Autumn Jubilee and a Virtual Sew-In

Autumn Jubilee is coming! I have finalized the projects, and have a fabulous lineup of vendors for the giveaways!! This year, once again, the prizes are amazing, and I am so grateful for their support. Now is the time to let your friends know, it is time for them to follow my blog so they don’t miss a post. The fun begins October 2!! There is a signup box on my sidebar for those who would like to get the posts via email along with a WordPress Reader link and a Feedly link for those who use those services for reading blogs. I no longer recommend Bloglovin as it seems to be malfunctioning more than it is working.

If you have a blog, post this button on your sidebar with a link to the URL for the Rules post – Autumn Jubilee Rules and Notices – for extra entries in the Rafflecopter drawings in the first week of Autumn Jubilee!  Right click and save image, then use the image link widget on your blog sidebar. And do review that page as some things have changed. I also explain about why some people get prompted to sign in when my blog does not require it.

Extra things like posting on Instagram, visiting Facebook or a manufacturer’s website are only to get you extra entries, you do NOT have to do that to be entered. All that is needed to enter the day’s drawing is to leave a comment, then click on the rafflecopter icon and say you commented. That’s it. If you want extra entries, there are more things you can do, but only if you wish, it is not a requirement.

Share the Autumn Jubilee pin on your Pinterest boards to get an extra entry in the first drawing. Just go to Autumn Jubilee on Pinterest, pin to one of your boards, and note the URL of your pin. You’ll need that on the first drawing to get that extra entry.

Share this Instagram post on your Instagram account for another bonus entry in the first week. Be sure to tag your share with #autumnjubilee2022.

I need to finish up the UFOs on my sewing table to clear the way for Autumn Jubilee, so how about a Virtual Retreat? Saturday, October 1st, I’ll host a Zoom Virtual Sew-In! Those on the retreat may get a few tips and sneak peeks at the projects coming up.

Sewing time begins at 10 am Eastern Time (9 Central time, 8 am Mountain Time and 7 am Pacific time) and runs for six hours to 4 pm Eastern time. You may come for all or part of the day, start late, leave early, leave in the middle and return, no pressure.  You will work on your own projects, the idea is to give some time and encouragement to finish what is on your list and clear the way for Autumn Jubilee projects. Retreat is free. The Meeting ID and Password for Zoom will be emailed to you the morning of the retreat at about 9:30. If you do not currently have the Zoom app on your computer, please go to and download it from there.

Use this form to sign up – Virtual Sew In October 1, 2022.

What do you need to finish up before Autumn Jubilee?

22 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee and a Virtual Sew-In

  1. Sue Hoover

    Well, rats on the Virtual Retreat because I have a guild all-day workshop that day. However HOORAY! for Autumn Jubilee 2022!!! I see that beautiful quilt on the bed in your header and it surely gets me ready! What do I have to finish before AJ2022 begins? I need to finish quilting then bind my wallhanging from AJ2021! Thank you for rounding up all the sponsors and getting this together in all your busyness, especially lately. I know there are a group of us anxious to see what you have in store for us this year!

  2. Rhonda

    I’m so excited about Autumn Jubilee and the virtual retreat! I’m working on a Pat Speth Nickel Quilt (Winter Carnival) not sure if I’ll have it done before the retreat but I’ll have something around here to work on! See you there!!! 🙂

  3. Rheanna

    So excited you are able to do AJ again this year. I really appreciate all the work that must go into it. Thank you for doing it. I am cutting fabric for 2 quilts that will be sewn by our quilt group at an upcoming event and a flannel baby quilt to finish piecing.

  4. I wish I could join you for the Virtual Retreat, but I’m making applesauce with my daughters on that day! I’m teaching them how to make it from apple to canned in the jar! I can’t wait for Autumn Jubilee. It is always so much fun!

    1. jrp53

      Oh Carole! Your Autumn retreat sounds divine and I’m sorry I can’t participate. I’ll be gifting the small wall hanging I’m working on now for my niece’s wedding on the first. I am looking forward to the new Autumn Jubilee as I get home on the 2nd.

  5. Julie

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up for this year’s Autumn Jubilee! I’m not interested in winning anything, I just like to join in on this fun adventure in my favorite season. (Spoiler alert – I say that whatever season were in in.)

  6. Joy B

    Autumn Jubilee is always fun! I have so many things to finish, and projects I want to do, and no free time in which to do them…BUT…I’m going to retire from my full-time job and my part-time job at the end of December! Sewing and quilting are in my future and I’m looking forward to the inspiration.

  7. Hi, During the sew day I’m hoping to work on Pillowcase laundry bags for a detention center as well as work on samples for an upcoming scrap swap with my guild.

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  9. All the things I love, a new widget on my page, a sewing day with friends and AUTUMN Jubilee !! My favorite time of the year. Widget is set and seems to be working. Now, I better get busy and write a post so I generate a little traffic! HA !

  10. Laura Riley

    I signed up for the Virtual Retreat. I have never done something like that before so am looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to your Autumn Jubilee. I enjoy following your blog and all the creative things that you do.

  11. Mary Krueger

    Hi this is Mary Krueger, my daughter is coming in on Friday unexpectedly and so I won’t be able to attend the virtual retreat on Saturday, sorry to miss it

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