Exciting News!!

It was exciting to get the mail this week, as I got some great news! Last summer we did a quilt along to make quilted jackets to wear during this winter season. It took three months to finish the jacket, just in time to enter it into the Mountain State Fair. It won a first place and Best of Show.

The purse and accessories won a first place and Judge’s Choice at the fair as well.

My friend Mary talked me into applying for entry into the Mancuso Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in the Wearable Arts category, which meant I had to make the pieces to complete an outfit. So a shell top and skirt were made to complete the ensemble. This brought the number of pieces to seven. I took photographs, filled out the application form, and sent it in.

I’m sure you have figured out by now that my entry was accepted. So exciting! I have all the labels sewn in that Mary made for me using her printer. These are so nice! They will be covered for judging, so they won’t be a part of that. I blurred my address and phone number, but you can see how special they are.

I have figured out a way to send the hat with the outfit. I made a nest out of air pockets, and put more air pockets inside the hat to hold its shape. I think this will get the hat there without crushing it.

The show is the Mancuso Quilt Festival in Hampton VA, February 23-26, 2023. I’ll ship the ensemble next week. This is only the second time I have had a national show entry accepted and I am just thrilled!

83 thoughts on “Exciting News!!

  1. Sandra

    Wow! This is sew Awesome! Congratulations! When you get all your pieces back, you should put them on and have your picture taken so you can show us!

  2. Sarah

    Talk about FUN mail! Wow! Congratulations Carole! That is so exciting! They are lovely pieces-beautiful and creative. I sure they were thrilled to see them and to include them in the show. I hope you win!

  3. Patty Brenner

    Congratulations and well deserved, it’s a lovely outfit. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that you get more ribbons 🙂

  4. Darci D Marshall

    Wow! Congratulations on your win and acceptance into the competition, it’s incredible to be able to make clothes (especially clothes that win prizes)

  5. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Congratulations! It is a big deal to be juried into a national level show! I hope Mancuso and staff will take extra care with your entry as they display it so it looks as good as it possibly can for the judges. Good luck! Keep us posted.

  6. Connie S Wolfe

    And I, too, am just thrilled for you! Congratulations! Way to Go! WhooHoo! And, as people are saying around here this month, “WhoDey”!

  7. Michele Bretz

    So happy for you! I did something similar at our VA and called my entry, “Recycle My Life, “ and it was a purse with fabrics I had used on multiple projects. It got first place locally and I forwarded it to the national level. Since then I’ve done several other projects using similar materials.

  8. slmrn1

    The outfit is beautiful. Congratulations on your acceptance into the quilt show. So exciting. I really like the quilted jackets we have been seeing recently. It is on my bucket list for future projects.

  9. Mary

    Well done Carole!! How very exciting!! I bet you feel like hugging yourself and dancing round the lounge room, turning cartwheels in the drive!! I would. :)))

  10. Joan Sheppard

    Absolutely wonderful news! Congrats! and good luck with the next round! Will you get it all back in time for Easter Parade? (I actually still have a hat box and hat travel carrier for some of my hats!) Beautiful work

  11. Juana Ibanez

    Watching you as you made all of this was wonderful and I thought it was gorgeous as you were making it. I am glad to see you won these awards! Getting in a national show with this is really great! Congratulations!

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