Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Begins!

I think the quilt-along part of Autumn Jubilee is the part quilting readers look forward to the most. Seeing another fun pattern in Autumn colors puts us in the mood for the holidays to come, celebrating the fall season with Thanksgiving on the way. This year, I am doing a traditional block in Autumn colors, rather than do pumpkins and leaves again. But if you are in the mood for those, you can go back to last year’s Autumn Jubilee for a fun table topper pattern, shown in the top of the button for this year.

This is probably the most fun time in our Friends of From My Carolina Home Facebook group, and the most active posting all year. But, a number of requests are being declined by the moderators because they did not answer all four questions. Have you tried to join the Facebook group and find yourself not approved?  If so, go back and try again, but remember to answer ALL 4 questions. They are really simple – agree to play nice and not guess at mystery quilt along steps. You will also need to disable your popup blocker as the questions are in a popup.

Now, grab your scrap saver drawers and bags, here’s what you need to cut for this year’s project. The project will end up at about 45-inches square, or a bit less if you leave off a border. If you’d like a throw size quilt, just double the number of squares shown.

Cutting Instructions
2-1/2-inch squares – 96
3-inch Squares – 32
Scrappy border bricks – 3-1/2-inches x 2-1/2-inches – at least 60
3-1/2-inch squares for scrappy border corners – 4

2-1/2 – inch squares – 96
3-inch Squares – 32
Strips 32-1/2 inches x 1-1/2-inch wide – 2 Strips
Strips – 34-1/2 inches x 1-1/2-inch wide – 2 Strips
Additional fabric for backing and binding.

Once you have the cutting all done, you can begin the first step. Mark sewing lines on the back of your background 3-inch squares. I have discovered that my HST piecing is even more accurate if I mark the actual sewing lines.  I use this quarter-inch ruler to mark sewing lines 1/4-inch away from a center diagonal line, placing the line in the middle of the ruler on opposite diagonal corners, and marking the sewing line at a precise 1/4-inch.  Sewing on the edge of the line nearest the center gives me a more accurate half-square triangle unit. Unlike any other quarter-inch ruler on the market, the MadamSew ruler has a non-slip back, making marking easier with less slippage and mis-marking.

Pair the 3-inch scrappy squares with the 3-inch background squares and make half square triangles. Chain piece by setting up all your square pairs, one scrappy square with one marked background square. Pair up all 32.

Chain piece on one line for all the pairs.

The chain makes sewing the seam on the other side really easy as they are all together.  Just turn the chain around and sew on the other 1/4 inch line.

Cut the pieces apart from each other, then cut between the sewing lines to yield two HST units.

Press toward the darker of the fabrics.

Square up to the correct size, placing the 45-degree line along the diagonal seam and trimming all four sides.

Here is a pdf for your sewing room – Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Week 1

Next week, I’ll show you the block. So it will be a mystery for a week, then you’ll know what it will look like.

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by MadamSew! Visit MadamSew’s Bestsellers page, which of their products would you like to try? Leave a comment on this post with your choice, then click on the Rafflecopter button below to enter the drawing for a Wool Press Mat and a set of Quarter Inch Rulers!

There have already been some disqualifications on the drawings, please review the Rules and Notices and be sure you know how to enter. I posted and emailed a few people, but from here on, I will not be doing that. I hate to disqualify anyone, but I cannot monitor everything at this point, I have to get sewing and stay ahead of you guys on all the projects so I can post the next steps. So, please visit the sponsors and answer the question of the day in your comment to qualify.

Which MadamSew Bestseller would you like to try?

115 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Begins!

  1. Rhonda Pecenka

    Thanks so much, I’ve been so excited to get started on a new table topper. I’m glad I’ve saved those autumn fabrics for the scrappy border!!

    1. I’m on the road this weekend, but can’t wait to get back home to start on this quilt! And, of the Madam Sew items, I’d most like to try the adjustable seam guide.

  2. I know why they are Best Sellers! So many useful tools.

    Which MadamSew Bestseller would you like to try?
    Bias Tape Maker Kit 16 Pcs With Quilting Awl And Binder Foot

    I’m eager to get started! Looks like today will be a cutting day!

  3. Rheanna

    Looking forward to the quilt! I have really been wanting to get a quarter inch ruler as many of my quilts this year have used half square triangles. I have also heard people rave about their wool pressing matts as well.

  4. The quarter inch marking ruler from Madam Sew is a new notion for me so I’d love to try those. The longer length is really appreciated as I usually like to make larger blocks for larger quilts.

  5. Eileen Emerson

    When I find time after putting the gardens to bed, cleaning out garage and the grandchildren’s sporting events I’m thinking of using my Autumnal scraps. Thanks Carole

    1. Julie

      Best sellers is right, I already bought a number of them! I see the Bird’s Nest Tool Kit in my future. Although I try my best, they still happen on occasion, especially when the bobbin is running low & don’t get me started on sewing triangles without switching to the single hole needle plate. That’s what’s known as flirting with disaster. Why am I sewing triangles? Because that’s my favorite way to make hsts. I have better results when I cut triangles & use my 1/4″ foot (without a flange).

    2. Darlene M Johnson

      Sorry, didn’t mention colors. I will be using dusty orange with small cream Xs cream fabric with pumpkins, cream with egg plant Xs, rust and brown

  6. Pat Semeraro

    I need to start digging through my bins to find my fall colors. Not sure if I’ll have enough for this size table topper. I may need to shrink it to fit my coffee table. I’ve heard so many good things about those wool mats – so that is what I’d like to try from the Madam Sews page of goodies.

  7. Sheila

    Oh my! So many goodies on Madam Sew’s website. I would love to try the seam guide ruler with magnetic seam guide–just the thing for my 1980’s Viking, Brunhilda. Her current seam guide markings are ‘interesting’ to say the least. But the strip light looks very useful too…yes, so many goodies.

  8. That magnetic seam guide has always intrigued me, and the lighted seam ripper too. I have no idea how many scraps I have for this project, but once I finish up the Friendship BOM, I think I can do yours with the leftovers and what I have in my stash drawer. Fingers crossed!

  9. quilterka

    I just found out about this, so I will need to go to my scraps and see what is available. My fabric would be probably something orangey with pumpkin patterns and fall colored leaves and black background.

  10. Betsy Pompi

    Over the past year or two,I have bought several often things on Madam Sew . I love the wool pressing mat. I’ve gotten a couple of their quilt storage bags and found them to be well made. They have great sales and I use them to pick up replacement rotary blades and markers. I think that the quarter inch markers interest me the most. I’ve not seen the large one before. 12” half square triangles? Neat!

  11. I have several of the “best sellers” and think the 45 mm rotary cutter and blade is the best I own. I’ve got my eye on the bigger 60 mm Madam Sew rotary cutter. Thanks Carole.

  12. yoyopattycakeshotmailcom

    Oh, I love fall colors with a touch of purple. Most of my quilts are in fall colors, so I have lots of scraps for this sew along!

  13. Carolyn Montgomery

    I would love to try Stitch-in-the-Ditch/Edge Joining Presser Foot. I love all the Madame Sew products I have purchased.

  14. Carolyn Montgomery

    OOPs, I forgot to say I am using brown, beige, several shades of orange and gold and a little green.

  15. Susan N.

    I would like to try them all, but since I have to pick just one, I will say the “Seam Guide Ruler + FREE Magnetic Seam Guide” since I have a machine that doesn’t have a 1/4″ line.

  16. cathieinut

    Fun ahead this week!
    I would say the heat erasable marking pens and refills would be an awesome addition to my sewing supplies.
    Now to see what I have in my scrap-stash that are fall

  17. Cindy Beal

    I love the Quarter Inch ruler you are using in this post!!!! That would be my first choice!!!!
    I have always wanted to try the sewing machine light strip as I want all the light I can get!!!!

  18. I could easily go through my scraps and get these cut for this quilt!
    I like Madamsew. They are in Delaware!!!
    They have so many excellent choices and superb prices.
    I like the Quilt storage bag very much
    I printed out this day’s instructions

  19. lee

    Time is always an issue for me but I really will try and do the sew along! I have many fall scraps to use up! MadamSew has a Wool Pressing Mat and I would love to try that out!

    1. Denise

      I would try the heat erasable pens. Great choices of colors so I could have one that shows up on darker fabrics.

  20. Lisa England

    I checked out the bestsellers page and saw the Quilt Storage Bag. That looks like something I would like to try!

    1. Lisa England

      I don’t know when I will get a chance to start on the QAL but the colors I will eventually use will be all the rich fall colors I can find in my overflowing scrap bins!

  21. Teri

    The wool pressing mat looks amazing! I have the lighted ripper and it works great. Madam Sew makes great products.

  22. Sarah in Franklin

    For some reason rafflecopter on my iPad would not let me tell you that I am going to use Christmas colors for my mystery. It will be the perfect size for a table topper in my breakfast room.

  23. Connie S Wolfe

    I’m considering using Halloween scraps for the QAL. From the Madam Sew page of bestsellers, I would like the sewing machine light strip. The extra lights would be great for my travel machine.

  24. Kresti Lyddon

    Very excited for the QAL – Thank you! I would like to try the 1/4″ seam ruler. Always measuring my 1/4″ seam allowances!

  25. Ann D

    I’ve not settled on colors for this quilt along but I do have a lot of blue and green scraps.

    As for Madame Sew products, that stitch in ditch presser foot looks to be handy.

  26. Joye Cox

    I think I would like the lighted seam ripper, and also I’m curious about the bird’s nest detangler. Thanks!

  27. LaLani James

    I would like to try the Handy Ruler Grip. I think it might help while trimming up when using a smaller square ruler .

  28. LaLani James

    I am using fall colors in batiks for the quilt-along. The quilt-along is my favorite part of Autumn Jubilee so far!

  29. What would I like from Madam Sew? What wouldn’t I want! Topping my list are the thread snips, rotating cutting mat, bird’s nest untangling kit and the needle sorting pincushion.

    How I love reveals! Carole, Thank you for doing the quilt-a-long!

  30. Surely do enjoy all the variety and great projects on your site. As far as the Madam Sew bestsellers are concerned, the Rotary Cutting Mat would be handy, and the 5 pc. spare rotary cutting blades are always useful.

  31. Susan Raymond

    Carole, first let me thank you for the time and effort behind the scenes. It must take a great deal of planning for this annual event, so thanks again!
    I think it would be nice to have the fabric cutting electric shears for those time that a rotary cutter doesn’t work as well but there are many tempting items at Madam Sew.

  32. Pamela Reim

    Hands down the quilt storage bags! I have bought many of them & they are great for transporting quilts to shows & demos too. Pamela

  33. She has so many wonderful products, it’s hard to choose. I think the wool pressing mat would be my first choice. Thanks for creating Autumn Jubilee.

  34. Oh, wait! It looks like I was supposed to tell you what colors I would use for the quilt. Autumn colors, for sure! Golds, reds, oranges, browns, a few olivey greens…. Thanks!

  35. Sue Hoover

    I can always use more light at my sewing machine. I’d like to try the Sewing Machine Light Strip and see if it would help me see better.

  36. I definitely am excited to get started cutting and sewing! I always enjoy your AJ quilting projects. Your 1/4 inch ruler looks very handy. From Madam Sew’s website, I think I would love a stitch-in-the-ditch foot. My ditch never stays in one place, lol! Thanks, Carole!

    1. Darlene M Johnson

      This is a tough choice. I would love the presser foot set, but I have enough to get me by so I’m going with the sewing machine light strip. I don’t have the lighting I need and this item would be extremely helpful.

  37. Helen Glover

    I am confused. We are supposed to place a 3″ square with a 2 1/2 ” square and stitch together? How does that come out square? Sorry. Thanks for any help!!

  38. Laura Riley

    I already have the Hot Hem Ruler on my wish list. As I was looking through the bestseller list the Sewing Machine Light Strip intrigued me so may have to add that to my wish list too.

  39. Robin Thompson

    I love following your blog and various projects. I would like to try the Ruler grip or magnetic seam guide.

  40. quilterpt

    I of course would love to try the wool pressing mat, but also the Chalk Marker with Dosing Wheel Technology!

  41. Donna Flanery

    As I get older (ugh), I have a feeling the sewing machine light strip would come in very handy while I squint and sew.

  42. Keisha Baynard

    I would like the non-slip rulers. I have seen a lot of people use them in videos. They would be a great addition to my stash.

  43. Kathy E.

    I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll find time this weekend to begin my mystery table topper! One item I’d like to have is Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Gel Pens…these would make life so much easier! duchick at gmail dot com

  44. Joan Sheppard

    Really need to get going on this – it’s going down to freezing tonight – perfect for a new quilt!!!!! Thanks

  45. Cathy Cavagnaro

    Traveling this weekend but I look forward to starting the half square triangles when I get home. I love a good mystery!

  46. Susan Salo

    I like the lighted seam ripper- I have so much trouble with darker fabric (especially black) seam removal. I’m sure this would help a lot!

  47. Julie Kennedy

    I’m excited to get started on the quilt along!
    It’s hard to pick just one of the bestsellers. I could really use the light strip on my machine.

  48. Pam

    Thanks for another quilt along! I took a picture of the lovely hills along the upper Mississippi River and I’m trying to match the colors from my stash of prints. I would love to try all the presser feet in Madam Sew’s presser foot set. I rarely use specialty feet, and this would inspire me to learn all the possibilities.

  49. I was excited by the hot hem ruler. This is not something I have seen before and with short legs, unfortunately I have to do more hemming than I’d like to.

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