Stashbusters June Check In

How’d you do last month? I was back on track during the month of May, with more sewing time after the show was over.

I finished up a small quilt from the leftover blocks from our Safelight Quilts project.

I quilted it with a pantograph called Geisha in white cotton thread so it would be suitable for a child. The size is 48-inches square. It will be donated to Project Linus later this year.

It is bound in the same red as the backing. I’m only counting out the backing and binding, as the blocks were from readers. So, 2 yards out.

The placemats I did for Madam Sew’s blog count as one yard out.

The Hungry Animal quilt will be delivered next week. Counting this as 3 yards out.

Another 3 yards out went to fat quarters in door prizes given out at my two speaker programs in May. No fabric came in this month. So, here are my totals for the month.
May Fabric IN = +0 yards
May Fabric OUT = -9 yards
May Total = -9 yards
Year to Date = -15 yards out

If you need to go back to the previous Stashbuster post to find your YTD totals in the comments, click on May Stashbusters. Congratulations to Sara W who won last month’s drawing!

Sulky’s Giveaway this month is this cute sewing bag. Be sure to check out Sulky’s site for great sales on threads and stabilizers. – Sulky Threads and More!

So, how did you do this month? Share your progress, good or not so good, with your fabric totals to be entered into this month’s drawing, and the grand prize drawing at the end of the Stashbuster year in January.

May Fabric IN =
May Fabric OUT =
May Total =
Year to Date =

37 thoughts on “Stashbusters June Check In

  1. Nancy H

    May was a productive month but nothing is finished or out the door. But, I resisted temptation and didn’t have any new fabric come in, My totals remain the same as last month.
    May Fabric In = 0
    May Fabric Out = 0
    YTD Fabric In = 1 1/2 yards
    YTD Fabric Out = 269 1/4 yards

  2. Karen Addleman

    I fell off the wagon this month. I found a great sale on wide back fabric, then I won the guild giveaway of fat quarters. I did finish a charity quilt and several lotto blocks that used up some of my stash. My totals were 15 yards in and only 5 out. My ytd is19.5 in, and 11 out.

    1. Niki B

      May in. 6.5
      May out -1
      May bet 5.5

      Ytd. 2.5

      My cousin and I are doing a quilt along together from my stash so I counted what I’ve given her so far as out. I have 3 projects ready to sandwich and quilt. And I left my quilting foot at our California house. So waiting for the postman to bring a new one. I should have lots out of my stash next month!

  3. Mary Stori

    Have to giggle….I haven’t purchased fabric in at least 17 years, except for PFD white Test fabric. Hummm…perhaps I should count the 7′ Pod of mostly fabric I inherited……. LOL

  4. Jan

    May Fabric IN = 0
    May Fabric OUT = 12
    May Total = -12
    Year to Date =-131.5
    I seem to have taken to slow stitching in the gardening season! However, I did also repurpose a twin sheet for use in a charity quilt.

  5. Julie

    Ahh, May. First time at a quilt shop in quite a while, I told the friend I was with we were drunk on fabric! I can’t believe how much I bought.
    May in = 65 yds (embarrassed face)
    May out = 40.75 yds
    Cum in = 111.3 yds
    Cum out = 64.75 yds

  6. May Fabric in: 5.5 yards (vacation purchases and a backing for PopStar)
    May Fabric out: 4 yards (2 small finishes and a donation quilt sent)
    Ytd in: 15.5 yards
    Ytd out: 15 yards
    I’m finding this really interesting, since I’ve never kept track of it before. Thanks, Carole!

  7. Jean Wacker

    May was a positive step. Seven yards in and twenty yards out. Still behind year to date and am doing some of the Wisconsin shop hop (trouble). At least I am more aware of my purchases.

  8. Joan Sheppard

    Fabric seems to wander in and out – I haven’t bought any but I have people who are de-stashing and drop it off here. Finished 5 baby quilts – so that’s about 20 yards, 3 more for the hospital kids, about 15 yards, but I’m still not seeing any holes on the shelves! Good news is no one was having any spectacular sales so managed to keep temptation at bay!

  9. KJ

    Another month with zero sewing.
    In 8 yards – I have been waiting for this fabric to be released for about 7 months. Grabbed some while I could.
    Out 0, and likely staying that way for a couple more months. 😦

  10. Evie H

    May was a weird month, so not much sewing except with some scraps, which I did not calculate. Did come across a great sale, so bought (OMG!) some backing fabric.
    May in = +12 yards
    May out = 0 yards
    Total in = +12 yards
    Total out = -48.45 yards

  11. Kathie Weatherford

    Another good month in using more than I bought.

    May in: 4 yards
    May out; 10.25
    Total out: 78.75 yards
    Total in: 35.5 yards
    Net Used for 2022: 43.25 yards

  12. poodlegirls

    Not a lot of sewing but definitely purged fabrics and kits!
    May In- 0
    May out- 4 yds for Doggie Scarves and 200 donated to Linus (April and May)
    Total so far–In-9 yards
    Out-Sewing and donation totaled 237!

  13. Sue Hoover

    It’s catch up time for me since I missed posting for April since I was on vacation the 1st two weeks of May.

    April Fabric
    In: +7 yards due to shopping spree while at retreat
    Out: -1.5 yards, Finished Spring Has Sprung at retreat
    Total: +5.5 yards

    May Fabric – Not much happened due to vacation the 1st half of May followed by COVID sickness for the last two weeks of May
    In: 0
    Out: 0
    Total: 0

    YTD: +19.25 yards (Ugh!)

    1. Amanda

      May Fabric In: 0.0 yards (!)
      May Fabric Out: 10 yards
      May Total: -10 yards
      YTD: +74.5 yards

      A good month-hope to make more progress in June!

  14. Rheanna

    Really disappointed in this month. Had a lot I was working on this month but not a lot out the door. Also had some coming in as backing for projects I hope to finish in June. We shall see.

    In: 24 yards
    * 8 yards background white
    * 1.75 yards purple
    * 1.5 yards teal
    * 3 yards extra wide
    * 0.5 yards (2 fat quarters)
    * 4 yards for stash
    * 1.25 yards truck flannel

    Out: 7.0
    * 3.5 yards (donation)
    * 0.5 yards r,w,b table runner
    * 3 yards baby quilt

    Diff for month: 17
    Diff for year: 15

  15. Glenda Schreiber

    Whoa… Got seriously off track in May as I participated in the All KS & All NE Quilt Shop Hop. 79 stores, fun but exhausting. I’m going to estimate 56 yards in and only 1.5 yards out on a friends blocks I’m doing for her. These blocks are unique and difficult to work with as they all have punch needle figurines on them.
    So total for year = 74.5 in and 11.5 out. EECKS
    No more shop hops this year! I’d best get to sewing and get this number down!!!

  16. Angie ve

    May Fabric IN = 22 (bought a bolt of backing fabric 🤫)
    May Fabric OUT = 20 (3 quilts + several pouches)
    May Total = +2
    Year to Date = -58

  17. hank1609

    May out: -0.47
    May in: +19.23 (I inherited a lot of hand-me-downs)
    May net: +18.76
    YTD net: +26.91

  18. Jean

    I haven’t bought fabric in over 4 years, but I was stocked up pretty good! Last year was a total bust with all the chemo, hospitalizations, etc. So now I’m beginning again. I don’t know what to say about my total yardage, but I finished up 2 queen quilts and 1 king size this month, so I’ve come down about 27yds, I would say! To keep track, what shall I do about my total yards, Carole? Ladies? Do you think maybe just keep telling you yardage out as I work?


  19. Connie Wolfe

    Once again, I am joining you from the RV. No finishes but two 44 inch tops were assembled and two more are underway. Yard work and getting estimates for home projects (flooring throughout the first floor and an ADA compliant bathroom as my mom comes to us in mid August) took most of May when we were home. I am setting a goal of at least two finishes for June.
    Out: 0
    In: 0
    YTD: + 39.7 yds.

    The red donation quilt is an eye catcher!

  20. May Fabric In = 0
    May Fabric Out = 1.625
    YTD Fabric In = 37
    YTD Fabric Out = 33.5
    +3.5 for the year
    Next month will be better I think, I want to get a quilt done and some clothes made.

  21. Alexandria

    May Fabric In=3
    May Fabric Out=0
    Year to Date In=8.5
    Year to Date Out=0
    Year to Date Total=8.5
    I couldn’t resist a buy 1 get 2 free. So far I’ve supported the quilt shop and washed fabric for the month of May.

  22. Debbie Skinner

    May: Output: 1.5 yards-table runner for silent auction, 2yds. Hand quilt for Roxanne, 2.5 yards Hoffman Challenge.
    Input: 4 yards-Creamery, backing for Sew Along Quilt, backing for Hands Quilt, table topper, 1.75 yards, possible border for Hoffman Challenge, 2 fat quarters, 4 yards Limestone threads, 3 yards Pick Your Stitch, 2 yards Missouri Star Fabrics-bags for homeless shelter
    Total: Output 6 yards, Input 15 yards
    Year to date: Output: 54.55 Input: 56.5 (+1.95)

  23. Well, May was a different month. Had a bad cough that took me to urgent care twice, and then a bad fall took me there again! But, I digress. I did sew, and made 7 quilts this month all for Quilts of Valor. My 33rd quilt this year was a patriotic one, #34 was a UFO in pink and purple starburst in batik, # 35 was a One Nation Panel with star blocks around for borders, #36 was another UFO, a purple and blue star with offset 9 patch, #37 was Watermelon Twist done in patriotic, #38 patriotic French Twist, and #39 was interlock in black, white, gray and royal. No new fabric in, but with 7 quilts and backs, I figure 70 yards used this month, and a total of 390 yards this year. And still NO dent in the stash!!

  24. Vicki in MN

    I think I had a pretty good month.
    May Fabric In-19 yds.
    May Fabric out 49.5 yds. (I made 23 table runners and 2 wall hangings.)
    YTD In- 39.5
    YTD out- 92.5

  25. Pat N

    I missed reporting in last month, so here are my results for both months.
    April In: 4 yd (Took a workshop with a brief shopping side-trip)
    April Out: 0
    May In: 0
    May Out: 13 yd – Finished a large quilt. Hooray!
    5 yd – Donation to guild for charity quilt
    May Total: -18 yd. Progress!
    YTD Total: +39

  26. Laura Riley

    I did okay for May considering I picked up the backing for three quilts that I was able to finish, received the finishing kit and backing for Angela Water’s Build A Quilt, and purchased the backing fabric for a BOM that I am participating in. I was able to gift three Quilts of Valor while attending my 50 year high school class reunion (one classmate and two spouses of classmates), gifted a set of placemats to my sister-in-law as a “thank you” for her hospitality during a recent visit, and delivered some lap sized quilts to a local hospice that participates in the We Honor Veterans program.
    May Fabric IN = 38.25
    May Fabric OUT = -42
    May Total = -3.75
    Year to Date = +30.5

  27. So late getting started, First quilt not completed until March. Here are my numbers:
    May Fabric IN- .50 yd.
    May Fabric OUT- 1.25 yds.
    May Total- .75 yd.
    Year To Date Fabric OUT- 1.25 yds.

  28. July was pretty productive. NO new fabric in. Finally decided I would not live to my 834th birthday to use all my fabric, so have started culling things I don’t want to use, so I donated over 100 yards to a group making quilts for fire victims. Now, for the fun stuff. This month I made or finished 8 quilts, so 80 yards out, which makes my total sewn 470 and over 200 donated. . my 40th quilt this year was Red, White, Blue Stripes and Stars with 5″ squares. #41 was Ruby Star Society Summer Sew Along done in 5″ browns and cream (and it’s done and summer isn’t over!!) 42 was a UFO of batik HST in yellow, orange, purple and teal. #43 was a patriotic Super Star, #44 was A LA Gingham picnic quilt–fast and easy! #45 was a UFO of patriotic sampler blocks–all different sizes and figuring out what size piece to put between to make them fit…grrrr.,#46 was another UFO Leah’s patriotic block of the month. I had most of the blocks done, but then 12 blocks wasn’t big enough for a QOV, so had to make another 8 blocks! This store has been out of business for MANY years! and #47 was Buds n Blooms done in patriotic.All of these went to SoCal Quilts of Valor.

    1. Debbie Skinner

      I did very well this month, thanks to my helpers for participating in a sew day at St. Margaret’s House-we made hygiene bags for the homeless shelter that is supported by St. Margaret’s House. Here are my results:
      June: Output: 2 ½ yards-Bee Table Topper for Birthday gift, 6 yards-bags for Emmaus House
      Input: 4 yards for Hand Quilt
      Total: Output: 8 ½ yards, Input: 4 yards
      Year to date: Output: 63 yards Input: 60.5 (-3.5)

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