Autumn Jubilee Bonus Projects

Autumn Jubilee just doesn’t have enough days for all the projects I have in mind, so today will be a bit of a hodgepodge of ideas and projects, and a tutorial. Sometimes just finding a wonderful seasonal item on sale brings a smile. This pumpkin welcome sign was just such a find, and now graces the front of our home every year.

As I was sewing the wool project and the sew-along project, I had a crazy idea. What if I put those two techniques together? Well, I did, and it was a fun project, a way to use up some wool scraps and use my embroidery machine one more time. This time, put a sticky stabilizer in your hoop with the sticky side up. I used Sulky Sticky Plus Tear Away. Carefully remove the paper on this side only by slitting it next to the hoop and tearing it off leaving the sticky stabilizer in the hoop.

Then press a piece of wool felt on the sticky stabilizer, smoothing it out as you go.

Select your motifs and organize your colors. I like to use an egg carton with numbers on the bottom of the cells to put the colors in order.

Stitch the motifs. I had enough space to do one at the top and another at the bottom of the hoop.

Remove the hoop from the machine and carefully cut around the stabilizer on the back so you only cut out the stitched area.

This will leave enough behind that a small sticky patch can be placed over the holes, giving you more use from the stabilizer.

Stitch another motif, or a couple more if you like.

Decide how big you want your projects to be. I’m making mine into bowl fillers or pincushions, so 5-inch squares worked nicely.

Trim the motifs to size, then cut a same size piece of wool felt for the back. Sew with right sides together around all sides leaving an opening for turning. Clip corners then turn right side out.

Stuff with your choice of filler. Poly fiberfill works fine for bowl fillers. You might wish to use walnut shells for pincushions.

Hand stitch the opening closed.

Display as you like. This bowl is perfect, with its woodland motifs. They make a wonderful addition to the fall decor, for now and into November.

Have you ever been the Great Pumpkin? It is fun to do little happy surprises for neighbors and friends. See my post on Being the Great Pumpkin for a cute idea from the dollar store and your kitchen.

Have you made a fall wreath for this year? I still like the Della Robia one I made with pine cones in the center. The wreath is a grapevine base with faux fruit, nuts and pine cones hot glued all around. The bow is hand tied, and the pine cones added to the bottom that extend into the center add more interest. See the full tutorial on my post Harvest Wreaths. There are two wreath tutorials on that post.

If you liked the idea of painting rocks to hide around town, here are the Halloween ones I did last year. These used stickers, paint and sharpie pens.

If you have an empty pepper tin, turn it into a Needle and Pin Sharps Container. All it takes is a bit of spray paint and some fun stuff to glue on. Naturally, since it is Autumn Jubilee, I thought I needed one fall-inspired.

Last year we made wool acorns. If you are interested in that project, see my post Another Fun Project.

Today’s giveaway sponsor, C&T Publishing,, will award a $50 gift certificate for their online bookstore! With the variety of subjects in their publications, there’s something for everyone to make a project, learn a new skill or try a new idea. From wool projects to quilting, jewelry making to woodworking, painting to leathercrafts, there’s a new book for you to expand your creativity. Please visit C&T Publishing, and see the Best Sellers and check out the Gifts and Games section, along with C&T’s Sale Books, too! What book or gift would be on your Christmas List this year?

What book or gift would be on your Christmas List this year?

65 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Bonus Projects

  1. Thunder Quilts (BarefootThunder)

    3D quilts would be a personal challenge, great way to start the new year.
    Every once in awhile I see something that makes me think an embroidery machine would be nice to have, your little leaves are just that. Sew cute.

  2. Shari Kersey

    Wintertime Shimmer Quilt by Jennifer Sampou is on the sale page and I’ve admired this quilt for several years.

  3. Good morning,
    The book I would purchase from C&T Publishing would be the Feed Sack ebook although I’m not sure I would want it as a download. The half-square triangle quilt block design looked interesting as well. For Christmas I would like Jen Jones book Welsh Quilts.

  4. Angela VE

    Jenny Dean’s 2.5” precut book and the HST card deck of options would be great to find under my Christmas tree!

  5. Your embroidered bowl fillers are adorable! I’m going to look for some small Autumn leaf designs that I could embroider by hand and give those a try, too. I’ve been wanting to learn Sashiko stitching, so a book on that craft would be on my C&T wishlist!

  6. Betsy Pompi

    The book on my Christmas list this year is” Wool Appliqué The Piece is Cake Way”. You have intrigued me with your wool appliqué project and I would like to know how to do more projects and increase my skills.

  7. Connie

    I really want the first volume of Joanna Gaines cookbook. I recently bought her second volume when I visited Magnolia and wished that I had got the first one too.
    Love the second one!

  8. Patty Brenner

    I would love the “Red, White,& Blue Star Quilts” book . I love most everything patriotic, and some of those look like a fun challenge!

  9. There are so many but one caught my eye that is a preorder, “Quilts of Praise.” It looks very interesting! I still love those acorns you did last year, but the bowl fillers are great too. I love my sticky tear away and also patch it as you described if making small pieces!

  10. slmrn1

    Hard to pick one book. Love to just sit and slowly read through them. I would pick Just One Charm Pack Quilts by Cheryl Brickey.

  11. I like the More Happy Quilts Variety Puzzles. I am on my guild’s planning committee and we are always looking for more quick games to do at our meetings. There are lots of good paper and pencil games in this book.

  12. Martha Ann DeMarco

    these pillows with the leaves are adorable.In my downtime,I love puzzle books,so I would love to win the kniiter puzzle book.

  13. lee

    I really would LOVE the Sashiko and Color book!! I am going over to look at your wreath tutorial – I love wreaths and need a new Autumn one… or two 🙂

  14. Your little sharps tin is so darned cute! I might have to do that for my broken felting needles! I’ve been poking and stabbing like a crazy girl amping up for the November sale. Your wreath is lovely, too. So much beautiful fall here, Carole!

  15. I recently collected some acorn tops for the express purpose of making felted acorns. Now to make time for it. 🙂 I’d be very interested in the Free-Motion Machine Quilting book.

  16. Cindy

    Your little felt pillows are delightful! Love the wool acorns!
    Oh, so many books I’d like! First choice would be Quilt Out Loud by Thomas Knauer. I love his writing. Also, the Learn to Watercolor book – it has been many years since I did watercolor and would love to pick it up again.

  17. Becky

    A Jera Brandvig book would be a great addition to my quilting library bookshelf. I especially like the QAYG Modern and QAYG Vintage.

  18. Julie

    C&T Publishing is one of my favorite shopping spots, I saw a lot of the books I have on my shelf. One I don’t have but would enjoy is Harriet’s Journey, so many blocks to admire. Speaking of admiring, those little wooly bags are so adorable. Now that I have an embroidery machine I’m going to try one.

  19. lois92346

    Oh my WORD, Carole! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing ideas! I’m floored by how creative you are. I went to the CT Publishing website. I would love to win the $50 prize and be able to purchase the book called Learn to Watercolor

  20. Debbie Miller Meyer

    “Just One Charm Pack “ would be in my Christmas list. I have so many charm packs and I’ve busted them up in the past. I’d love to use just one whole pack to see what zu can make.

  21. Susan Salo

    I would love one of the puzzles- every year our group of friends spend a weekend in Northern Michigan cross country skiing and doing lots of indoor activities. We always have a puzzle out- this would be fun!

  22. Kathy E.

    Such pretty little pillows to decorate with leaves for fall!
    I’d like to get inspired to do some hand-stitching with Everyday Embroidery for Modern Stitchers in the C&T sale section.

  23. Sandi Scarlett

    I would probably pick the Machine Magic book. I have only used a few of the machine stitches on my machine.

  24. Linda Clark

    I think the addition of the book, Just One Charm Pack would be a good edition to my library of quilt books.

  25. Debbie Miller

    Love the wool embroidered bowl fillers-wish I had an embroidery machine! I like the looks of the book-Quilt As-You-Go for Scrap Lovers.

  26. Pam S

    Contemporary Weaving would be the book on my list. I certainly don’t need another craft, but I can’t resist trying anything to do with fiber. Thanks for all these bonus project ideas! I’m really enjoying Autumn Jubilee!

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