Quilting and Visiting

It has been a very busy week, with a lot going on. Settle in for a long and chatty post. Starting on Monday, I worked a shift sorting and preparing the quilts from the Mountain State Fair to be returned to their owners. We folded up the quilts and arranged them in alphabetical order, stacking up quilts going back to the same quilter. Some, like me, entered several quilts. When my shift was over, it took me about half an hour to locate all my entries in the various categories and check out. When I got home, I unpinned the tags and ribbons, noting on the back of each ribbon the category and item that won that ribbon. Many of you have asked about the display racks that My Sweet Babboo made for me, so they are. It is really a simple design, just strips of molding with nails set about 3-inches apart to hang the ribbons. The right side of the lower rack is this year’s winnings, 14 in all from entries in six divisions including the two cooking competitions. There are four year’s worth of ribbons on this rack, with winning photographs from previous years sitting in a little alcove above the rack.

The other rack is above one of my sewing machines, and holds ribbons covering nine years. I told him that I hope I’ll need him to make another one for the future, and his response was not to enter so much! Nah!! It is too much fun to do, and even if I never get another ribbon, I’ll still enter.

Then, we ran down to Atlanta for a few days to see My Sweet Babboo’s mom at her assisted living center. They were having a big party for their 10th Anniversary and we were invited. Live music, and a presentation was on the agenda for entertainment. The dinner was amazing, with fabulous food. Just look at this menu for the meal!

It was as delicious as it sounds. The appetizers of crab cake and little beef slider were yummy.

Then the main course which was just as impressive. The beef filet was cooked perfectly, and the chicken was delicious. Both had bourbon glaze. Creamy cheddar and chive mashed potatoes along with roasted vegetables were served alongside. I didn’t get a photo of the cheesecake, but it was fabulous too.

While we were there, I took the opportunity to run up to Sulky Threads and visit with my primary contact there, LeeAnn. She has been so gracious, supporting Stashbusters with prizes every month, and Autumn Jubilee coming in October. I picked up some ecru cotton threads I purchased for a local retreat, and she graciously gave me a couple of patterns to use for prizes on the blog. It was so fun to meet her and see all the products Sulky offers!

She showed me the warehouse of all their threads and stabilizers, and more. If you missed this notice on Friday, Sulky Threads is having a 35% Off Stabilizers sale for the September Sewing Month. Sale ends tonight!

In the moments between all the activities, I worked a bit more on the hand embroidery Sashiko project. I’ll have the whole project for you in a separate post as soon as I get it sewn together. I am really enjoying this technique as it goes fast. I’m thinking the 12-weight Sulky threads would do nicely on my next project.

On the longarm frame, I loaded a Quilt of Valor and started quilting it. It will be next week before I can get back to it again.

I’m doing it in my favorite star pantograph for veteran’s quilts.

I’ll be taking it easy today, watching football and working on some hand embroidery. The Virtual Retreat is now full, and I am looking forward to sewing with you on October 1st. I need a day in the sewing room! My friend, Mary, believes I should put my quilted jacket in the Mancuso show. If I decide to do that, I’ll need a black skirt and a camisole to go with the jacket, hat, purse and accessories to enter it in the ensemble category. I have time to make the extra pieces, the entry deadline for the Mid-Atlantic show in Virginia is January 17. I’ll have to apply, then ship the ensemble if it is accepted by the jury. I don’t know how I’ll pack the hat, though.

One other thing we did this week was worth the money, and I want to let you all know about this great deal. If you have a Roku box, Android or Fire TV, Apple TV or a few other streaming service devices, making a $60 donation to PBS will get you a year of their streaming service. Learn more at PBS Passport. We made the donation and immediately found a number of things we would enjoy, including Masterpiece Theater shows from several seasons, and a number of excellent rated series. Commercial free. We began with Cobra and were impressed with the quality of the writing and the production. I have no affiliation here, just letting you know about a way to have something to watch on TV worth the time.

What are your plans for the week?

27 thoughts on “Quilting and Visiting

  1. Shipping an outfit for judging is tough, but coats are easier than other things! Plenty of crumpled paper or some left over air pockets should keep the hat looking good during shipping.

    1. Darci D Marshall

      I had missed a couple blog posts and was able to catch up today, congratulations on all of your new ribbons. I love the outfit you have created with the quilted jacket!

  2. Donna Maria Pappas

    Thanks for the PBS passport suggestion. I certainly like the programming and have a hard time finding it. Love your blog.

  3. Mary Stori

    Fun read today…..yes get those two pieces made to accompany your jacket….I know you can do it! GO PACK GO!!!!!

  4. You have been busy! Congratulations on your “wins” at the fair and thanks for the recommendation of “The Dutch House”! I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook, read by Tom Hanks.

  5. Patty Brenner

    What a busy, fun week! Congrats again on all the wins – and you should definitely complete the ensemble for the next show 🙂 Thanks for the info on PBS, I have been slowly moving from satellite tv to streaming services and I do enjoy many of their shows.

  6. That wall of ribbons is impressive! I think you may as well go for the Mancuso show – I do get your worry about packing it all. Maybe if the other pieces are “wrinkle free” fabrics they can act as part of the packing? Your Sunday sounds perfect – I am entertaining a cousin shortly…so I best get moving!

  7. Look at all those ribbons, good for you! Your hubby’s reply to you about needing more racks is just what mine would say! That’s quite a dinner at the assisted living place – sounds like a nice celebration. I love the PBS shows, too, but have not gotten the Passport membership yet – maybe we should. Happy football day!

  8. Kathleen

    Heck, drive the ensemble up to Pennsylvania if all else fails! If you must ship, I suggest a sterling plastic bin for the hat. That would make it crush proof, and mancuso is pretty good about retaining your shipping boxes for return! Wouldn’t it be fun!

  9. Kim from TN

    We will be spending the day watching football with a few of our friends at our home. I made a large pot of chili, it’s expected to rain here and be cool. Congratulations on your fair entries, and the addition of more ribbons. Thank you for the peek at Sulky threads and their warehouse, Wow!

  10. Michele Bretz

    Well last week I started going through my garage and found 40 yds of duponi silk for curtains that I decided not to make and donated them. I also donated another 15 yards of fabric for my fidget golden ladies for their lap quilts. Today I will attend the funeral of my fellow veteran. I assisted his wife by helping her rid her house of all expired meds and over the counter items. At sundown, the Jewish new year starts, so L’Shana Tova!

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  11. Sue Hoover

    We are kicking back this weekend watching the PGA President’s Cup and Cardinals baseball. I’ve got a big pot of spaghetti & meatballs on the stove for dinner and I made cookies yesterday. Love making it easy on myself! That ‘s a great way to display your ribbons & awards. He definitely put the “sweet” in Sweet Baboo!

  12. Isn’t “Cobra” great? There are two seasons of it and both are good. I love Passport. As soon as I can round up all my cable stuff, I’m dumping my cable and going streaming only. An antenna for the locals, though to be honest, I don’t really watch much network TV.

    Love seeing your wonder ribbons all so beautifully displayed — and I agree about entering you jacket and accessories. Beautiful in every way.

    We are in a hellish Sunday. Rick is installing the dishwasher he got me for Christmas. We’re into six hours, at least eight or more trips to either the hardware store or his house (or who knows? Maybe Lowes or Home Depot?) I said I’d take him to dinner since I currently have no water and the house is torn up and I know he won’t want to. He can pick the nicest place he wants — he’s had a bad day! Meanwhile, I made a generous stab at cutting back the front garden. I am on a prednisone burst and for the first time in days I could actually do it! So, a productive if disturbing day! (My language skills have picked up a lot of new expressions, which would be inappropriate to share here.

  13. Linda B

    I hope you get to enjoy wearing your coat…it is so lovely! Frankie Drake mysteries is another fun show on Passport. Happy fall!

  14. Jean McKinstry

    I can understand why hat boxes were in such use those years ago. Guess our Queen has many stored away, wonder who will inherit all those beautiful matching outfits in gorgeous matching colours,. Yours is just as beautiful, and equally fit for a Queen. Down here at Emporium shops, they have large circular containers with lids, heavy duty cardboard, would one of those help with the hat travel?

  15. Joan Sheppard

    Oh what fun! The dinner itself looks like luxury cruise line food. Love Sulky products, I have an entire drawer dedicated to their stuff and I don’t even do that much embroidery! But lots of applique with their stabilizers and their thread. If your package isn’t going to be in transit too long, maybe balloons? The new QOV is very nice. Thanks for the tip on PBS.

  16. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Congratulations on your ribbons! The display is an upbeat presentation of what you have achieved. Smile evoking!

    That quilt of valor top is beautiful and your panto will make it even more so. Some deserving veteran is going to get a wonderful quilt!

    How special it is to get insights on Sulky and the 10th anniversary celebration.

    Enjoy your virtual retreat!

  17. Cathie J

    I have attached magnets to all of my ribbons and they are hanging on my basement freezer. I haven’t entered a fair in a long time. Maybe next year. That meal looks delicious. How nice that family was invited to join the celebration. That quilt of valor is very pretty. I would look for a round craft box to ship the had and stuff it with lots of tissue paper.

  18. Lee Ann Jones

    It was such a pleasure to meet you in person, Carole, thank you for visiting! Thank you also for your kind words about Sulky Threads! We might be a bit biased, but we agree – they sew beautifully! Have fun at your retreat and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

  19. Susan Nixon

    Your ribbons are impressive and so is your DH’s display idea. I enjoyed reading about all you are doing, and the meal at the living center. I can no longer eat almost all of that, but it’s still nice to read about it. I could have eaten the cheesecake, if it had no berries or cherries. LOL Eat dessert first, ’cause life is short.

  20. Liz brown

    I am sorry I missed the info on the virtual retreat. Have fun. I think you should enter your jacket & accessories. Liz

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