Sunday Chat

Another busy and crazy week is behind me, with meetings and presentations, pickleball to burn off some stress, and unfortunately, a memorial service for a dear friend who passed away last week after a hard battle with a terrible illness. Not covid this time but still a blow. So, once again little to no time to sew. I did get a quilt loaded on the longarm for a friend, but that will be the last one I do for others for a while. I do need to concentrate on some of my own projects, and finish up the two charity quilts that need binding in the little bit of sewing time I will have over the next two months.

I have one more repair that I have committed to doing, then after that will be referring out all new inquiries. If you took my class, and want to be on my referral list, please email me. If you’d like to be on the list for the next class, click on Well Loved Quilt Repair Wait List. I have two people on the class wait list now, Susan V and Debra G, and I need more for the class to make. The goal is to have the next class in April.

Chinese New Year was Tuesday, so I decided to set an Oriental inspired table for My Sweet Babboo. We both need a bit of whimsy right now. I used my black plates with the Oriental writing, along with my red bowls and soy sauce dishes. I have chopsticks and holders in red and black too. I set the plates on square gold chargers and used red and black bamboo placemats.

I put my small artificial bonsai on a charger for a centerpiece, with a little jade elephant that my mother in law gave me some years ago. The small white cups are for sake or green tea. I have more dishes in this theme, but this was plenty for now.

I made my ridiculously easy Asian Noodle Bowls with some leftover pork roast for our supper on Tuesday, and served them with potstickers. I didn’t get a photo of that meal, but here is one from the recipe post. Mushrooms and broccoli added to the noodles make this soup a hearty meal.

This week I finished the 600+ page novel Citadel by Kate Mosse. The book is a gritty story of courage and heartache mainly set in the years of the second world war in occupied France. The book is difficult in some spots, as the horror of Nazi atrocities are not glossed over. The ending is realistic, with some hope but not really a happy one. As are all the novels by this author I have read, the writing is taut, the suspense builds, and one finds after a bit that the pages just fly by. Engrossing, and recommended in the realistic historical genre.

One more thing I did manage to finish is my new pattern with the chicken fabrics. I call it Rooster Parade, now available on Etsy at the intro price of just $5.50 for a limited time. It is currently on display at Beginnings Quilt Shop, and they have the fabric if you are in town. If you are not local to Western North Carolina, you can find the Home to Roost fabric designed by Susan Winget for Wilmington Prints at Fat Quarter Shop. I am planning to enter this quilt in our guild’s Garden of Quilts Show in May. I’m really happy with the way the mitered corners turned out.

On the feeder, I only managed to capture one photo of one of the pair of downy woodpeckers that have been here several days. Seems like when they were both on the feeder, by the time the camera woke up, they were gone again.

In the cuteness category, Oliver came to the door to fold his paws and look longingly at me. Please, can I have a peanut butter sandwich? Feed a hungry squirrel? I can’t resist that face. He is sitting on our outdoor mat that says Wipe Your Paws.

I really need to just schedule a day to work on my challenge quilt for National Quilt Day. I plan to turn it in on February 17 so I have to get busy. I have made no progress on it from the last time we chatted about it.

With having a sew day in mind, I’m going to host a Zoom Virtual Retreat on Thursday, February 10. If I do that, then I will have to stay home and sew! The Virtual Sew Day will run 10 am to 3 pm Eastern Standard Time (or a little later if we are having too much fun). Wanna come? Sign up HERE by Wednesday at noon to receive the Zoom invitation. It’s free.

For those participating in the Stashbuster Challenge, you have until this evening at 5 pm to report your totals to be entered in this month’s drawing. No, you do not have to do an inventory of what you have, only report what came in during the past month and what went out in yards. Estimates are fine, whatever makes sense to you works for me. Totals ‘in’ should be reported at + (plus), and totals ‘out’ as – (minus). The goal is to have a high minus number at the end. Count precuts as yardage. Say you use a layer cake, 10 inch squares mean you could get 4 from 10-inches of standard width fabric. So to get 40 squares, you’d need 10-inches x 10 = 100 inches. There are 42 in most layer cakes, so I’d count a whole layer cake as 3 yards. Is it precise? No, but it is close enough. Same thing for jelly rolls – 42 strips x 2.5 inches = 105 inches of standard width fabric. Close enough to 3 yards. I’ll let you all do the math for the other precuts. For wide back yardage, I’d count each yard of 108″ wide fabric as 2-1/2 yards of standard just to keep it consistent. But you can just count wide yardage out the same way as in, one yard for one yard if you want. The way you do your yardage in and out is totally up to you.

What are your plans for the week?

26 thoughts on “Sunday Chat

  1. Karen Addleman

    I had 4.5 yards out in 2 small quilt projects. I had 2.5 yards in because of a quilt shop visit when we were in Florida.

  2. Julie

    Lovely tablescape. I like your idea for dressing up a package of Ramen noodles. Sounds comforting on a cold winter day.

  3. Count me in for Thursday if you allow me to arrive late. I have asilly board meeting at the start time of the virtual quilting! This is the perfect way and a good reason to get back in my sewing room.

  4. Mary E Williams

    OK, I signed up. Now to find a project. Like I don’t have a thousand. See you and thanks!
    Mary Ed

  5. Keysha

    Your table and new quilt pattern are so pretty. I have to work on Thursday so I’ll miss the virtual sewing event on Zoom. I actually rearranged my sewing room on yesterday and I am excited about sewing this coming week. I think the homemade egg rolls I want to make would pair nicely with your dish. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Happy sewing!

  6. KJ

    I try to keep a couple packets of ramen noodles in the cupboard for a fast lunch. I kind of wing it for the amount of water in a pot, add chopped up carrots, celery, onion or shallots, and whatever else strikes my fancy. These hard vegetables cook a bit while waiting for the water to boil. I then break up the noodles and add them with garlic coil or whatever other meat I have. 3 minutes later I stir in the flavour packet then drain most of the broth and lunch is served. Stir frying with the flavour packet is a great idea.

    Oliver is adorable, as always.

  7. Oliver is adorable standing in the mat! We had Chinese this week too, though it didn’t quite come off as I’d hoped….timing issues! I have a long list started for this week, but I am not worried about whether I finish it or not. It’s more of a don’t forget you wanted to do this list at the moment! I will join you for the virtual retreat on Thursday, it is one of my free mornings, so I will enjoy sewing with everyone! I will go sign up!

  8. Absolutely love your Chinese New Year table and recipe is so quick and easy. Must try it. Have added your “Rooster Parade” pattern to my Etsy cart. And, need to order the Home to Roost fabric. As for Oliver – who can ignore that adorable face. I am sure he enjoyed your peanut butter sandwich that you quickly made for him. My condolences for the loss of your friend. Wishing you luck in getting your sewing done. No sewing projects planned for this week by me, but hopefully next week.

  9. Cynthia Givens

    Can’t wait to see you in Wilmington! I did not join the challenge but I’m not buying any fabric this year! I joined the UFO challenge from all about quilting and am working on getting 12 quilts quilted. I am sure our guild would love to hear about your safelight project. Some of our members contribute. Cindy givens

  10. I would enjoy a Zoom sewing day, but I spend a good part of the day on Thursdays with my mom. It’s her weekly outing to get her hair done, and we usually do some other things, too. Thanks for the invite, though! Your chicken quilt is really a pretty one – love the blues and whites with the whimsy of the chicken prints!

  11. Jean McKinstry

    Oliver, he came to bring some cheer into your heart after another huge loss.Busy, tit will be so good for you to focus on your own quilts.The table setting is truly so gorgeous.

  12. Oliver knows where to go to get good snacks! I’m sorry to hear about your friend.
    I think I will join you for part of the day on Thursday.

  13. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Sweet little Oliver! He is so cute sitting there begging! You really can’t resist that face…at least I couldn’t!

  14. Sue Hoover

    Oliver is such a sweetie! I hope to (ahem!) buy another 1/2 yd of fabric so I can continue on with my secret sewing … a birthday quilt for my daughter. That will surely get a load of fabric out of the stash. Of course, it doesn’t count until it is 100% finished. Can’t wait to start the quilting on it!

  15. Oliver is the cutest ever! And Citadel sounds very powerful. I’m sorry you’ve had another loss. It’s a hard year for you. But oh, that table! Just lovely and perfect for the holiday. I hope it’s a good week for you.

  16. thedarlingdogwood

    Your Chinese New Year table is beautiful and your noodle bowl looks delicious!!! Hope you have a great week! I;m working on Thursday or I’d love to be at the chat & sew.

  17. Cathie J

    I am swooning over those black and teal flying geese.Oliver is adorable. I love your Chinese New Year table.

  18. liz

    I am catching up on your blogs. Sorry I missed the virtual sew day. That would have been fun. Maybe next time. Sorry about your friend. I love Arthur. He is too cute. I have the ingredients for the Asian Dish. Not made it yet. Hopefully this week.

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