Safelight Project Update

It has been a slow start to this year’s Safelight Project, but we have begun to see some progress this week. I am delighted to report that we have exceeded our revised financial goal in order to deliver 50 spa bags and we will be able to do 60. Any additional funds received over the next couple of weeks will go to adding more bags to the total. It would be great to deliver 75 bags, but we’ll see what the mail brings over the next week.

Several boxes and letters arrived at once, containing checks, case sets and cards. This was a fun day, like opening Christmas presents! Thank you so much to our financial supporters Cindy W, Betty D, Kathleen M, Edy J, Niki B, and Becky H.

First box opened had both whimsical and pretty cards, thanks Niki!!

The next two boxes had wonderful case sets with bright, pretty and fun prints. Becky and Michelle did a wonderful job.

Then, these gorgeous case sets made with Asian prints came from Ada.

The last box had over 50 cards from Lenora, one of our most prolific card makers for this project every year. This is just a small sample of what she sent.

Beautiful and inspiring sentiments were inside, like this one.

A few days later, and the PO box was full again. Beautiful case sets arrived from Sharon and Betty.

Another box held 30 spectacular cards from Susan B.

Her handwritten notes brought tears to my eyes. Such heartfelt wishes of support will surely be uplifting to those receiving one of these cards. These sentiments came from Impression Obsession, but are both discontinued now. But they do have Limited Edition Cling Sets and Clearance Deals.

More donations were received as well from Susan B, Betty B, and Susan S. Thank you so much, this project could not be done without the generous support of money to purchase the goodies for the spa bags.

At this point, we have about half the number of case sets that we need for our new goal of 60, so I hope more of you have been sewing and just haven’t gotten them in the mail yet. I am going to collect cases sets and donations for the next two weeks, then order what we need for the bags we can afford and get them assembled for delivery in early March. We are close to being able to do 75 bags if we get enough case sets and a few more donations. We have enough cards, with the ones received and the ones I’ve made. If you are just now finding this project, here is the pdf for the case sets – Safelight Case Sets. The sets take about a half yard of fabric, are put together quickly using velcro to close. Easy to make.

So, our final deadline to have everything shipped will be March 3 (two weeks to go), with the goal of delivery by the end of March.

Are you sewing for Safelight? Let me know in the comments.


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11 thoughts on “Safelight Project Update

  1. Jennifer Rauch

    Just got my cards in the mail a few mins. ago – so inspiring to see what others sent. I’m taking notes for future Safelight events!!

  2. Joan Sheppard

    So sorry – I have 3 sets for you, should be there by midweek. Got a little “bonus snow” last night, melted before I could shovel but makes everything look so clean and white!

  3. Amanda

    I’m currently working on 6 sets and hope to have them in the mail soon-thanks for the reminder/motivation! I enjoy seeing the beautiful sets and cards you’ve already received!

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