Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along – Week 2

This week we will embellish the cornucopia Wool Stitch Along piece using floss and beads. You can add whatever you like, embellish as much or as little as suits your fancy. I use DMC floss for the leaf accents, cornucopia details and pumpkin lines. I mentioned last time that I like Aurifil’s wool thread for doing the applique stitching, and you can also use it for the accent lines.

Starting with the cornucopia, I mark lines using a Chaco Marker. It makes thin chalk lines that easily brush away.

Then, stitch along those lines using a back stitch.

Mark lines on the acorn squash, and stitch those with a back stitch.

This goes really quickly once you get started.

Next, mark veins on the leaves.

Then stitch, again using a back stitch.

Then do the same for the pumpkin.

For the corn, I stitched lines to indicate rows of kernels, and I’ll add some gold beads to complete that look.

I put three silver beads on the upper end of the apple to simulate the light that usually accents an apple in art.

When all the detail lines are done, I thread my thinner beading needle with Aurifil 50 wt thread in colors matching the wool, and stitch on some glass seed beads for accents.

I fill the corn cob with a lot of randomly placed gold beads. I could have done rows, but I thought that would be too much. On the leaf, a few red beads give the veins a bit of shine.

Gold beads embellish the pumpkin, and more red ones accent the other red leaf. The gold leaf gets gold beads.

I decided not to bead the cornucopia itself, although you could if you wanted. A few dark brown beads, even bugle beads would look nice. It’s your project, so you can decide. You can also decide not to use beads at all.

If you wanted, you would add some words to the upper right, like Happy Harvest, or Autumn Blessings. Whatever you decide, finish your embellishments this week and next week we will complete the project.

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87 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along – Week 2

  1. Angie VE

    Plumeria is my favorite! I don’t use a ton of colors when piecing and the neutral pallet works well with the colors I often use!

  2. Peggy Ott

    Another great shop, thank you! I do like the Frangipani for neutral colors, but making quilt for daughter and the Hawaiian Blue Ginger, very pretty!

  3. Rheanna

    Jade vibe really caught my eye. I love teal greens. There were many great combos. Thanks Aurafil for supporting our creativity.

  4. Sheila

    Carole, your wool work is beautiful! I love the Stinking Corpse Lily thread. The name is smelly but the colours are sublime.

  5. Betsy Pompi

    It’s hard to pick just one. Blue is my favorite color, so I like that one, but the Passion Flower. Bird of Paradise, Blue Ginger are all beautiful.

  6. Carla Hundley

    I love the Amazon Water Lily collection! The beading really makes the design standout.
    Carla from Arizona

  7. Nancy C

    those are beautiful thread colors and I enjoy using variegated threads to add texture. I would say the Hawaiin Blue Ginger but love the Rubber Tree for neutrals. The video on Aurifils site was beautifully done!

  8. I do love the Jade Vine colours, but I would probably get more use from the Rubber Tree set!
    Lovely embroidery and beading…really brings it to life!
    Happy Stitching!

  9. The added stitching and beading brings it all to life. I love the mini corn all beaded. So many great selections of thread. I loved the Dolomite collection. I’d really like to try their embroidery floss.

  10. Denise

    Odd as it may be, the “Rafflesia Arnoldii-Stinking Corpse Lily”. Such beautiful thread colors for such a putrid plant! Our local university has one and there’s always a big public event when it blooms.

  11. What is your favorite 2022 color builder collection?
    Toss up between Bird of Paradise & Golden Shrimp Plant

    Aurifil is my go to thread! I love your embellishments.

  12. Though I’m not joining in on the wool handwork, I must say that I really like the addition of the tiny beads. It gives it more life. And as I looked over the Aurifil, though I usually gravitate to the blues, I was drawn to the Bird of Paradise collection (must be the time of year with those kinds of colors).

  13. Connie S Wolfe

    The addition of the beads is great! Choosing a single Color Builder Collection was difficult. I finally settled on Bird of Paradise. Thanks for sharing your patterns with us.

  14. Your project is coming along very nicely. I decided today to do some top stitching on my cotton, raw edge fusible applique. My first color up on the machine was an Aurifil # 5011, a tan , 50 wt cotton.

  15. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Live Aurifil thread! My favorite in this collection is Walking Palm followed by Rubber Tree! Thank you Aurifil and Carole for this generous giveaway!

  16. Joy Breedlove

    The collection of colors that most appeals to me is Amazon Water Lily. However, the one I’d probably use the most is Frangipani. They’re all gorgeous!

  17. Kathy E.

    The Rubber Tree collection is my favorite of the Color Builders. It would match so many of my projects as I fmq!

  18. Donna F

    Even though the name is a little offputting, I would choose the Stinking Corpse Lily collection. I do gravitate to corals. I enjoyed reading about the different plants representing the collections.

  19. quilterpt

    I love JADE VINE the most…love those tropical water colors! Your cornucopia is turning out great with all the beading.

  20. The spools I use the most are the Rubber Tree. Those blend with so many things! Thanks to you and Aurifil for the chance to win a collection. Your accents with the beading are beautiful!

  21. Teri

    I love the color builders set called Jade Vine. Turquoise one of my favorite colors and these three are so complimentary. Very pretty!

  22. Pam Solberg

    Passionflower is my favorite collection. I love all things blue. Thanks for sharing this beautiful stitching project. Hand stitching is so relaxing!

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