Vintage Christmas Tablescape

Christmas is a wonderful time to set a pretty table, celebrating the season all month long. For several years, I have been slowly adding to this collection of Christmas stoneware. It is a Certified International set designed by Susan Winget (just love her stuff!) called Vintage Christmas. I do not remember where the plates came from, maybe ebay, and maybe a thrift store, but I’ve had them since sometime in 2015. I usually put great finds like that on my blog, but I cannot find any reference to buying the plates. No matter, but in 2018 I found a mug at the thrift store that matched the set for 50 cents and bought it. Then I found another mug a bit later for just a few dollars. OK, now I am on my way to a full collection. I began surfing the internet for two more mugs, and ran across the serving platter in 2020, but it got lost in transit for a couple of weeks and didn’t make it to me in time to show it on a tablescape. I found the bowls in 2021, so of course I had to get those. I found two butter dishes in 2020, then two more in 2021. This year, over Thanksgiving weekend, I was again surfing ebay and found two more mugs, so I ordered those and got them just this past week. Hallelujah, I can do a whole tablescape with them now! In the past, I’ve put these dishes on my white stoneware with either red or green chargers. This year, I am bringing out the black.

I found the square red dinner plates with black backs at a thrift store a few weeks ago, and had to get them for my Japanese dishes collection. When I got out the Vintage Christmas dishes, I noticed that they would look great together. So, this year is red and black. I got out black chargers for the plate stack. Each salad plate is different.

A bowl, mug and butter plate are added to each place setting. I mixed up the patterns, putting a tree with the stocking motif, adding the butter plate with the package.

Silverplate flatware is added to the settings. A black napkin is rolled like a Christmas cracker and held with a drum napkin ring.

In the center, a beautiful platter that was lost in the mail then found in time for that year’s dinner, came too late for the tablescape post. Under the platter is the Red Truck Table Topper sewn from part of a panel and edged with matching color squares. Small red votives are placed at the corners, and two little Chris-mooses are added.

Cute aren’t they, with their goofy faces?

Individual salt and pepper shakers are added along with crystal water glasses to complete the place settings. On this one, a gift package plate is set with a tree bowl and sleigh mug.

For now, I placed a small poinsettia on the platter for decoration. On Christmas, the platter will hold the star of the dinner, a lovely Standing Rib Roast.

To give you more Christmas tablescapes to enjoy, Rita at Panoply has organized a Christmas Tablescape Blog hop. Interesting fact, the word ‘panoply’ is from ancient Greek, and in modern times means any complete or impressive collection. Certainly that applies to Rita’s blog! Do visit her wonderful blog for more wonderful home decorating and tablescape ideas. Then, have fun visiting the 18 bloggers sharing their creativity today!

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Enjoy the Blog Hop!

Do you like the red and black theme this year?

36 thoughts on “Vintage Christmas Tablescape

  1. Julie

    Very elegant! I’m behind in reading posts, will catch up soon. However, the Autumn Jubilee quilt top is almost finished – just have to add borders.

    1. Rita C.

      The Susan Winget china is beautiful! You were lucky to have found it, piece by piece, and be able to have an entire tablescape with it all. I love all the pattern symbols on the various pieces, and the shapes of both the dishes and mugs. Your table topper is beautiful too. Carole, thanks so much for joining the blog hop with your talents. Happy, healthy holidays.

  2. Carole, I’m a thrifter, too and it is amazing how a single found item can grow into a collection or a set of four place settings. It takes some patience and a lot of looking but the rewards are great. So nice that you were able to complete your collection for this lovely table setting. I really enjoyed seeing the different images at each place. Different ways to display napkins are fun to see and your idea to roll them like a Christmas cracker is one I’lll definitely use. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. The black and red really works. I’m not sure I would have thought of that and it’s striking. The Wignet collection is wonderful. I love adding something, bit by bit and soon you have enough to do something really special with! It makes for an elegant table with so many elements of delight and whimsy like those cute deer that I can imagine a good deal of laughter and delight as you gather around the table. It’s terrific, Carole!

  4. I love your black dishes! The moose made me LOL, his face is adorable. You are a fabulous “thrifter” – great finds! This is a welcoming and festive table and anyone would enjoy being a guest here! Enjoy the holiday season

  5. Yes! I do like the red and black palette, it looks great! I love love your plates, and they look so good with your latest find of the square red plates~ the drum napkins rings are so cute, and I adore your silly Chris-mooses! How cool that you have been able to hunt a collect pieces over the years, a wonderful holiday collection! Merry December Carole!

  6. lv2bquilting2

    Such a beautiful table setting Carole. You must have a very large area dedicated to storing of all your seasonal and everyday table setting goodies. I sure enjoy seeing what you come up with and marvel at all the unusual items you are able to collect.

  7. Hi Carole! Your Christmas plates are just beautiful and create such a lovely tablescape–pinned! Wishing you a joyous Christmas season! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  8. AJ

    Carole, I love your tablescape. I enjoyed viewing the other sites participating in the hop, and seeing the different styles and ideas. For us, our table will be pretty minimalist using my grandparents’ china, candles and napkins. It sounds pretty boring but we will be surrounded with memories of Christmas (and other holidays) from the past. Wishing everyone a wonderful festive season.

  9. Carole, oh I see how you love that dish pattern! So festive and inviting. Love the unique square shape with the scalloped edges, in addition to the beautifully painted imagery. Really like the red and black color palette, which makes for a dramatic holiday look.

  10. Mary

    Your table looks extremely elegant. It must have been an exciting time completing your collection.
    Do you actually eat off that stack of plates or are they whisked away for the food to be served on heated plates? Is it an American way to set the plates in place for each course all at the same time?
    I sound ignorant but I’m only used to seeing tables set with Cutlery and Wine Glasses and all the decorative pieces. Your table looks fabulous and I would be thrilled to enter the room and see your layout. :))

  11. Yes, I do like the red and black theme. But what I like even more are the shapes of your plates: They are so unique! You have so many little details I love, like the table square, goofy moose, and the individual S&P shakers. Very unique and festive table!!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! XO, Ricki Jill

  12. I love seeing your delightful tablescapes! And I’ve enjoyed reading the other links too. Our Christmas is celebrated in rather relaxed style in this part of the world, it is Summer, after all. We will be away in our caravan, and generally have a relaxed breakfast, followed by a fancy BBQ lunch, enjoyed outside in the sunshine, if the weather is behaving nicely.

  13. Carole, I am so glad you have been able to find all of these wonderful pieces here, there and everywhere. I have long admired that pattern. I love the black and red palette, very dramatic! It is a pleasure to hop with you!

  14. I am so happy you were able to find all of Susan Winget’s pieces to complete a set. They are a lovely pattern and the black really makes it pop. So many options to decorate with this set. The tablescape really is very homey and welcoming. (The rib roast will help too, of course.) But the collection is so stunning. The little moose made me giggle since he adds a bit of humor. Have a wonderful Christmas at this very festive tablescape.

  15. Joan Sheppard

    Absolutely love it!!!!! Susan Winget has been a fav since my daughter was tiny – 1985 I think was the first of many dresses I made with her designs. So warm and delightful and so lovely on your table! I do like the red tablecloth and maybe the black for Boxing day!
    Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  16. Very pretty! The square red dishes you found at the thrift store look perfect with your curated set of Susan Winget dishes. The black and red is striking. So glad you found enough to create a whole table now!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season🕊

  17. Connie S Wolfe

    You set an elegant table with the red and black. I can picture dinners by candle light with soft Christmas music playing in the background. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us.

  18. What a lovely festive table! I can see why you’re on the hunt for more of those dinnerware places. The designs are both intricate and interesting, and I love that each piece has a different one. Their black base is very dramatic — I’d love to see them in candlelight! Enjoyed hopping with you! Have a very merry Christmas

  19. Kari

    Some people don’t understand why we get excited when we find a piece of dishware in a thrift store…and then search for years for other pieces but it gives such satisfaction. I did the same with my depression glass (green cameo) and my SIL said why didn’t I just go online and buy a complete set? It would spoil all the fun of “finding” the pieces to add to my set, I told her. It took several years but I finally completed my set and they are very special to me much like your beautiful Susan Winget red & black dishes. And yes, I also love your chris-mooses. thank you for joining our blog hop with your beautiful set of dishes.

  20. I love Susan Winget’s art! Your black plates are so dramatic and I love their shape. The Chris-mooses are too cute. As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Wishing you a Merry December and Christmas❣️🎄

  21. You do know how to set a beautiful table. (Mine is currently covered in items to be wrapped along with the over accumulation of mail to be handled!) I just love the story of you collecting those pieces one or two at a time over a few years! Glad you didn’t “donate it back” to the thrift store!

  22. Your plates are so very pretty and quite unique! I am so happy for you that you have been able to collect enough to set such a lovely tablescape with them. I am sure the fact that you have had to hund and collect these over time makes them even more of a treasure! I like the dark colors, they make your entire tablescape appear rich and luxurious!

  23. Your plates are stunning! I have never seen anything like them before. I love the contrast of the red and black. The colours combined, and the way you have layered your plates all add to a cozy and inviting table. Adding the individual salt and pepper shakers is such a nice touch. And, those moose! Adorable! A very happy holiday season to you 🙂

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