Table Stand White Quilt

When I get in one of my Victorian moods, it is hard to stop embellishing!  The white on white table stand quilt is a good example.  I kept going and going, like the you-know bunny!  Pearls were added to the lace heart.  If you missed part one construction and quilting, click HERE.

White finish close up 3

Details were added using mostly handwork, and two colors of Aurifil thread.

I added more beads to the top, but they are small and hard to photograph.

White finish close up 8

I added these neat five sided mother-of-pearl buttons…

White on White 40

and more ribbon roses along with a long line of seed beads.

White finish close up 6

Aren’t these clear crystal beads neat?

White finish close up 7

I added some pearls to the Belgian lace basket.

White finish close up 2

This heart shaped button looks like lace.

White finish close up 1

The bugle beads went on in a line, and I added a few more after that.

White on White 41

White finish close up 4

There are five pearls in the diagonal line.  There are 88 seed beads on the lower right going up the edge of that patch.

White finish close up 5

It hangs nicely on the frame from the loops on the back.

White finish close up hangers

Another button to the upper right, and a ribbon rose in the lower right.

White finish 1

I need to press it, forgot to do that!

White White Finish

The white reindeer stays out all winter, and looks wonderful with the quilt.  The dark line on the left is a shadow from the frame.

White finish2

More handwork to come!  Do you enjoy handwork?

39 thoughts on “Table Stand White Quilt

  1. Irena

    Just beautiful Carole. What a great idea. Looks like an heirloom type. Quilt. Thank you for the idea. And happy NewYear 2019.

  2. Marlene

    Just beautiful. Not sure if I could do it, I’m just a beginner. I admire your talent. How long have you been quilting?

  3. Nancy Miller

    Beautiful mini quilt. My friend wants me to make her a white on white lap size quilt. I can’t find a pattern or example of that til I found yours. I have a lot of antique lace and embroidered items (pillowcases, towels) I could incorporate into a quilt. What type of background did you do? Crazy quilt? I would appreciate your suggestions or if you have a pattern.
    Thank you. Nancy Miller

  4. Oh my goodness…popping over from Enchanting Rose…I love this little project. I was thinking, wow, what an amazing quilt and how time consuming, but will be lovely on the bed…and then I get to the bottom and realize it is a teeny tiny Barbie, er, um table top quilt – hee hee. It is too sweet and quite lovely. Hands clapping! Good job.
    Hugs and a cup of tea!
    Heather Elizabeth

  5. Sandra Daugherty

    Yes, I love handwork and yours is beautiful. I love all the embellishing that you have added. A beautiful piece! I found you too from The Enchanting Rose.

  6. What a beautiful piece! I found you via Roses of Inspiration 🙂 Thanks for sharing your handwork. I do enjoy a bit myself but basically some small hand embroidery pieces. I hope you have a lovely week!

  7. Rosemary Martens

    Love your Table topper, especially the different colors of white and Ecru, cream, I have done several things like yours but made them into heart pillows for my Granddaughters, they were in various colors… Thanks for the inspiration…

  8. Now that is a work of art! I love your finished project and wonderful way of displaying it. You certainly have a gift of creativity!!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog.

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