Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along Begins

Here we go!! Today we begin with the wool stitch along project. I have designed a pattern for you that will be appropriate for not only early fall, but will carry all the way through to Thanksgiving.

I do hope you like the design of a overflowing cornucopia! We will work the wool design on a 12-inch base, then embellish it, and finish in your choice of a pillow or wall hanging. You’ll need a 12-inch square of wool in a base color, and scraps of fall inspired colors for the fruits and vegetables. The design will do well on a larger base if you prefer, and a 16-inch would work well for a pillow.

The pattern download is here – Wool Stitch Along Cornucopia Pattern. I’ve given you several fruits and vegetables, and you can make your own choices as to which and how many to use. If you want a larger wall hanging, just start with a bigger base and cut 2-3 of each item, to go in the cornucopia. I’ll be using two of the apples and pears, and one of everything else on mine.

Begin by cutting out the pattern pieces, and arranging on the appropriate colors of wool.

When cutting out the smaller bits, it is easier to cut to an inside point from two directions rather than try to tun the inside corner with the scissors.

Keep little bits pinned to the base in a corner so you won’t lose them.

When you have all your pieces cut out, begin arranging the cornucopia sections first, placing them in a position towards the left side, leaving room on the edge for seam allowance. I left at least an inch.

Stitch the sections using either a whip stitch, or a blanket stitch, as you like.

Then arrange your fruits and vegetables as you like. I began with putting the leaves down, then arranging more on top. The more I worked with the shapes, the more I felt I needed a few more, so I cut an additional apple, pear and maple leaf, then eliminated the yellow squash. Pin the other elements to the project, and begin stitching them down with the ones on the bottom-most layer first. I like using the Aurifil wool thread in matching colors for this step.

Another tip, I use longer darning needles as they are easier to hold and control, along with being easier to thread with thicker wool threads. I also load several with different colors so I don’t have to switch back and forth on color changes.

Fold the other pieces out of the way as you stitch down the parts that go underneath other shapes.

Continue working on stitching all the shapes down.

Finish this part of the stitch along this week. Next Monday we’ll begin the details and embellishments, then the following week we will finish the project.

Today’s giveaway Sponsor, One Of The Flock, is giving away a $50 gift certificate for their lovely wool felt collections or kits!

Lovely soft wool felt, fabric and roving in beautiful colors are the hallmarks of this shop. Visit One of the Flock’s store, and leave a comment on this post. Which wool bundle or kit would you like to have for your stash or to stitch?

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Which wool bundle or kit would you like to have for your stash or to stitch?

104 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along Begins

  1. Mary Stori

    What an appropriate design for this project. As you know, I’ve worked with wool for years…..and found I got much cleaner and accurate cuts if I traced my pattern onto freezer paper, rough cut out, leaving a small margin. Press onto the wool….you’ll find cutting and keeping pattern pieces together is so much easier.

  2. Angie

    I’ve never tried wool appliqué…. I have so many projects already in progress, I need to sit this project out and learn

  3. So excited that this is the first project! Love the Autumn Twilight and Christmas Kisses (with the mistletoe) from our sponsor. I have used their kits and they are delightful. Happy AJ, Everyone!

  4. Eileen E

    Great design for the season. Checked out the offerings and loved the stuffed turkey kit, it made me smile.

  5. Laurie Reissler

    The light heathered hues will be perfect for the embroidered needle book that I’m making for my granddaughter.

    1. Margaret Nelson

      Midnight garden just beat out autumn twilight.
      I’ve not tried working with wool but it looks fun.

  6. Judy Sanders

    Thanks to One of the flock for your gift to us. My favorite is Bursting with berries. I enjoyed looking over your cite for all of the goodies. Again thank you.

  7. Elizabeth Kelbaugh

    Oh, my! So many lovely kits. My first choice would be “A Winter World” table runner kit.

  8. Joan Sheppard

    Thanks you for the wonderful photos and ideas. I have been doing embroidery for 60 plus years and you taught me a lot of things in this! And the wool makes the colors so rich.

  9. Betsy Pompi

    The peek a boo candle mat kit. I love all things kitty! I did order some wool sheets as I have none in my stash. I’ll see how this one goes before I commit to more.

  10. Rheanna

    I thought the Unicorn Rainbows collection would be super fun to play with and would make some fun projects.

  11. Susan Salo

    I ike the Summer Blossoms Coneflower. I have a bunch of those in my yard and would love to bring them “into the house” with this mat!

  12. That is really pretty. The wool stitching has always intrigued me, but I haven’t tried it yet. I love all the fall colors of the Golden Oaks bundle.

  13. Debbie Miller Meyer

    I’m in love with the Prim Christmas Bundle. I have to have green in anything I pick! I never heard of this vendor, now ai have a wool connection!! Love the cornucopia! Have to get busy!!!

  14. Denise

    So hard to decide on a kit! I think I would choose a falll/Thanksgiving candle mat. By the way, the cornucopia pattern is just what ai need for an autumn pillow!

  15. kathleenmcmusing

    Thank you for the cornucoppia pattern. Now to check the stash to see if what I have works. I love the Cheerful Chickadee kit in today’s sponsor!

  16. Patty Brenner

    What pretty kits and wool to choose from! If I had to choose just one, I think it would be the kit for the Summer Blossoms candle and mini mat. I love Sunflowers, and display them into the fall 🙂

  17. Kathy E.

    Hand applique with wool looks so relaxing and enjoyable…I need to try this!
    I’m loving In The Meadow Snowman Wool Kit. I could stitch this during some cold winter nights!

  18. Keisha Baynard

    I would love the pumpkin kit. This is my first time seeing wool kits like this. I have been looking for small projects I could do at night. I am excited to start on this project. I will pick up my supplies this week.

  19. Debbie Varney

    So many cute things! I love the Batty & Boo! The swirl and dot felt balls would be so cute in a garland!

  20. Julie

    I think I’m going for Batty & Boo this year. Last year was the first time I tried wool work. The year before I put something together with craft felt because that was all I had. Using the real wool from One of the Flock was a dream. Everyone loves the needlecase from last year’s Jubilee. My daughter enjoyed the Christmas ornament kit I bought. It’s a lovely spot to shop for wool & rovings.

  21. Constance Pentzer

    I would love to add the Bright Heather Hues and the Garden Bloom to my stash. I have a wool project book and some patterns that I have drooled over for many years, but never had the variety of wool fabrics that I wanted to use. One Of The Flock is the answer to that dilemma—-and the end of my excuses to procrastinate.

  22. Oooooh….the Mistletoe Felt Collection is what I’m eyeing! Just gorgeous…rich and just what I need for a Christmas candle mat! You’ve outdone yourself, Carole….I love the cornucopia pattern. Thanks so much for doing this again….we really do appreciate you! Blessings from WV!

  23. JOY Breedlove

    What a hard decision! I think I’d pick the “Bursting with Berries” candle mat from the Fall collection of Applique kits.

  24. Linda B

    Fun! I liked the 18×12 Fall Harvest Wool Felt…well, I liked a lot of others too, but this is Autumn Jubilee afterall (:))

  25. Tina W in Oregon

    The kit for Sweet Land of Liberty would be my choice. I already have the tray for it! There are so many wonderful items to choose from!

  26. Suzette Harris

    You always have great ideas. Love the One Flock kits. The sugar cookie pattern makes me think of my mother and baking them ❤️

  27. I love One of the Flock store on Etsy. My favorites (that I would like to have): Pastel Tulips Candle Mat, Wash Day, Summer Rental. And Fabian the Fox stuffed animal is so cute!

  28. Lee

    The cornucopia design is so pretty! I have a wicker cornucopia I put out for Fall on my sideboard! This is perfect and I hope I have time after working to get this done for Thanksgiving! I like the Woodland Creatures wool bundle in their shop! Thank you !

  29. Susan Nixon

    Thanks, the pattern looks great. I will have to see what I have for a base, but I’m sure I have the colors.

  30. Sandi Scarlett

    Your cornucopia block is very cute. I haven’t done wool applique` but would like to try it sometime.

  31. ejwalker5

    Love the Christmas theme ornament kits this year. Plan to make several ornaments to tie on holiday packages this year. Look forward to the remainder of the week’s fun things to make.

  32. Melanie

    I love working with wool, and look forward to your project, Carole. I would love to have the Americana Stars candle mat! So many beautiful kits and wool project supplies. I will visit their site often.

  33. Carla Hundley

    This looks fun and will look amazing when finished I’m sure. I Love their Sugar Cookies Kit.
    Carla from Arizona

  34. Donna Flanery

    I would choose the Fall Harvest bundle. It has beautiful colors just perfect for autumn projects.

  35. Sue Hoover

    Your cornucopia would make a very sweet pillow for Fall. After visiting the website, I think I’d choose Falling in Love. That pumpkin face is adorable and I can always use a table mat.

  36. Sarah in Franklin

    Love the unicorns and rainbows, but would probably choose the Mistletoe collection as I make a lot of Christmas ornaments. I’m thrilled to find a new source for wool felt.

  37. Cindy Beal

    Love your felt project!!! I have not done a lot of felt work but I adore it!!!! This vendor has some really nice items on their website – I would probably pick the Pastel Felt Collection – a good variety of colors to work with.

  38. Lisa England

    I haven’t worked with wool so it would be fun to try something not too involved to start. I’m thinking the 3 SNOWMEN HEADS All Inclusive Ornament Kit, Felt Ornament Kit would be a good one. So cute!

  39. SNOWFLAKE All Inclusive Candle Mat Kit Wool Felt Craft Kit is the one I’d love to try this process out with. Love snowflakes and it’s appropriate for a long time in our winters.

  40. This is a sweet wool project Carole, I hope to jump in at some point. As for a kit from our sponsor, Diego the Donkey is calling to me…I have no need of this, but he is so cute, I love him!

  41. Peggy Ott

    I am new to Autumn Jubilee and want to follow, see what it is all about for next year. But I did go to this wonderful site of Felting supplies. I love felting and have done some pieces. The shop has beautiful wool colors, kits, and wool felting supplies. Great resource for my felting. Vineyard wool felt is a pretty color, and the unicorn wool blend, so many choices! Nice!

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