Sunday Chat – Wildlife, Book Reviews, Cooking and a New Quilt

It has been busy week this week, with several gatherings for the holidays. It is the season for indulging, and Oliver is happy to have his sandwiches with chunky peanut butter. He’s put on his winter layer, and is quite chunky himself, LOL!

After the tea last week, I had several dozen cupcakes left over, so I brought them home and threw them in the freezer. When the pickleball group decided to do a potluck, I was all set! Not that I mind making food for friends. I do like to cook, but I know not everyone does.

This cookbook from Milk Street has become a go-to reference in my kitchen. It occurred to me as I was making the recipe featured during Autumn Jubilee that this would be a great gift for someone that is not really a cook. The recipes are fast and easy, with interesting flavors for a nice change to everyday meals, and only require one skillet to clean up. The World in a Skillet is available on Amazon and at Milk Street’s store.

I made the Persian Eggs again (see the Autumn Jubilee cooking post), so simple and it is probably going to be a regular meal around here. This time I made an egg just for myself, and served the beef-tomato base on noodles to My Sweet Babboo.

It works nicely on noodles, with a little green onion garnish. Delicious! A slice of garlic bread on the side, and he declared it a keeper.

From making a meal, to reading Christmas theme books, I have two more books for you for the holiday season, both light fluff reads.

Snow Angel Cove by RaeAnne Thayne – Fairly formulaic and totally predictable romance set in the Christmas season with the usual angst of two people trying not to act on their feelings. The prolonged pages on the lingering thoughts of a single kiss did get a bit heavy handed. Otherwise, a light romance for the holiday season.

Spirit of the Season by Fern Michaels – Sweet holiday romance with the plot we’ve all seen before, a young woman stands to inherit her grandmother’s bed and breakfast, but only if she lives in it for six months. Set during Christmas, the town’s competitions for gingerbread houses, and light displays take up the action, while the protagonist falls for her grandmother’s lawyer. Light reading, no real depth to the characters, but fun for the holidays.

Then Oliver was back again for more handouts.

Hopefully Oliver was well hidden the morning that this lovely lady came by for a visit. This is a coyote. We often hear them howling in the evening. Isn’t she gorgeous? Her expression and direct gaze looked like she was evaluating me as much as I was admiring her.

She wasn’t very concerned with me coming out to take her picture. Her coat was fluffy and multi-toned in grey, white and russet.

She turned around to get in a good scratch.

Then sat up again just to look around.

After a moment, she got up and walked a few steps, turning to look at me once more, before she went into the forest. I was thrilled to have the honor of sharing her world for a moment.

In the sewing room, I got started on a Christmas panel quilt. I hope to get a lot of progress on this in the coming week.

We are having breakfast with friends this morning, and I will get to answering your comments while the football games are on. What are your plans for the week?

23 thoughts on “Sunday Chat – Wildlife, Book Reviews, Cooking and a New Quilt

  1. Mary Stori

    Boo hoooooo, my football season ended early this year…I’m a one -team kinda gal….though I continue to follow, mainly over the internet since they aren’t aired on TV around here very often. Loyalty ya know!!!

  2. Rheanna

    I will have to check out the Milk Street cook book. Anything that has easy meals with minimal clean up is right up my alley these days.
    This week will be filled with Christmas prep, hockey games for my kiddos and hopefully a little time in my sewing room.

  3. Deborah

    Love the photos of the coyote. They really are beautiful. I have a fox that visits but never when it’s light enough to get a photo.

  4. Julie

    One pan cooking sounds like a breeze. The biggest complaint my sister & I have about the diet we’ve been following is the amount of steps (tons of chopping veg) in the recipes. But it’s working so maybe all that chopping is burning calories! Good thing Oliver lives in trees. That coyote has a lean, hungry look about her. A squirrel plumped up on peanut butter sandwiches would be as delectable to her as the Persian Eggs are to us. I enjoy simple reads at the holidays. The days are so packed with activities it’s nice to rest with an easy uncomplicated story.

  5. Sue Hoover

    The coyotes share their woods with us too. I’m with you — beautiful animals — although some prefer them to stay away altogether. The other day a quilter shared at our club a Christmas panel that he cut up and put window sill sashings. Looked like Santa was right outside our window, flying up, up, and away in his sleigh with eight reindeer! Enjoy your football games today!

  6. I love seeing the wildlife on your mountainside! That coyote looked a bit mangy and thin, so be careful. I know you keep your distance. Oliver is getting set for winter with his thick coat. Sign of what’s to come I think. Working on Christmas flannel pajama / nightgown gifts this week, dinner out with friends one night and luncheon with my Queen Bee’s on Friday. Hope you enjoy your breakfast with friends and afternoon of football.

  7. Was it you that mentioned a Christmas movie called the Noel Diary? I watched it and liked it and also did you mention Three Pines on Prime? I can never keep track of who recommended what – but I have enjoyed both. I just saw a story on the news the other day of a coyote snatching a little toddler getting out of a car in a residential area and the father had to beat it off – hope there are no children outside playing in your area – they might need to be made aware of what is near by. The Fern Michaels book was available on unlimited so I got it and will give it a shot.

  8. CarolE

    Isn’t it something to be able to quietly watch wild animals out in nature? Just the other morning I was sitting in my living room when a bobcat and her two little ones decided to venture into our front patio and backyard. It is football for me today and an especially good day too as it is raining, raining and I will do some slow stitching. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Joan

    Thank you for sharing the photos of the beautiful coyote! Also, thank you for the cookbook tip – I might have added it to my Christmas wishlist. 🙂

  10. Your pictures of the coyote are beautiful! It looks like she wasn’t intimidated by you at all. The squirrels around here are quite chunky, too! Wish I could stop by to sample one of your cupcakes – they look so yummy. We watched The Holiday last night – fun movie! Enjoy your day, Carole!

  11. Your coyote photos are amazing. We have quite a few that we see in the back of our pasture, but we have never captured a photo. The ones we see here are often scraggly. They come very close at night and we hear them. Thanks for sharing!

  12. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    When I go out into the field, I often see coyote tracks but never spot them. It’s amazing the pictures you got of her.

    The Persian egg dish looks delicious. I want to try it out!

    I’ll be watching my favorite football team and gaining steam on a quilt top.

    Seize the day!

  13. lois92346

    Fern Michaels is one of my favorite authors. I have several of her books in my line up to read (including this one). I watched The Noel Diary on Netflix and enjoyed it and will likely watch it again. I like anything with Justin Hartley in it and I loved Barrett Doss’ portrayal of a female firefighter on Station 19. I guess the show is still running but I no longer have TV (after cutting the cable) so I don’t know how it’s going these days.

    Can’t say I share in the love of coyotes expressed by everyone here because they’re dangerous predators where I live. They roam our neighborhood – day and night – looking for our pets to prey upon. In fact, the dog I currently own was rescued from certain death five years ago and that’s how I came to adopt her.

    I don’t have any special plans for the coming week other than some baking for the holidays.

  14. Mary

    Glad Oliver shows up for his treat. Loved seeing the coyote but it is a reminder to take care and that we humans have moved into their territory. She/he looked hungry and it is cold out there.

    As you recommend ‘The World in a Skillet’ I have put it on order at the library. I like to peruse before deciding to buy. All in one pot with little cleanup sounds good to me!! :))

  15. Great photos, and that chubby Oliver😂! This is the last week of lessons before Christmas break, and we have a blizzard coming on Tuesday, so I’ve been moving kids around. We were heading for MN on Sat. But with highs at 0, we are rethinking.

  16. What a thrill to see the coyote up close! There are rumors of red fox in our area, that we’ve seen only once or twice in our 30 years here. Two days ago our deer “herd” of 3-5 were up on our front patio looking for the bird feeders for a late dinner. Ha! I’d already brought it in an hour earlier! Our squirrels are all getting huge- wonder what that means for winter…..!

  17. Joan Sheppard

    Our area has very small plots 50 x 150 feet but surrounded by 1800 acres of woods – so occasionally a coyote will pass by on a casual lope. A pair of them live behind the library and grace the front of the library like statues, basking in the sun like royalty. The deer have another 500 acres behind that, town council wants to build a high school there. We object mightily. Thanks for all the other tips as well.

  18. Good morning! I look forward to seeing your nature pics-well done and thanks for sharing! I’ve been busy making cookies and finishing up gifts for the family. This year I made charm totes from Missouri Star for the girls in may family-I had some Lamifix (fusible plastic) in my stash and used it to line their totes. For the boys I made heating pads using up Flax and Lavendar from my stash and everyone gets an embossed bath towel with their name. I’m currently working on Charity Bears (done on my embroidery machine-in the hoop) for a homeless shelter for families.
    I have recently finished the series of Season books by Melanie Lageschulte-thank you for suggesting this-loved them!

  19. Good morning — Monday! What a delicious post! And that coyote is a stunner. I hope Oliver is faster — and I’ll bet he is. I’ve been a little over-the-top insane but I think this week will bring a bit more leveling off. Time to bake, finish making Christmas cards, now that those out of towners (mostly, all but one) are wrapped. Our Christmas plans with kids just got thrown a curveball but we’ll cope.

  20. Connie S Wolfe

    The coyote photos are amazing. A bathroom renovation that got out of hand delayed Christmas decorating. Drywall dust is throughout both floors of the house with more to come next week. However, I decided that the nativity and tree were necessary and started decorating yesterday with football games playing in the background. My plans for later this week include FMQ of a long term UFO, an Eleanor Burns pattern of Christmas trees and appliqued cardinals.

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