Fun with Friends, and an Update

This past week was a busy one, with four meetings, a field trip to Black Mountain, a couple of pickleball games, and a sew day with friends here. It was lovely to have a private retreat, with chatting and sewing most of the day, celebrating friendship with a dear friend who is moving away this month. I started out by undoing some of the sewing I did during the international bloggers Zoom call. I had put borders on a Quilt of Valor, and I hated them. The fabric, while nicely patriotic, was too chaotic next to the scrappy border. It made the whole quilt look like a dog’s breakfast. Certainly not something I would feel good about presenting to a veteran. I know some of you will think it is OK, but for me, it isn’t my best, and nothing less than my best will do for one who has served our county.

So, I spent the day removing those borders and making new ones, pinning them on and sewing. My friends brought their portable machines, and we all sat at the table in my sewing room to chat and sew.

At lunchtime, I served a fresh salad with a turkey, bacon and spinach quiche. There was wine with it, too. After all, it was a party! Recipe – Anything Quiche, this time with a crust.

Dessert was brought by one of my friends, fresh eclairs! Yum!

We sat at a Summer Sunshine table to enjoy our lunch. Here’s a sneak peek at it. I’ll show you the tablescape on Tuesday’s post, and we’ll have a fun blog hop that day of Summer Table inspiration for you.

After lunch, I finished the new borders, a navy background with a small polka dot pattern. Much quieter with better contrast, it makes the entire quilt look better.

I spent the next part of the day loading it on the longarm with a star pantograph on the table, and white thread in the machine. I’ll start quilting it this week.

In other news, I emailed Safelight this week, and got an answer on the spa bags. Apparently, they still have more than enough to meet their needs for now. I don’t know when they will be able to take more, so that project is on hold until I hear from Sara again. It will likely be late summer at the earliest before we can get to it. I know a few of you have made some case sets in anticipation of the project, but just hold onto them until we can do the project again. I still have stuff left from last time, and no more storage space for more until it is project time.

So, hopefully I’ll have some more sewing time in the coming weeks to finish off the Quilt of Valor, and get to some ideas I have for more projects. But, multiple appointments and more meetings this coming week may slow that down. Summer just seems to get busier around here, and we have a major event with one of the car clubs coming up that we are chairing. I had to laugh at a friend who told me this week that my blog posts are so tranquil, with everything going well. I immediately thought of the ducks on the water, all calm above the water, and furiously paddling underneath. As a result, I am practicing saying ‘no’. No, I cannot quilt the charity quilt, serve on the committee, be in charge of the event, repair the vintage quilt, or anything else. I am just saying ‘no’ to any and all requests for the summer. And I am still too busy with the things I’ve already agreed to do. But maybe soon, I can once again concentrate on designing and sewing. What are your plans for the coming week?

28 thoughts on “Fun with Friends, and an Update

  1. Mary Stori

    Your sew in sounds like a lot of fun. Have to agree with you…..replacing the border on the Quilt of Valor was a good choice.

  2. Julie

    Yes! The first border was OK, but your new one provides a much nicer frame for the quilt. It’s so hard to say ‘no’ but a little no now leaves room for more yes later on when you have the time.

  3. Rheanna

    The new border is much better! Glad you switched that up.
    Good for you for saying no and not overloading yourself more. It is often hard to say no, but really it is a very healthy thing. I have binding to finish on a paper pieced table runner I started many years ago and finally decided to quilt and finish.

  4. Keysha

    I love the new borders for your Quilt of Valor charity quilt. I know you feel better about it. I’m sort of like you in that I will be reverse sewing a few quilt blocks that were pieced with the wrong color white fabric. Lucky for me, I found some of the right color white fabric in a stash bag last night.

  5. The second border is so much better, great call! Saying no is a skill that needs to be practiced! I am looking forward to a week of no commitments or extra stuff. I did my last recital yesterday, and am now on the summer schedule, so I teach Tue — Thursday only.
    I hope to get more sewing in this week, and knock off a few deep cleaning items too. This week I washed the light fixture globes in the dining room, this week I need to tackle the cabinet and grow light shelves, then scrub the floor. Not fun, but then I can sew all day without feeling like I should be doing something! Enjoy your car event….being in charge always makes me fret a little until the event starts, then I can relax, because there is nothing else I can do but go with it!

  6. Your redone quilt is beautiful Carole, and how much fun to have friends over for sewing and a delicious lunch and pretty tablescape! I’m looking forward to seeing more at the blog hop on Tuesday!

  7. karenfae

    it looks like you have been so very busy and need a calm couple weeks to just do your own thing – sit back and take a breath and work on something of your own

  8. Your sew day with friends and a delicious lunch sounds wonderful! I like that final dark blue border on your QOV better, too. We are finally into summer mode here in Colorado – work out in the yard, golf with friends, hopefully a day up in the mountains this week. My favorite things!

  9. Debbie Myers

    The new border is much calmer and definitely better. Your quiche looks wonderful! Can you share the recipe?

  10. Great call on the 2nd border! I’m looking forward to our guild meeting on Monday and hopefully selling more of that “2nd Time Around” abundance before the meeting. Expecting a delivery from an estate that chose the guild for the fabric donation this month (SIGH). Can’t seem to get it out of my space. Will be parking outside when that arrives until I can sort and move it along. Did get to my sewing room on Friday and finished sorting a box of “guild scraps” and filled a container for dog beds, and kept the best scraps for the guild sale. Started working again on my hearts for the Bonnie Hunter Ukraine pattern. Had to dig out some yellow to cut into strips. I don’t seem to keep much yellow on hand it seems. I like sewing those strip pieces, and playing with the scraps. Working on getting our pool up and open and ready for use.

  11. Mary Ed Williams

    I really like the QOV. The new border is perfect. I never gave patriotic fabric a second glance before QOV-making came along and now I have a whole wall of it!

  12. Loving the change on the border fo the quilt. You were spot on with that decision. That quiche looks delicious! Thanks for the idea 🙂 No is the new yes! Good for you!

  13. I think the border change was spot on. I hate when I have to do that, but we are always so much happier when we do. Good luck saying “no”. I have a hard time, but I have gotten much better at it, over the last few years!

  14. Donna Hindle

    I agree with you on the border. I had no objections with the first one, but the new blue border just made a wonderful difference. A vet will surely love it and be proud to have served. Good job girl!!

  15. lois92346

    I hope you’re able to “stick to your guns” when it comes to saying no to demands on your time this summer. I’m sure you have plenty of your own projects to keep you occupied.

  16. Margaret Nelson

    I’m hanging out with my youngest while my husband and oldest go camping for 3 days. I’m also trying to get my business ofc the ground with a working website.
    Yesterday I finished a flimsy for a local quilt shop so tomorrow i plan on putting borders on a quilt that is due this Christmas.

  17. Melanie

    Thanks for the update on Safelight, Carole! And good to know you are taking charge (of your own “no” button). It is so important to not get overworked as I’m sure you do. When retired, we think “How did we ever have time to work?” LOL Love your blog posts and have followed a long time. :o)


    As always, I enjoy hearing about all your good works for others. I particularly enjoyed seeing the before and after photos of the reconstructed border on your latest Valor quilt project. What a difference the new border makes on this quilt. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all!

  19. Agreed that fabric is great but it looks too much on the quilt…… The plain looks better…. You’ll be able to use it in another quilt……
    How nice you really got to sew with the girls….. Shame one is moving away…… Good luck saying no
    Also looking forward to seeing more of the table it looks great……

  20. Gail

    None of us know what’s going on behind the scenes in other people’s lives. I hope you are able to take the time you need to deal with the stressors in your life.
    The new borders on the QOV look much better. Good call

  21. Michele Bretz

    Like you, I’m starting to learn to just say “no.” It is hard to do when I have always enjoyed volunteering all my life. I agree about the business of the qov original border and like the second one better.

  22. You’re so right! That first border was a disaster — I’m so glad you changed it. Improved a thousand-fold! And your luncheon looks delightful and delicious, too! I do love quiche!

  23. Debbie Skinner

    Good morning,
    This week I plan on working on a “Bee” mini quilt for my priest’s birthday at the end of the month. I’m also hoping to get started on a Tucker block of the month that I received a month ago, as well as make a bag for an upcoming sew day. The quiche you made looked yummy! Happy quilting!

  24. Charlie DiSante

    Hi, I am in full agreement about your dog’s breakfast border. The replacement does not fight with or obscure the inner border but finishes it perfectly.

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