Eatin’ Good

Last Sunday I took two ideas from previous posts and combined them into a new recipe. In 2016 I did this post on Slow Roasted Pork, an idea from a food blogger. I did it my own way without foil and it created the most flavorful crunchy exterior called ‘bark’. Yum!

Then I was thinking about the Black Bean Garlic Sauce I used on a Slow Cooker Pot Roast last year. This was a beef roast, and that sauce made it delicious.

I had a jar of the Black Bean Garlic sauce in the pantry, as I have also used it in other recipes, like the recipe from Milk Street’s Cookish of Black Bean Noodles with Pork and Mushrooms. This recipe was delicious, and I keep finding more ways to use that sauce.

This time, I had a lovely pork roast to slow roast in the oven, and it occurred to me to try the black bean garlic sauce with the slow roasting. I started with the roast, rinsing it then drying it. I placed it on a rack with the fat cap up.

I used about 1/2 the container of the sauce, rubbing it onto the roast over the top and sides. It was roasted in the oven at 250º for 7 hours. The house had a wonderful aroma as it neared the end of cooking. The black is the black bean sauce, it isn’t burned. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, I took several and they all came out like this.

Tender and juicy slices, neatly carved as the roast holds together nicely with slow roasting.

All we needed was some steamed broccoli, and we had dinner.

Yum, this was delicious, and super easy! Easy is my go-to right now. It is going to be chilly on Thursday for the Virtual Sew Day. We have 15 signed up, and it is come and go as you please, so I’m not cutting off the registrations until Wednesday evening. I’ll email the meeting id and password then. I am going to find something for the slow cooker that day, maybe my Bourbon Chicken!

Are you cooking up something tasty for dinner this week?

9 thoughts on “Eatin’ Good

  1. karenfae

    that looks good. Is the sauce spicy? I have never seen it here – I might have to look it up and order a jar

  2. Sue H

    I would’ve loved to sew with you Thursday but unfortunately not this time. Maybe I’ll finally make it on another day. I’m going to have to look for that Black Bean Garlic Sauce and I marked the Bourbon Chicken recipe. I’ll be trying that one out soon as I just happen to have a pkg of bone-in chicken thighs handy! Thank you! I always like trying new recipes and I’ve loved several of yours in the past.

  3. Easy is always a good thing when it comes to cooking! I was craving a roast in the crockpot the other day, but didn’t find one that was affordable at the store. Maybe a pork roast would do the trick! Thanks for the recipe ideas!

  4. Mary Ed Williams

    Hi, Carole,
    I won’t be at the Thursday Virtual Sew Day . I am invited on a road trip with two quilting friends to Pineapple and didn’t realize it was Thursday. I don’t need anything but a visit to Pineapple cannot be turned down! So have fun and please let me know when the next one is scheduled.
    Mary Ed

  5. This is a low-level eating week, given that Rick is traveling. But when we were at the kids’ over the weekend, they pulled out all the stops with a glorious grilled lamb with a wine and rosemary sauce. I don’t need to eat for a week! This looks great.

  6. I’m curious what kind of pork roast that is, Carole….I made a loin of pork last weekend, it was so delicious! I have part of it sliced and frozen for a future meal. I never heard of that sauce, will have to look into it! I have a pork shoulder in the freezer I bought because of another recipe I read in a cookbook but now I don’t remember which one, ha ha!

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