Needle and Pin Sharp Container

Isn’t it always a pain to throw away a sharp needle or pin? I am sure this is one reason why I don’t throw away bent pins. I keep sticking the bent ones back in the pin cushion, thinking I’ll deal with it later. Wouldn’t you know, the bent ones are the ones I keep pulling out to use. Another Murphy’s law I suppose. The crappy bent pin you don’t want is the one you will pull out first every time. It may also be a subconscious reason that I don’t change my sewing machine needles as often as I need to. I know many of you use mint containers, or other such things, but I never seem to have those around.

In the kitchen recently, I had emptied this can of black pepper into the pepper shaker when the size of the flip top opening made me stop and think. This was big enough to easily drop a pin or needle in. So, off I went to the crafting bench.

I dug around the spray paint and found this lavendar one, a great color for my sewing room. It goes nicely with my collection of tiny china decorated with violets. Two coats completely covered the tin.

Back inside, I got out a variety of things to decorate it.

I tied a lavendar and white braided cording around the tin and tied a bow.

Then I added a five petal flower, hot gluing it into place.

I put a second one on top of the first offset, and added a deep purple jewel to the center.

Rhinestones and butterfly stickers are added.

I put some butterflies on the sides, too.

Looks lovely on the shelf, and serves a purpose.

Next, I went back to the spice cabinet, and found a couple more containers that were almost empty. I have more cloves and paprika, so I washed these out.

This time I used yellow spray paint.

I wanted more of a sewing theme, so I found these buttons and trims.

I tied a cord around the tin, and hot glued the sewing maching and the needle on the front. Iridescent heart stickers were added to the front and sides.

Now I have two needle tins, and I don’t think I can fill these up in a lifetime of sewing. Next time I pull that bent pin, I’ll have a better place to put it.

Do you have an empty container to make your own discarded needle and pin minder?

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46 thoughts on “Needle and Pin Sharp Container

  1. kattails

    You are TOO crafty for words! I love these…can hardly wait to empty a spice container! They are so pretty. I love how your mind works!

  2. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting

    I have found that the canisters that film rolls come in work perfectly and fit in my travelling tool box. Bit harder to find these days (had to ask at the local uni that has a photography department!) and yours are so much prettier!

  3. Linda B

    Hmmm…not so inventive or creative here…just use the empty prescription bottles and write sharps on them. When full, take to the safe disposal bin at the police station and dispose of the container there. In my case, I had pins from 30 years or more ago and some had little rough places on them. Finally went through and just tried every one and got rid of the ones that were corroded. (:))

  4. Sue H

    I use my husband’s empty prescription bottles. Always plentiful around here unfortunately. Of course, yours are lots prettier!

  5. Great idea! Useful as well as beautiful. And recycled, too. I like how the top of the tin can accommodate all sizes of pin heads, like the flower ones. Maybe I can empty the pepper tin into all the china pepper shakers so I can get started…!!


    I use a wine cork but this is so cute. Last week I threw out some old spice containers. Hope I missed one. Thanks

  7. Suzanne Crane

    Love your pin containers. I use a prescription container (boring). I saw your printer tray and want to share what I did with mine. Added two cup hooks.

  8. Oh my these are so much cuter than the plain spice bottle I use. I don’t find spices in cans like that anymore. (My daughters purged my cabinet of spices and tossed anything that looked “VINTAGE”). Now they come in plastic or glass bottles…..except I spy a can of OLD BAY Crab seasoning…..Honestly, these are too cute to throw away, and it does take a very long time to fill them up. I put my diabetic supplies in a pill bottle and when full into a big gallon jug, for disposal at the approved landfill, so I have been emptying my ” discarded sewing items” into it.

  9. So cute! And here I am with an old medicine bottle to hold used/bent needles and pins. Plus I keep it hidden in a drawer. I need to rethink my space. Thanks for all you creative craft ideas.

  10. kathyinozarks

    Cool idea and these are so adorable-you could probably sell these on etsy if you could find more of these spice tins.
    that happened to me while quilting last always grabbing the super bent pins-they went in the trash to be rid of them haha enjoy your day

  11. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Great idea, Carole!! They are really pretty. I use an empty pill bottle for needles and pins and a larger one in the Quilt Cave! Not nearly as pretty as yours, but very functional!! I may have to give this a try!

  12. Linda Rattie

    What a great idea. I use a short little round glass jar that was given to everyone at a quilt retreat once. Yes…hate bent needles…however I tend to break mine…..eeekk

  13. Cathy Walker

    I love this! I use an old prescription bottle for broken needles, and, yes, I’ve gotten to the point I put some bent pins in there too.

  14. Susan

    I use my empty pill bottles. I can see through them so I know how full they are and I don’t accidentally stab myself trying to push another pin or needle in them. I use a separate one for pins, one for needles (because they may be longer than the pins) and one for lancets and test strips. I use ones with a screw on cap so they don’t accidentally come open when thrown in the garbage.

  15. Jo Anne S

    Love what you did with the spice container! You get an A+ for repurposing! Now I have an incentive to clean out my spice area! What a super idea!

  16. Great idea, Carole! I keep my old needles for paper piecing . . . but one can only use/save so many for that task. You’ve decorated them so nicely! I’m going to keep this idea as one to copy. Thank you so much. ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. Debbie Miller

    Really cute and clever! All my spices come in glass or plastic jars. I will have to buy pepper next time in a can!

  18. Joan Sheppard

    This is absolutely perfect. Flip of a finger and in they go. We also say a little “Thank you for your service” to them. I also use the medicine bottles but it takes 2 hands, and with one hand holding the parts of broken needles, I’m one hand short. Thanks. j

  19. Melanie

    Your needle and pin minders are very pretty. I’ve used a flip top RX container for pins and needles for several years and it’s still not full yet, and I do dump those bent pins to save my sanity. LOL I recently ran into a 50 percent off on a pkg. of flat head pins to replace those bent ones. Yay!

  20. Janine

    Your altered spice cans are so pretty! Functional yet snazzy. 🙂
    I’ve been using a small glass milk bottle with a rubber lid. I cut a small “X” in the lid and just have to push my broken needles through the center of the X and it closes back up again so the needles stay safely inside. No need to even flip open the lid!

  21. Rena Davis

    What an excellent idea; repurposing spice containers and decorating to reuse as a dispenser for those broken needles and pins. Thanks for sharing!

  22. What a great idea, Carole. I tend to stick used/broken needles and pins back in the pincushion as well. I have the ideal tin to use for this. It originally contained pastilles but I kept the tin because it was pretty. I’m so pleased I’ve now got a use for it.

  23. Susan

    Your tins look pretty! I use a Parmesan cheese container, the dry stuff in a plastic container. The lid has little holes fir pins in one side and a large semicircle hole on the other. My rotary blades go in the container as well as the pins. Not as pretty as your but very functional. I suppose I could dress it up…….

  24. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, These turned out so pretty and of course, an excellent idea! Like many other people have stated, I also use an empty pill bottle. Your idea is such a lovely and fun way to reuse a tin that I will have to see what I can come up with to decorate some. Thank you for sharing a great idea and have a wonderful evening.

  25. thedarlingdogwood

    Smart idea! I usually look for a used tissue in the trash to poke my needle or pin into, but this is much less gross!!!!! I don’t have spray paint but I bet I could use mod podge and cover the tin with a pretty fabric scrap. Next time I empty a container like this, I’ll snatch the container. I think I might need to start using more pepper so I can get an empty tin!

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