An Amazing Car Show

Long time readers know that we have a lot of fun with our car clubs and going to shows. This past weekend was an extraordinary show in the tiny town of Highlands in the mountains of western North Carolina. The Highlands Motoring Festival is a multi-day event for registrants, and includes a show on Saturday for the public. The link will tell more about the cars on display, some worth millions, and a few really priceless due to their history in racing. This year the featured marque was Porsche, so we gathered with some buddies that have those to drive out for the show. Grab your guys, this is a post they will enjoy. We met in Brevard, and set out as a group through the tree lined back roads to Highlands, NC.

This group is a sub-group of the club that calls themselves the Air Brigade, as all the cars have air cooled engines. But they let us drive our water cooled engine as sweep, meaning the last car in line. I had to laugh when I got this photo, with all of us in the left hand climbing lane up the hill, see the sign? Most of us got by the daily driver in the right lane before the extra lane went away.

Arriving at the show early, we all managed to find parking in downtown Highlands, within a few blocks of the show field. A miracle really. The range of cars and eras was amazing, starting with these Packards and farther down, Dusenbergs.

This 1930 Aston Martin International raced at Brooklands in Surry, England. The racetrack closed in 1939. This car set a record for high speed trials in its day.

Modern Ferraris were part of the show.

Vintage Jaguars had a full row.

Many ‘one of a kind’ cars were there too. This 1948 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet was one of the most expensive cars made in its year of sale. It is 18 feet long!

The history was documented on its placard.

This 1953 Cadillac Elegante is a hand built dream car, with 24-carat gold trim!

Porsches were center stage on the show field with mostly vintage cars.

Porsche has a long racing history, and a few of its actual race cars were on display.

This 1971 Porsche 917K was part of Porsche Salzburg in 1970. In 1971, it raced as a member of the Martini Racing Team, and won the 24 Hours of LeMans. It was on display from the Revs Institute collection. The placard for this one came out blurry, but the history is on the link.

This 1966 Porsche 906 was one of the first lightweight, fiberglass body race cars, and raced at Nurburgring in Germany.

A restored 1952 Porsche Type 540 American Roadster was produced specifically for the American market, and featured the only steel body produced. It was brought back to original paint color and interior. This one still is road worthy, and is noted to be seen on the Blue Ridge Parkway from time to time.

After we saw the cars, we went to a wonderful lunch at Madison’s inside the Old Edwards Inn, an historic inn with gorgeous wood floors and architectural details.

Lunch was tasty, and served with old world elegance. My lunch was a very flavorful burger, with the inside of the meat stuffed with Gruyere cheese and mushrooms on a brioche bun with dijonaise, served with a delicious tomato bisque.

So, the season of festivals and car shows is underway! We already have several on our calendar for the summer, and I’ll bring you more of our car club escapades as we get to them.

What are you planning for fun outings this summer?

16 thoughts on “An Amazing Car Show

  1. Rheanna

    Wow, so much history in those cars. Looks like you had a great time. My dear husband and I are going to Missouri this July to visit Missouri Star Quilting and to take some time away from the kids. I’m really looking forward to it.

  2. Vicki

    We are actually vacationing in Cashiers right now and we’re in Highlands the day of the show for lunch after a morning at Highlands Outpost with the grandkids. We ate at Wild Thyme Cafe, one of my favorites when in the area. I’ve never seen Highlands more crowded and I wondered if you weee there. Glad you were able to enjoy the show!

  3. Such beautiful cars. I love that so many historic cars are still getting out and displayed. We have a car show trip planned for July. I’m so glad you were able to get to this show and enjoy yourselves!

  4. Mary Ed Williams

    The cars are gorgeous, but you really had me with the picture of that burger. I almost ate the phone!

  5. Cathy Walker

    Hi Carole. We are in Brevard – well, actually Pisgah Forest – and we also drove out to Highlands in one of our two air-cooled Porsches. I guess we need to hook up some time with your air-cooled car friends and other car enthusiasts for a drive or get-together. You are so correct that it was an amazing collection. We have been to this event several times but the quality of cars this year was the best we have seen there. Nice photos, by the way.

  6. aldampierverizonnet

    What beautiful cars! Makes me want to move to North Carolina so I can attend these events. And, the burger looks absolutely delicious.

  7. That does look like an amazing car show and a very fun day! Yummy lunch, too! My favorite summer outing is a hike in the mountains followed by a picnic at a winery we love. Hoping to get one of those in either this week or next!

  8. Carole, this is such an entertaining post with all of the fabulous cars. I am smitten with the 1953 Cadillac Elegante. We love Highlands and always stay at Old Edwards and eat at Madison’s.

  9. Elaine Nemerh

    What wonderful people to organize and show their cars. It is such a joy to see all the love people have put into restoring these beautiful cars.

  10. I’ve been tagging along to car shows for years and the one at Highlands would certainly would be a fun one to attend, especially if we could stay at the Inn. It looks like you had a terrific time. Over the course of the years, I’ve been to collectable and antique car shows, Corvette, BMW and now Porsche events. Of course there have been all the car museums that we have seen as well. 😊 Enjoyed the post.

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