Glorious Autumn Color and Wildlife

We are having a wonderful year for Autumn color this year. The oranges and reds finally came to a peak right at the end of October. The colors were so vibrant, that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of our forest. My Aussie and Kiwi buddies were asking for some photos on a Zoom call a few weeks ago, so here you go, gals! Our driveway down the mountainside was glorious.

Looking across the valley, the large trees near the house are lovely too.

In the valley, color comes through the fog in the early morning.

On the edge of the meadow, all the trees have come into their fall splendor. Even on an overcast and foggy morning, the colors are lovely.

Behind the house on the mountainside, this beauty glows in the afternoon sunlight.

These were nearby, on the side near the cove.

On the feeder, it is time to begin the Feeder Watch for bird counts. Here is a chickadee with a titmouse, enjoying some seeds with that fall color in the background.

A moment later, a goldfinch shares the bounty with a nuthatch.

Oliver came by for sandwiches several times this past week. One day he missed me stepping out to the veranda, so he came up to the kitchen window while I was cooking to let me know he was there. But supper was ready and he just had to make do with acorns that day. My Sweet Babboo gets priority for a hot meal.

His buddy refused to come down from his tree perch that day. There is a lot of food available for them now, so he wasn’t motivated. He nibbled his acorn and ignored me. I love this photo, and might have to enter it in next year’s State Fair.

Looking east behind the house, the colors and the forest wrap all the way around our home.

As the leaves started to fall, this maple in the east cove came into its full color.

The leaves are coming down now, and our driveway is regularly covered up. This is a bit precarious, as there is a drainage ditch on one side, and a drop-off on the other, and going off the road isn’t my first choice. My Sweet Babboo has had to blow the driveway off several times in just one week.

Are you enjoying fall color (or spring flowers for my southern hemisphere readers)?

27 thoughts on “Glorious Autumn Color and Wildlife

  1. Love the little squirrel with the blurry background (can’t remember the name for the technique!). And your autumn color is just lovely! The drought here didn’t seem to hinder the trees showing their vibrant colors, and the leaves stayed on the trees for a long time this year, as there was little rain and wind. But they are finally littering the laws and driveways, much to my husband’s dismay!

    1. Mary Ed Williams

      The trees are lovely in your neck of the woods. I have fond memories of fall in the mountains of Virginia. Here they are pretty enough but we will lose them when Nicole blows through.
      I think Oliver needs to enroll in Weight Watchers.
      Mary Ed

  2. Debbie Myers

    Love the Fall colors of the trees! You’re so lucky to be able to see that beautiful view from where you live. And the squirrel picture is definitely entry worthy!

  3. Kathryn Laposata

    Oh yes. I think this has been a banner year for fall colors. Our leaves are all down now, so the show is over.

  4. Julie

    Spectacular colors this year. All that’s left now is a smattering of deep russet on the oaks. You’ve brought joy to people who don’t have a lot of colorful trees in their area. A handsome buck was spotted on the back hill polishing his rack, showing off for some does in the gully.

  5. Rita C.

    NC was beautiful this year (have other friends in the Lake Lure area who regularly post photos). My sister- and brother-in-law live on a mountaintop much like yours with a ditch on one side and mountainside on the other, and the leaves on the road are downright scary unless they’re blown.

  6. The last of our sugar maple are hanging on the tree, and I had to blow the driveway the other evening so I could see my “walking path”. My Japanese maple is still brilliant red and holding on to most of the leaves. We had a cold snap last night so I imagine they will begin to fall soon, especially with another hurricane heading up the coast this weekend. We will get a torrent of rainfall and a bit of wind. Nothing to be concerned about but it will wash off the remaining leaves I think. Love your views. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful views and photos, Carole! Our fall color has fallen now and been taken to the recycle center for mulching already. The birds and squirrels have been busy, though. We don’t see titmice here, but do get lots of finches, nuthatches, and chickadees. And the bluejays love to try eating out of the feeders, but they’re a little big for them!

  8. Elaine May

    How beautiful your trees are. Our trees and bushes in Cornwall, England are a little confused, we have things happening that only happen in the Spring. It’s worrying as the early flowers and buds will probably succumb to the frost.
    Climate change is very worrying in so many ways.

  9. Jean McKinstry

    Spring is here, yesterday so hot, this morning grey clouds across a paler grey sky. Those autumn golds and reds are glorious, my Japanese Maple are in leaf again, foxgloves standing tall, red poppies, both the ruffled and the single petal ones are so tall, self seeded.Bearded Iris almost finished, they have flowered almost every day in October. Your valley views are wonderful, so peaceful looking out towards the distance. Oliver, he knows where to visit.

  10. Beautiful colours indeed. As one of your Kiwi readers, our native trees are evergreen so our hills don’t have the Autumn shades like you do. But I remember our coach trip from New York to Niagara some years ago, the hills and mountains were alive with glorious Autumn hues and I couldnt stop taking photos through the window as we travelled along. What amazed me was the colours didn’t stop at yellow and orange, there was red and purple shades as well!

  11. Mary

    I live in the Auckland area (North) of NZ where we don’t have the heavy frosts like do happen in the South Island. They experience the lovely Autumn colours similar to what you have. It is so beautiful to see nature getting ready to sleep till Spring comes again. I do have deciduous trees that lose their leaves and become bare which is also lovely too, even though we don’t get the vibrant colours in Autumn.
    Thankyou for sharing your lovely garden with us again. :))

  12. Thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn trees with us. We have mainly gum trees around us here so dont get the wonderful colours you do. We have an oak tree next door and one deciduous tree in the garden that has red leaves before they fall, but nothing like your mountain views.

  13. I never tire of looking at pics of fall with the trees and changing colors. I live in Florida so we don’t get to see much of fall. It still feels like summer here.

  14. There is something so mesmerizing about autumn color viewed from the vantage point of a hill or mountain — all the ‘layers’ of color just stand out. These are so lovely and you indeed have a glorious place from which to view it all!

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