Autumn In the Mountains Car Show

Saturday was our British Car Club’s annual show, Autumn In The Mountains. There were close to 250 cars on the show field! British and other European cars were shown on a beautiful day with the temperature in the mid-70s (around 23ºC) and partly cloudy skies. My Sweet Babboo was there early working to park the cars, and I arrived a bit later in the morning to see the show. The show was spread out over a huge field, so we did a lot of walking. It was almost impossible to vote for cars to win in their categories as they were all marvelous.

The featured marque this year was MGs, and there were a lot! The front of the show had examples of early and late Spitfires so spectators could compare.

These were also at the front to show the difference in the bumpers – rubber versus chrome. Look behind the MGs, there is a wood panel Morris Minor Traveler pulling a vintage wooden boat.

An amazing display was set up to show the history of the marque. Club member John Rachow brought manuals, information, old ads, artwork and more for spectators to see.

I like the lines of the T-series MGs.

Only a few MINIs came, we need to get our MINI clubs to come next year.

A few of the cars were right hand drive.

Over in the exotic categories, it was amazing to see four McLarens all at once!

These are modern Lotus cars.

The bright yellow one really grabs attention, doesn’t it?

In the Italian car category, a red Lamborghini sits next to a gorgeous blue Alfa Romeo Guilietta.

German cars were the largest European non-British category, with over 30 Porsches taking up more than two rows. These are the water cooled Caymans.

Porsche air-cooled engines had their own section. These guys call themselves the Air Brigade.

Back to British, Jaguars came in lots of colors and styles.

Both modern and classic Jaguars were at the show.

I really liked this green Jaguar, it is rare to see a hard top on one of these and the black made an interesting combination with the green. The red wall tires are classic, introduced in the 1960s.

Another row had all Austin Healeys.

I took a picnic so we could have lunch with friends under their popup tent, making Chicken Apple Salad wraps. I added some bacon to the mixture too, because everything is better with bacon, and used a spinach tortilla. The recipe is essentially my Ham Apple Salad recipe, just substitute canned chicken for the ham and add some crumbled cooked bacon. Thankfully, I do not have a lot on the schedule beyond lunch with friends today, and a couple of pickleball sessions. Looking forward to getting some sewing done this week! But I also need to clean up the veranda, repot some plants, and do some Autumn Decorating. Then, it is on to Autumn Jubilee!

22 thoughts on “Autumn In the Mountains Car Show

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    Loved seeing all the cars. I had a brown Morris Traveller in the 80’s; just like the one in the photo, but starting to fall apart haha – I’ll email you a photo 🙂

  2. Cathy Walker

    Yes, it was a great day for a car show! I really liked this location better than Jackson Park since Jackson Park is on a slope. We drove our 1964 356C but did not enter the show so we were parked in the spectator lot. The MG T’s are fun to look at but I found it scary to ride in. My husband had a 1952 TD which he sold a few months ago. He had fun restoring it and drove it occasionally around Breard and once to the show at Jackson Park (which was the furthest I ever rode in it) I saw your Cayman but did not get a chance to catch up with you since we were with our son and DIL and 2-week old grand baby. Maybe we’ll meet on the road some time!

    1. Such a lot of fabulous cars on show, such a great day out for all concerned. Here in New Zealand our cars are right hand drive, plus in Australia and England as well. During a trip to Hawaii we hired a car and it felt very strange driving on the other side, especially going through round-abouts.

  3. What a fun car show. I’m sure you had a great time. The Morris Minor car caught my attention as my husband, who was born in England, said he drove one which belong to his grandfather. He was excited to see it.

  4. Lynda

    Very nice show. Beautiful cars! We belong to a classic Chevy club and go to a lot of car shows. They are always fun and interesting to see some of the variety of cars that show up. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Marjolein

    Thank you for sharing this event. What a beautiful cars and what a lot of hobbytime to keep them like this. Greetings from Belgium

  6. Joan Sheppard

    What a lovely day to drive and see all the other cars – although they are all so beautiful We had a Land Rover show here and some of them we so small they looked like toys! And Austin Martins this side of The Pond. Thanks!

  7. Mary

    What an interesting lineup of cars. What memories they bring back! Don’t some of them make your mouth water?
    There must be a lot of restorers and collectors and it is wonderful that these motors don’t all end up in the scrap yard but give a lot of pleasure to a lot of people.

  8. Julie

    What a beautiful day for a car show & picnic. It’s fun to wander through car shows & get to chat with owners. We have a couple who dress up in vintage clothes to go along with their Model T.

  9. Some beautiful classics there! My junior year of high school my best friend and I drove to school in her brother’s 1958 MG. It was a candy apple red hardtop with No heat!

  10. Those MGs are cute cars but I owned one once and the lustre wore off fast. You have to be a mechanic to own one! Oy, the number of times I had to roll that car off to the side of the road.

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