organizing of my craft stuff to do first for this junk journal that I had to put on the back burner 🙁.

  12. diane smith

    You are on the mend!, So am I the anti viral was a game changer, no long after affects from it. It has been 1 month since testing +, so still taking little rest breaks through the day!
    glad it;s good weather, fresh air and sunshine are just what God has perscribed for now.

  13. Lynda Duncan

    That quilt of valor is stunning! The pattern is very striking.
    I am working on a quilt repair, I will join the FB page so I can share it.
    It is a Dresden plate design- with 36 18” squares, almost all of which have pieces of fabric that are worn through. It is 50 years old and I knew the lady who made it, I took your Quilt repair class in Jan 2022 online, which helped me immensely, as I had no idea how to begin. The repairs are all hand appliqué over the torn and worn pieces, as the quilt was originally hand quilted, and that design is beautiful on the back and I want to preserve it. This project has taken much of my free time over the past year and a half, but I am progressing.
    Lynda Duncan
    Puyallup, Wa

  14. Hi Carole – Oh the terrible taste change from Paxlovid. Nothing tasted right, not even my coffee, so I managed to lose 5# during the time I took it last spring. The metallic taste goes away with in a day of the prescription ending. The lack of energy may last a few more days, so try not to overdue. You know what your body can manage. I had “brain fog” and only one day of symptoms thankfully. I’m so glad to hear you are improving daily. Lovely photos of the birds. Block A photos of Scrap Dance Quadrille are starting to appear on the Facebook group.

  15. I hope you are doing better and able to welcome guests soon. Meanwhile, I will be grateful for my wretched cold (I’m on my second box of Kleenex and almost through that). The birds are lovely! Take care, my friend.

  16. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Sending extra healing energy your way! Hope you feel better soon! It’s not fun to pine to do things when you don’t have the energy.

    Your blue bird pictures are delightful. Love how you captured the little blue birds feeding. The fledglings fly low for a couple of weeks so you may be able to spot them.

    Do you have the energy to sit outside to take in the fresh air and sunshine? Add a cup of tea and some relaxing moments if you are up to it.

  17. lois92346

    I’m so sorry to hear you have the dreaded Co-Vid. I had a really bad case of it in January of 2022 that landed me in the hospital for four days. I’d never been so ill in all my life. Thank goodness you have your dear husband to take care of you. Please rest and get well soon.

  18. You “sound” so much better and hope the birds are helping. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the birds but we do have a pair of doves (who can get pretty loud!) and hawks that perch on the tennis court lights and swoop down into the field behind that for “dinner”. Love your photos. Speedy recovery! Thanks

  19. Rest lots, and then rest even more. I found the answer to recovery was just that !!! The taste, I had no smell or taste for a while, and felt SO tired. Never mind about one lost week, in a lifetime that isn’t too much, and maybe time to put your feet up, read a good book, and just look at some fabric, that is always a booster. XXX Jean in NZ.

  20. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Oh no! Not Covid!! I was hoping this was all done with. I have a five hour flight to Seattle on Wed from Pittsburgh and I’m hoping there are no sick people on the flight! I hope you’re feeling better real soon. Hope hubby didn’t get it!

  21. Melanie

    So very sorry to read you have been sick, Carole. Get well soon. The post is very interesting today, as it always is. We have lots of grosbeaks here in Or, so I knew what it was right away. Your ID of the various birds and their busy work is always so entertaining. Thankis for a great post, even as you recover from Covid. Don’t give it to your sweet babboo! Wishing you speedy recovery.

  22. Irena

    Sorry to hear you have been ill with Covid. Here n Australia they are recommending booster shots. Again. I had my senior flu shot last week. So probably will get the booster soon. Love your photo of the birds. And the quilt of valour. Take it easy Carole. Work can wait.

  23. Sue H

    Wonderful pictures of the birds. I love watching the feeding period too. They take such good care of their young. Hope by this time you are feeling much better. No one wants to be sick!

  24. I am so sorry to hear this. I had it after breaking my ankle…it is not fun. Glad you are on the mend, and that the birds are there to enjoy. We just put out a hummingbird feeder and they are coming…so darn excited about that! My Strippy Stars will finally publish this wednesday….too many weird things going on with my blog but I think it is a touch better today.

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