In the Sewing Room – Blue Yellow Quilt and Pillowcase Project

When I left off showing this blue and yellow quilt, I had decided that none of these fabrics would work for the border. Several readers had suggestions, and a couple really caught my attention. One reader, Joan, suggested doing a white border then quilting a design into it with color thread. I liked that idea, and thought it would work. Then Carol suggested a piano key border using scraps. Initially, I thought that wouldn’t work because I had used all the scraps in the strip piecing. But then, I realized that I’d used the prettiest ones with both blue and yellow in the print, and I might have some blue/white leftovers. So, I went to the stash closet resource center and looked for the big plastic bag with the blue and yellow fabrics.

Oh, lookie here! I did indeed have some blue and white that might work as a scrappy border. But, did I have enough? Some judicious measuring and it seemed like I could eek one out.

I took the strips I found and sewed them together just like I did for the center section.

I pressed the seams to one side, then cross cut the strips into 3-inch-square strips.

I measured for the border size, and sewed strip sets together to meet the measurement. Then I attached them to the first side. I continued around the quilt until I had a border all around.

This works because it is mostly blue with some white, so it recedes a bit from the center with the yellow. I’ll get to the quilting soon.

The stash is going to get a major purge next month, as our local guild neighborhood group has decided to make pillowcases for charity. These take just over a yard each, and I pulled lots of fabric to use. We’ll use the burrito method and I did a post on how to make these – Pillowcase tutorial – when I needed a pretty one to travel with. I’ll cut kits for myself, and then we have an all day sew-in to make them. These will go really fast if I skip the french seams and take my serger to the sew-in.

The biggest chore is the cutting for this project, but choosing what colors to make the cuffs and accent strips has been fun! I’ll show you more about that soon.

25 thoughts on “In the Sewing Room – Blue Yellow Quilt and Pillowcase Project

  1. Julie

    The blue border is fantastic, worked out perfectly — good save! Yes, pillowcases make fast work of stash busting. If only I had more yardage.

  2. I love the quilt! It reminds me of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Blue and yellow are the dominant colors in the pottery they make there. I would have named this one “Amalfi Dreams”. I also have made pillowcases for charity, and many for my family. I always make mine with french seams. They really give a nice finished look (and impress those who do not sew! I have it down to a science now…I can make a pillowcase in 35 minutes, start to finish. Happy sewing!

  3. Liz

    Great idea for border. I have used the piano key border when I want something different. Looks good. I will look at your tutorial re pillowcases, because I forget how to start. Thanks. Liz

  4. charliedisante

    Thanks for your run-down on the burrito pillowcase. I made some last year for grand-nephews and nieces. Their mom liked them. LOL

  5. Sharon F

    The scrappy blue border is perfect for your blue and yellow quilt. And it’s great that you could use your resource center and not have to purchase more fabric.

  6. Patricia Evans

    The border on the blue and yellow quilt looks like it was planned that way. Pillowcases are great stash reducers.

  7. Joan Sheppard

    The blue border is perfect! It just keeps getting prettier! We used to have a pillow case day at the library in the main area where everyone coming in saw us (Homeward Bound Kid’s Hospital Sewers) some people stopped, some donated money or fabric, some joined in – even non-sewers got to help turning the “burrito” right side out. Our library is a happenin’ place – had 14 Husky Mushing dogs in the lobby last month to introduce sledding season. Thanks for sharing the quilt – a breath of springtime!

  8. That’s a great border solution for your quilt, I wouldn’t have thought of that. I’ll be interested in seeing your pillowcase method, as this is something I’ve wanted to try for ages.

  9. Mary

    Your quilt is really fresh and lovely. How very satisfying to use up some of your stash!!
    Thanks for your pillow case tutorial, will give it a go soon.
    You are a mine of information. If you need to know anything, Carole is the girl to ask. :))

  10. What a clever brains trust to come up with the border idea. It worked really well, and reduced the scraps from the project. Win, win. I see that the blue and yellow floral has already been moved to the pillow case stash. A great way to use up unwanted fabrics.

  11. Rhonda Dalton

    I love the colors you chose for the pieced border on your yellow & blue quilt!
    I have a pillow case making project coming up also & I like your idea of cutting the pieces ahead of time & putting together as kits. I am going to give that a try & see if it will speed up the process in making pillow cases. Thx for the inspiration Carole!

  12. Carol Richardson

    Your border worked out great Carole! It looks really good. Love making pillowcases – so quick to make for gifts.

  13. Sue Hoover

    That blue border is perfect! It’s like you planned it all along!!! Great idea, Carol, and such a pretty finish, Carole!

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