Projects and Parties

It has been a busy week! An elegant evening early in the week meant getting dressed up, so nice to do for a change! I have five sparkly, beaded or sequined jackets, and I had a hard time deciding which one to wear. It has been so long! I settled on the midnight blue, sparkly jacket and camisole with black pants for a dressy look but not over the top. This was such an upscale party, with a catered buffet of amazing, sumptuous food. The first part of the buffet had cheeses, olives, fruit and raw vegetables.

Fabulous smoked salmon gravlax was set next to artisan bread slices. Oh, this was so good!!

An array of meats and cheeses shared the wooden charcouterie boards with fresh artichoke hearts, olives, pickles, cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers.

As we stood around tall tables, chatting with friends old and new, the servers circulated with trays of luscious savory treats, in tiny cups of just a couple of bites. These shrimp were grilled with a spicy seasoning and served on creamy, buttery, cheese grits garnished with a bit of green onion. My taste buds were in ecstasy.

The servers also brought Swedish meatballs, and teriyaki chicken on skewers. Dessert was in tiny cups as well, a whipped cream cheesecake like confection with fresh blueberries and a mint leaf.

In the sewing room, my dear friend Mary was kind enough to make my labels for the quilted jacket ensemble. I blurred my address and phone number, but I wanted you to see the design. She put the name of the project in blue, and added a blue rose to the left side, just to dress it up a bit. Every piece of the ensemble needs one.

These are so much nicer than the handwritten ones I was going to have to do with pigma pens! I hand sewed one to each piece in the set. Some were hard to do, as I had to work at awkward angles when I couldn’t turn the piece inside out.

Even the cell phone case got one. And I put one in the hat too, sewing it to the inside band, and reinforcing it with fusible web to the inside. When they were all done, I completed the application online and paid the entry fee. So now, I wait. The decision of the judges as to who will be in the show will be mailed in late January. The ensemble went back on the hangers, covered in a dry cleaning bag, and will be carefully stored until then.

I put it away, and had a nice relaxing evening with a treat. If you enjoy liqueurs, this Borgata Chocolate is delicious, better than Godiva! Mixed with some light egg nog, it is a decadent holiday indulgence.

It is time to get started watching my favorite holiday movies, both in the evening and while I sew. I have a stack of favorites on DVD, and a few I look for on TV each year. If you have Netflix, we enjoyed the new movie The Noel Diary. There are a few reviews that are pulling down the overall rating, but it is much better than the numbers would indicate. It is about a man trying to reconcile his past, with the mental illness of his mother who passes away and leaves him the hoarded house, even though he hadn’t seen her in years. He is able to reconcile with his father, realizing that his perception of the time was skewed by his mother’s deception. Along the way, he meets a young woman is looking for her birth mother who used to work for the family. It is a holiday themed movie with a bit more depth than your usual Christmas romance. Oh, and in the photo below, I gave away The Christmas Shoes, had to be absolutely THE most depressing movie I’ve ever seen, not what I want at this time of year.

Next week, I have a Zoom meeting to help with product development at MadamSew. To help me advise them, I have a list of questions I would like your input on. If you have a few minutes, click on Feedback Survey and let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, the longarm association held a potluck luncheon party with a fat quarter gift game that involved lots of stealing and laughter. It was fun, and ends up being equal for Stashbusters as I brought three fat quarters and came home with three.

We had some great show and tell, too. Before you ask, no there are no patterns for these. The one on the left was from a member’s previous guild, who did a row quilt with a bunch of others, each one adding a row. The one on the right was a beautiful tree with heat affixed rhinestones that just sparkled in the light.

I showed a winter table runner, and I’ll show it to you next week. I did the pattern for MadamSew, and their blog post should be out on the 13th. After it posts, I can show you a bit more on the finishing.

We have a pickleball potluck party for lunch today, and a dinner tonight, then our MINIs Christmas Party on Saturday night where we will auction the London Quilt. This is such a fun season! Lots to do and enjoy! What are your plans for the weekend?

16 thoughts on “Projects and Parties

  1. Mary Stori

    Wow….yes talk about a busy week……we missed attending the club’s Christmas gathering….in fact we have and will miss most of Dec. and probably Jan. too as ‘the husband’ heads in for yet another spinal surgery with 8-10 week recovery. We are staying positive.
    And finally, the labels look great….so happy they worked out for your ensemble. Fingers crossed you’ll get a fat envelope back. (fat ones mean more paperwork because you are accepted….skinny ones…well you can guess….1 page, thank you – try again…… I don’t expect you to receive the later.

  2. Susan Bambury

    Another great Christmas movie is ” It Happend on 5th Avenue , it is funny, uplifting but the struggles of WWII vet returning home , a beautiful patriotic song called,” What Christmas means to me ” . Can watch on Amazon Prime or order DVD .

  3. What a fun party! I haven’t been to anything elegant in so long I would have no idea what to wear (or probably how to act!) I would have stopped right by the shrimp/grits and not moved from that very spot. It looks beautiful and I know you did, too. I love those labels — what a thoughful gift. And so many fun activities coming up! Enjoy! (Noel Diaries is on my watch list, too.)

    1. Julie

      You had me at olives & pickles! Those tiny desserts are sure to deceive, I gained weight just looking at them. Definitely not the time of year for dieters, you must enjoy all the good food & time with friends. Fancy, professional labels for your ensemble. I hope the London Quilt makes a lot of $$$.

    2. Mary Ed Williams

      Had to wipe drool off the phone when I saw the pictures of that party. As for dress up clothes, they went away years ago. Looks like you and your Baboo are having a wonderful holiday season!
      Mary Ed

  4. You had a huge week! I know you are so glad to have everything done on your outfit, that is a stressful but exciting time. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend in complete contrast with last, which started with a high school graduation open house for Tetiana, who even though she changed countries (moved from an orphanage in Ukraine to South Dakota a year ago in May) finished only one semester late! It was a special celebration.🎉 Sunday was a Suzuki recital, and Tuesday a special performance class for the kids in the concerto competition, plus regular piano lessons. My dad was ill with a UTI early in the week, which caused some anxious moments but he responded to the antibiotics and by Wednesday was needing more supervision!🤣 He will be 95 on Tuesday, so we are hoping for good weather to make the drive to Minnesota next weekend.
    After all that, it was a relief to have nothing but Christmas tree shopping on the list for tomorrow! We hope we can find a good one as Girl #2 is arriving Christmas evening, and so is her guy, all the way from Italy. We are so excited!

  5. You are busy! The food looks delicious and both parties sound delightful. I have a Christmas party today with my quilting bee, then back to Maine and the last of the sewing and PT before Christmas travel – we will drive with our son from Massachusetts to Reading PA for 3 nights of family and fun. If all holds, this will be the first my husband is there since 2019 due to Covid and our elderly dog (no longer with us). We are looking forward to it.

  6. You got some amazing pictures of the buffet tables at your party, Carole! It sounds like fun! My life is not quite that busy, but did enjoy my local quilt group’s holiday get together and gift exchange yesterday. I came home with a gift certificate to our LQS! Not great for Stashbusters, but I’m sure I can find something I “need!” Enjoy your day today!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful start to a very Happy Holiday season. I love the idea of having 5 blingy jackets that could be used during the holidays. I only have one (black). You’ve now inspired me to buy more.

  8. Kathleen Cuilan

    You bring much joy and love to your readers with your words and photos, and I am appreciative of that. May you have continue to have a beautiful Christmas holiday season!

  9. Joan Sheppard

    I would have to wear a caftan to that party – so many wonderful things. I especially love the bargello tree quilt. Bargello is my go to pattern for quick and easy and dramatic. So fun to hear about all your parties. We have one tomorrow at Navy Pier. Hope I can find something that fits after 3 years of no parties! Thanks

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