Books for Autumn Jubilee

Reading fiction, and playing with project books is fun when the weather turns chilly. Cooler days mean wearing cozy sweaters, bowls of hot soup, a crackling fire, and a good book. I like reading fiction books set in the fall season at this time. It is also a good time to look at project books and plan something fun for the holidays or gifts. For Autumn Jubilee this year, I have two recent reads that you will enjoy. Then, I’ll show you some of my bookshelf and maybe give you an idea or two to learn something new.

Turning Season by Melanie Lageschulte – The seventh book in this delightful series finds Melinda working her small garden and tending to her animals as the town gets a windfall with a condition. They have to agree on a site for a new community center before the city council election. A bit of Halloween fun with a ghostly encounter, and a crusty older man cares for a stray cat, while preparations for the fall festival take over the town. As usual, the easy reading and cozy story charms the reader and makes the book almost impossible to put down. It is the perfect read for our Autumn Jubilee!

The Cartographers by Peng Shepard- Starting with old maps, and delving into fantasy, this is an enjoyable read if you don’t look too close. It is a mystery novel, with elements of library lore and magical places, and a conspiracy to keep the truth from the protagonist in order to keep her safe. The unraveling of the mystery late in the book is a bit overreaching, but still, an enjoyable read.

Looking for a Halloween theme for Autumn Jubilee reading in October? Mystery lovers might enjoy  Trick or Deadly Treat by Livia Washington, or A Catered Halloween by Isis Crawford.  Both are light who-done-its with an amateur sleuth who likes to cook, and are easy reads set in the month of October.  Both books also have seasonal recipes, too.

I pulled a few of my C&T go-to books from my shelves to share some of my favorites and also a few new ones I’ve yet to explore. The synopses given are from the publisher. Links are to C&T Publishing, one of my affiliates, and the sponsor of today’s giveway.

Since we began with wool applique, one of my favorite books is Embellishing with Felted Wool by Mary Stori – “16 delightful, decorative wool projects with appliqué, beads, buttons and embroidery. Easy-to-work wool felt – no fraying, no appliqué edges to turn – is even easier with Mary’s innovative, foolproof construction and edging methods. Styles and colors include traditional, folk art, and contemporary.” I have a paperback, but it is still available in an eBook.

Fresh Felt Flowers: 17 Stunning Flowers to Sew & Display by Lynne Farris – “Flowers so lifelike, you’ll want to reach out and touch them! Now you can make them yourself, even if you’re a beginning sewer. The secret is wool felt and simple fabric sculpting techniques created by expert Lynne Farris. The book includes 17 complete projects with patterns and easy-to-follow instructions. Make roses, calla lilies, birds of paradise, and 14 more “perennial” favorites. Projects for all skill levels, with easy step-by-step instructions and how-to photos.” – eBook. This is a fairly new book for me, and I am looking forward to trying out a few projects this winter.

Then, speaking of flowers, I want to try some of these in ribbons too. Ribbonwork Flowers: 132 Garden Embellishments by Christen Brown – “Beautiful Designs for Flowers, Leaves & More. Gather, twist, and stitch an array of flowers from elegant ribbons and lace. Christen Brown, author of best-selling Ribbonwork Gardens, shares 132 flowers, leaves, and garden extras – each with complete instructions and colorful how-to photos. Readers will learn clever twists on vintage ribbonwork construction, plus hand-sewing basics and an overview of techniques. Fashion your own floral arrangements from interchangeable petals and leaves, two never-before-seen stem designs, and swappable centers. A gallery of bouquets will inspire you to craft realistic blooms, embellished with fruit, flourishes, and garden accessories. From single-stem posies to bountiful bouquets, this collection has something for everyone.”

Beading Artistry for Quilts, Basic Stitches & Embellishments Add Texture & Drama by Thom Atkins – “Use beads and simple stitches to create magnificent texture and dimension on any quilt. Learn everything you need to know about the best supplies and techniques to get breathtaking results. Dozens of show-stopping images throughout the book illustrate the unlimited possibilities for designing your own spectacular beaded quilt. Whether you like to make traditional or art quilts, this book will help you take your fabric embellishing to a whole new level. Add stunning texture and lifelike details to your quilts with basic beading stitches. A comprehensive guide to bead selection and the proper tools-plus a bonus tutorial on how to create a beaded bezel.” Book and ebook. This one is an inspiration book for me.

I have several ebooks, and find I like the ability to print patterns directly from my computer, rather than trying to wrestle a book on the copier. These next two are recent additions to my library, and I can’t wait to have a bit of time to play with the projects.

Flower Show Quilt – Charming Fusible Appliqué; Embellish with Hand Embroidery by Erica Kaprow – “Combine color, flowers, and appliqué with delicate hand embroidery, and you have a gorgeous 14-block cotton quilt! This book for flower lovers includes instructions and full-size patterns for this 14-block (plus border) hand embroidered, appliquéd, and quilted cotton quilt by best-selling author Erica Kaprow. Beautiful bright colors are highlighted by simple embroidery embellishment, and the fusible appliqué is easy to do.”

Botanical Embroidery by Brian Haggard – “Reconnect with nature’s inherent beauty as you embroider the delicate lacework of flowers and plants. Stitch twenty-five mix-and-match botanical embroidery motifs. This pattern pack includes complete instructions for four pretty projects, as well as iron-on transfers you can use multiple times (or even trace!) for endless creative applications. Apply the motifs to your own creations—a robust gallery of ideas will help you incorporate nature’s colors and forms into your next hand-sewing project.”

Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery; Visual Guide to 120 Essential Stitches for Stunning Designs by Sharon Boggon – “Discover the 120 hand-embroidery stitches that every embroiderer should have in their stitching arsenal, with clear, step-by-step photos you can come back to time and again! Contemporary needlework teacher Sharon Boggon’s forward-thinking ideas will help you view hand embroidery through a vibrant new lens. Beginners and seasoned embroiderers will gain the confidence to create new patterns by playing with the stitches—manipulating the height and width, making asymmetrical loops, stacking up designs, or filling multiple rows with the same stitch. With so many creative variations and the author’s gorgeous samplers, you’ll be inspired to incorporate new techniques in your own crazy quilts and modern projects.”

Having recently completed my first sashiko project, I am eager to dive into this book. Sashiko + Color; 23 Bright & Stylish Accessories to Stitch by Boutique-Sha Editorial – “Bring a pop of color to traditional Sashiko stitching! Make 23 different projects with your choice of colorful thread and project surface to create something unique to you. Projects include totes, bags, purses, towels, table decor, picnic cloths, and more! Fill your home with charming Sashiko pieces or give them as gifts with a personal touch. Originally published in Japan from Boutique-sha Editorial, each project values the traditional art of Sashiko while bringing a brand new twist to the designs.”

Today’s giveaway sponsor, C&T Publishing, will award a $50 gift certificate for their online bookstore! Please visit the sponsor and check out the New Releases. Check out C&T’s Sale Books, too!

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Which New Release book would you like to have from C&T?

95 thoughts on “Books for Autumn Jubilee

  1. Mary Stori

    Thank you for the shout out. My book is one of the very first ones that focus on working with wool/felted wool. Though there are patterns the main appeal to the book is the wide variety of tips and techniques it addresses. My favorites are the unique edge treatments which add that ‘something special’ to one’s projects.

  2. Rheanna

    Learn to watercolor caught my eye. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but never made the time.

    Thanks Carole for the book suggestions for fiction and from your C&T stash. The Sashiko that you recently finished was lovely. I will have to take a closer look at that book for sure.

  3. Believe it or not, “Learn to Watercolor” would be the book that I would choose. I’ve started adding watercolors to embroidery designs before embroidering. It’s sublet and adds depth. I’d like to learn more about watercolor techniques.

      1. Karen D Ragsdale

        I do believe “Learn to Watercolor” — as much as I love fabric, particularly wool, I’m always drawn to watercolors — no pun intended! Aah — I need more coffee!

  4. Debbie Miller Meyer

    The Big Book of Little Sparks Creativity Journal. I love to write ideas and thoughts down and this book would keep it all together for me.

  5. Bonnie Larson

    I would love to add the new Creative Stitches to my library or else Ribbonwork Flowers book. Both look very interesting.

    1. Bonnie Larson

      LOL. I guess it would help if I read ALL the instructions. ….. All of the new releases look lovely and any one would be a wonderful addition to my library, but, my eyes were immediately drawn to “Fun with Panels” by Cynthia Ann McChesney . I have been collecting panels and this would provide me with many ideas for finishing them.

  6. There were two I really liked and would be pleased to have – either the Woodburning Workshop as woodburning has always fascinated me, or the Fun with Panels book! I have a few I could use and it might give me some inspiration to get moving! LOL

  7. Betsy Pompi

    The Flower Show Quilt. Among the other books you mentioned, the botanical embroidery and the Sashiko +color look very interesting.

  8. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Funny thing, I clicked to visit your Facebook, Carole, to gain an entry for today and your button I clicked to say visit sent me to your Facebook but it was in Spanish. My settings are all good so not sure what is happening. Did this happen to anyone else?

  9. Sarah in Franklin

    My grandkids would want me to get th kaleidoscope papers, but I want the 2023 Kaleidoscope Quilts Wall Calendar

  10. Joy Breedlove

    Hmm, another tough choice – but I think I’d pick “Jump into Cross Stitch” as I have been wanting to get back into that craft. By the way, I’ve read all the Melanie Lagshulte “Seasons” books and loved them all – was so sad to see that series end. I keep hoping for another one!

  11. I could get lost in so many of these books. The felt embellishments would be fun as would the watercolors. Thanks, Carole and C&T for today’s giveaway.

  12. Eileen E

    What a great prize, I love c&T Publishments. My preference today is Diane Knott’s STRIP QUILT SECRETS however there were so many that I’d love to add to my library by the talented authors/creators. Thanks Carole and C&T Publishers for the chance.

  13. Ulrikken

    I’d like to have
    Sashiko Stencils #2, Crests, Borders & Classic Motifs by Sylvia Pippen –
    the stencils look great!

  14. Lisa England

    Two books in the New Releases looked particularly interesting to me: “Fabric Weaving” and “Flower Show Quilt”.

  15. Pat Cline

    I always look forward to your book recommendations. Headed to the library today! The new CT book I would be interested in is Flower Show Quilt. Thanks so much.

  16. Hi Carole, I have read the “Season” books and found them to be a great series! I am interested in C & T’s Flower Show Quilt book, as I’ve recently become interested in applique.

  17. Connie S Wolfe

    My first choice from the new releases is Fun With Panels. I’ve been amazed by the small quilts made and donated to Comfort Quilts using panels which are also a frequent on the “free” tables. The Block Builder Card set was a close second.

  18. Darlene

    The new release I would like is Fun with Panels. I have several in my stash and frequently use them in the backing. I just completed a Halloween quilt using a panel for the front. It can be a challenge to get everything squared up!

  19. Patty Brenner

    Several new releases caught my eye – Quilter’s 2 1/2″ Strip Precut Companion is probably the top choice, but I also like the Sassy Sayings Iron-on Labels for Quilts, etc, and the Kaleidoscope Quilts Calendar for 2o23 looks wonderful!

  20. Every time you mention those Melanie Lageschulte books, I want to read them, but my library doesn’t have them available! I did just download a sample on my Kindle app, so maybe I’ll end up buying them. The Flower Show Quilt book from C&T looks a fun one! I’d love to try some sashiko stitching, so a book on that would be good, too. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  21. What a fun collection of both fall fiction and fun creative books, Carole! You’ve been a terrific scout. The felt flowers interest me, even though it’s not in my “zone,” but it looks lovely. Lots of them do!

  22. I would love to have Fun With Panels. I am starting to think of baby quilts for future great grandchildren. I am working on an EPP quilt right now and have 2 other tops made from scraps. But with 10 grandchildren there could be a need for lots of baby quilts. There are such cute panels for children now, but they are usually not the size that I like to make. The book might give me ideas for increasing the size other than adding simple borders.

  23. Joan Sheppard

    Thanks for the reading list. Always good – in fact I opened the library website along side your blog and just ordered from your list. The craft books I might actually buy. Thanks again

  24. Carolyn Montgomery

    I would love to have Quilter’s 2½” Strip Precut Companion book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Sue Hoover

    I’d choose “Sashiko Stencils #2, Crests, Borders, and Classic Motifs”. I really liked your earlier project.

  26. Donna Flanery

    Since my main interest is in quilting, I think the book I would be interested in is Fun with Panels.I have collected quite a few panels over the years and need some ideas on exactly what to do with them.

  27. Susan Salo

    I would like Quilt with panels. I make wallhangings for our fireplace based on the month or the season. I use a lot of panels and would appreciate more ideas for framing them.

  28. Judy Sanders

    Beading Artistry caught my eye. I have bought several books from CT in the past. I do love to embelish but not as much as my friend Elaine.

  29. Keisha Bayanrd

    I would enjoy reading Jump into Cross Stitching by Sally Wilson. I am interested in being able to create some of the beautiful pieces that I have seen people create by cross stitching.

  30. Kathy E.

    There are so many interesting books in your list! I’d like to lounge around and read them all. One new release I’d most like to have is Christa Watson’s book How Do I Quilt It?
    (I’m always looking for some new ideas.) duchick at gmail dot com

  31. Kim from TN

    Wonderful books, thanks for sharing them. I don’t do much in applique so the Flower Show Quilt looked like something I would try. So many new books are released its hard to keep up.

  32. There are several new releases that are interesting to me. My first choice would be “Cosplay for You”. A son enjoys Dragon Con every year and I have helped him a little with some costumes. This book looks like more help and fun.

  33. Thank you for your generosity! Of the new releases from C&T, I would like Quilter’s 2½” Strip Precut Companion OR, for my son=in-law, Woodburning Workshop. Of course, there are lots of other older releases I would love!

  34. Susan N.

    I would like to have, “Sashiko Stencils #2”. I would also like to have the, “Learn to Watercolor,” book.

  35. Lee

    Woodburning Workshop! My hubby sliced a bunch of wood rounds for me to paint on but I have my dads wood burner and think this would be fun!

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