Valentine Fun

Since I have been working on donating and clearing out my tablescaping and crafting areas, I have taken at least 8 boxes to the thrift store. And, I resisted going inside! I donated most of my Valentine stuff, like red candleholders with little heart cutouts, and more, and I had just decided not to put up anything for Valentine this year. But, I just couldn’t help myself when we invited friends over for a day of fun this past weekend. The guys planned to work on his car for several hours, while us ladies had a sew day together.

We were going to be together all afternoon, so it made sense to do a meal at the end of the day. I made my Slow Roasted Pork, along with some baked acorn squash. The roast is rubbed with this Black Bean Garlic sauce, available in the Oriental section of the grocery store, then roasted at 250º for about 8 hours. This was about a 5 pound roast.

In my second oven, acorn squash were cut in half and roasted for an hour at 350º. My friend was bringing a salad. Click on Baked Acorn Squash for a basic recipe, or see Cheesy Baked Acorn Squash for a upscaled version with a cheesy topping.

Naturally, I had to do something for the table. I shopped our house for inspiration, and was able to pull it together with only what I still had. Beginning with my Hearts Around Table Topper, I put down a white tablecloth, then set the topper on it. I still had some red votives, so I put those in the middle, with a vase of white roses that My Sweet Babboo had brought me a day before.

The plate stack is anchored with red chargers, topped with white dinner plates and red salad plates. Everyday flatware is added, along with individual salt and pepper sets. I just learned how to do this rose napkin fold, and thought it would give a special touch to the table. Cute isn’t it? Want to learn it so you could do one for your table tonight?

It is really easy! Just start with the napkin folded in half on the diagonal.

Roll up from the bottom fold, leaving a few inches at the point free.

Beginning on the rolled edge point, roll the fabric sideways into a bun.

Roll it up all the way to the other end of the napkin.

Tuck the loose end in between the rolled layers.

On the back side, you’ll have two points free.

Fold those down, and flip the rose over. Voila!

These were set on the table. I also added wine glasses, water glasses, and cordial glasses as we were not doing dessert. Maybe our guests would enjoy a bit of Amaretto, Cherry Herring, or Chocolate Liqueur as an after dinner treat.

All done, and ready for company. This is the first meal we’ve had with friends in our home since the year before covid. Such fun!

Isn’t this the perfect photo of the birds for Valentines Day? Our lovey-dovey cardinals are courting again. The Great Backyard Bird Count is this coming weekend, Feb 17-20, and I’ll be counting and reporting at least one or two days. You can too, just head over to eBird to find out more.

Do you have any special plans for Valentines day?


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20 thoughts on “Valentine Fun

  1. Rheanna

    I love how your tablescape turned out. Amazing what can be done with what we have. I picked up heart shaped pasta from the store and will make that for the kids tonight. My mother in law dropped off valentines cookies so they will be dessert for the kids. I think I will run over to a nearby store called Truffles and Tortes and pick up some dessert for my husband and I to enjoy once the kids are in bed.

  2. Julie

    Those napkin roses really hit it out of the park! Beautiful setting for a delicious menu. I loved the casual “in my second oven” – and that, folks, is how Carole manages to whip up all those recipes she shares.

  3. I love your table! It always amazes me what can be done with what we have all ready. Color, your heart table topper, roses and darling napkin fold are just right! And I am learning that at this stage, a little bit is enough.

  4. slmrn1

    Your tablescape is stunning. Guests would certainly enjoy any meal with the beauty that surrounds them but adding the roast and squash and it’s a win-win event.

  5. Mary

    Your table looked really lovely! And so did your scrumptious dinner!
    I’m afraid Valentines Day passed us by in a flurry of a Cyclone passing over leaving behind terrible damage and chaos. We were lucky but so many were not. But, mostly, it has moved on past us now.

  6. Joan Sheppard

    Some day I’m going to take a bite out of the screen! It looks so yummy! Love the table setting! Perfect and the napkins! So cute! Those cardinals – we need to keep an eye on them! LOL Thanks

  7. Dasha Brandt

    Hi Carole, your table looks great, but I need a lesson on American speak. I am guessing that chargers are coasters and “cordial glasses” are Liqueur glasses. Am I right?
    And did the guys finish on their cars?

  8. What a beautiful way to welcome people back into your home post-Covid. And really, it is the most valentiney table possible! I love all the details (brilliant napkns) and your quilt mat is perfect. The many sounds great. I love acorn squash and make it but checking out your recipe — always looking for new ideas.

    I’m sorry I’m so behind in reading and commenting on blog posts (or anything else, for that matter.) Between company for a week, a Corkie do at Rick’s, an ear or sinus infection and the mass shooting, I’m not functioning on any kind of reasonable schedule. I don’t know that I’ll ever catch up but will try to get on track.

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