Cooking Up November

I haven’t had a moment to share my original recipes that are perfect for this season. Links to the posts showing the steps are given, and most have pdf downloadable recipes. I’m doing this roundup a bit earlier in the month this year so you have time to gather ingredients and plan a wonderful meal if you choose to do one of these for the holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving is on the way, and I have the perfect way to cook a holiday turkey with a Slow Roasted method that makes it juicy and delicious for the holiday and for days after on sandwiches. This year the turkeys are going to be more expensive, so I’ll want to be sure to do this right.

In addition to the turkey, I also give you my recipe for dressing on the Thanksgiving Dinner post from last year.

If you want to brine your turkey, I show you how in this post – How to Brine and Bake A Moist Succulent Turkey, but do know that the juices will be too salty to use in your gravy. But if you boil the neck and wing tips separately with some onion, you’ll have a nice broth to use as a base.

My Chicken Chili would also work with leftover turkey. Hot and filling, and gluten free!

Need a bowl of deliciousness a bit faster? Try my Alfredo Chicken Corn Chowder. I may try this one with leftover turkey this year.

Maybe you do a ham for your holiday meal, here is my post with Two Ways to Slow Cook Ham.

My favorite things for appetizers for football food, or nibbles before the big meal are on my Appetizer Meals post. I give recipes for my crispy baked chicken wings, sausage balls, and hot spinach dip for crackers or (even better) crusty french bread slices.

I highly recommend my Pumpkin Toffee Dump Cake as an alternative to the usual pumpkin pie.

Holiday times call for special breakfasts as well. Here are my favorites. First Cinnamon Egg Nog French Toast, with a crispy outside and fluffy inside. My Sweet Babboo loves cinnamon so this is one of his favorites too. I soften the butter and warm the syrup sometimes, too.

The other favorite I only make on holidays is this overnight Breakfast Egg Casserole. I make this on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I change what I put in it from time to time, adding bacon instead of sausage, or sometimes adding mushrooms, and sometimes adding all three with several cheeses.

That post also has my recipe for Blueberry Turnovers, also a wonderful idea for a holiday breakfast.

My original delicious Pumpkin Orange Bread is wonderful for a breakfast treat, and works as dessert too if you add a drizzle of Salted Caramel sauce and a bit of whipped cream.  The orange zest in the recipe brings the pumpkin flavor up with a lighter clean taste in a dense and moist tea bread.

Then, on the side of tradition, I have to have the jellied cranberry sauce from a can served on my grandmother’s cut glass dish, or it isn’t a holiday.

I have more recipes as I love to experiment in the kitchen, just click on the Cooking category on the sidebar, or use the search function for a specific ingredient or type – like leftovers, or pork. There are some great deals in the Most Loved Kitchen goodies on Amazon. My little waffle maker is on sale, along with lots of fun things for gifts for the cooks on your holiday list. I need to show you the cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron – tasty!!

What is your special dish for the holidays?

14 thoughts on “Cooking Up November

  1. lee

    Everything looks so delicious! I am going to try your pumpkin orange bread! A nice gift to neighbors I think! Thanks for the recipes!

  2. Julie

    Great idea put everything out early so there’s time to gather the ingredients! I think I gained a few pounds just looking at all the deliciousness.

  3. Mary Stori

    It’s interesting learning this area’s Thanksgiving food preferences. Except for perhaps the first 2 years of our marriage when we lived in an apartment, we’ve never cooked a Thanksgiving Turkey in the oven. Yup…this WI gal still does hers on a outdoor charcoal grill. Though I’ll admit we have dabbled twice using the outdoor deep fryer method when we don’t have guests.

  4. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting

    Nice gathering of your Thanksgiving recipes. I follow your brine instructions. Our Costco didn’t have turkeys yet, as of last night!!

  5. Patty Brenner

    I’ve been doing so well on my diet and then you post these delicious recipes! Thankfully, our winter weather is usually fairly mild in our part of southern Arizona (even though we are at 4500 ft elevation), so I can get outside to walk off the treats 🙂 It’s just my husband and I this year, so we won’t be doing the full blown meal, but we do like having the turkey and some tasty side dishes. A couple of our favorite sides are roasted brussels sprouts (slice in half, toss with a little olive oil and salt/pepper/garlic powder) and an old food network recipe for root vegetable gratin. I look forward to trying a couple of your recipes for us this year – the pumpkin orange bread sounds really good!

  6. all the recipes look so good and I laugh because I have to have the can of jellied cranberry sauce in my grandmothers bowl as well -there may be wonderful recipes out there for cranberries but it isn’t tradition if I don’t get the can and use the bowl grandma did!

  7. Mary

    Lovely roundup of yummy things.
    We don’t have a whole Turkey anymore but do like to get Turkey drumsticks and wings and do nice things with them.
    I’m sure that some of your suggestions will morph into my cooking in the future.
    Thanks Carole for your timely recipes which will be year round useful ideas and especially now as we move into the busy cooking time of the year. It’s lovely to share these tasty treats!

  8. Auntiepatch

    My grandmother always made dumplings. They were so good, she had to make 2 double recipe pots, and we still ran out. If someone had to work or was late for dinner, they didn’t get any. When I was a long-distance operator, I worked the holidays because I made double time & 1/2 my regular pay. Mom took pity on me and saved a portion of dumplings for me. Now, I am the Dumping Maker and I make sure everyone gets some!

  9. Connie S Wolfe

    The Pumpkin Toffee Dumpcake has been a hit with my family. It’s become my go-to recipe when I am assigned a dessert for the gatherings at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Might be time to try the Pumpkin Orange Bread.
    Thanks for sharing,

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