Stashbusters February

Time to check in! I hope you’ve been keeping track, or can at least estimate what has come in and gone out since the January announcement post. For me, I am starting out pretty good, now will see if I can keep it up all year. I’m not a stickler for the exact days you use, use only a calendar month, or use from first Friday to first Friday no matter how many days that turns out to be. Whatever works best for you. We’ll post on the first Friday of each month the totals for the previous month or weeks.

I am keeping a pad of paper to track my fabric in and out as it goes, so I don’t have to remember what I did the past four weeks. I’ve got mine on a clipboard set aside out of the way, but easily found when I need to make an entry.

I spent my gift certificate at my favorite local quilt shop, Beginnings Quilt Shop, and came home with six yards of chicken fabrics and a Lori Holt Chicken Salad Calendar. It was just a chicken day, I guess. So far, with the 42-inch table topper, only the equivalent of 2.5 yards went out. I’ll have to use up some of the rest of those prints in a throw sometime soon. I finished the binding last week. The fabric is called Home to Roost designed by Susan Winget for Wilmington Prints, available at Fat Quarter Shop.

Five yards went out in backing and binding on this Safelight quilt. Quilt delivered.

And another five yards out for this Rainbow Quilt for Safelight. Quilt delivered.

I’ll count one fat quarter out for this little mug rug for the Color Challenge. It is finished, and I am keeping it. It still counts as ‘out’ as it is done, not a UFO.

So, my totals –
February In = 6 yards
February Out = 12.75 yards
Year to Date Balance = 6.75 yards out
Remember, the idea is to encourage you to complete your quilts, use up yardage as backing and binding, finish the projects. We have enough UFOs. For everyone who participates, I’ll draw a name at random to receive this wonderful collection of 10 spools of 50 wt quilting threads from Sulky Threads called Blooms and Breezes!

Enter every month for the monthly drawings, and all participant reports (from one month to all twelve) will be entered into the grand prize drawing. Yes, they are giving away a collection every month of the challenge, PLUS a large Cotton and Steel collection as a grand prize at the end of the challenge next January!! Do check out Sulky Threads for their fabulous threads and stabilizers for embroidery, quilting threads, and super clearance deals.

No, you do not have to do an inventory of what you have, only report what came in during the past month and what went out in yards. Estimates are fine, whatever makes sense to you works for me. Totals ‘in’ should be reported at + (plus), and totals ‘out’ as – (minus). The goal is to have a high minus number at the end. Count precuts as yardage. I’ll try to get estimates done for you, but for now here’s how I would do it. Take a layer cake, 10 inch squares mean you could get 4 from 10-inches of fabric. So to get 40 squares, you’d need 10-inches x 10 = 100 inches. There are 42 in most layer cakes, so I’d count a whole layer cake as 3 yards. Is it precise? No, but it is close enough. Same thing for jelly rolls – 42 strips x 2.5 inches = 105 inches of standard width fabric. Close enough to 3 yards, or count it as 2-7/8 if you wanted to be more precise. I’ll let you all do the math for the other precuts.

Now it is your turn. Leave a comment with your amounts in and out, and a running balance anytime before Sunday evening. I’ll draw a winner from the participants Sunday after 5 pm, and send an email to the winner. You’ll have 24 hours to claim the thread prize. How’d you do this month?

66 thoughts on “Stashbusters February

  1. Rheanna

    Well, I didn’t do as well as I wanted. I came across some clearance fabrics that would make good backings for upcoming projects and it was hard to pass up. I am hoping to make up for it in the next few months.

    In: 16.5 yards
    *2.5 yards gold backing fabric
    *2.5 yards Christmas fabric with gold
    lettering (backing for 9 patch
    *5.5 yards purple batik (backing for
    batik scrap quilt)
    * 6 yards flannel (Emily’s quilt)

    Out: 9.25 yards
    *2.5 yards gold backing fabric to go
    with donation quilt.
    *Christmas quilt top (2.5 yards) + 4
    yards backing fabric (donation quilt to
    be auctioned).
    *1 fat quarter (fat quarter drawing at quilt

  2. Nancy H

    I doubt I can keep this level up, but January was a HUGE success.
    IN: 0 yards – I really have so much fabric in my sewing room it’s crazy.

    OUT: 65.5 yards
    Finished & donated 6 quilts (more in process) to a local charity for teens – 47.5 yards strips & squares
    Donated 15 yards of scraps (even after those donated quilts) to a friend for her efforts.
    Finished Posh Bunny – 3 yards total
    YTD NET: 65.5 yards OUT

  3. Julie

    Well, I met my goal of no new fabric in, so that’s zero In. But I didn’t get much completed, only two small quilts, so 4 yds Out. I expect to break even for February, I have 3 flimsies to quilt, but there’s some wide back coming in. Looks like it will be a challenge for sure!

  4. Jean W.

    I didn’t keep a detailed list but feel like I’m ahead. One kit in, finished with three yards for backing, ready for long armer. Three yards in, finished, with three yards backing from stash out to long armer. One layer cake in, no plans for it; it has a Christmas theme. Two additional three yards quilts taken to long armer with backing so six yards out. So am I ahead? Doesn’t look like I put a dent in what I have. 😊😊

  5. Jan

    Carole, I am thrilled with this challenge. Now in all fairness, I am letting you know that I purchased a lot of fabric in November but I am not counting that as in since I didn’t get it since the beginning of the challenge. I set myself the additional challenge of using up my flannels and proceeded to use flannel as the batting in some crib quilts. I used a whooping 57.25 yards this month. I made 8 crib quilts for charity, a lap quilt for charity, 3 pet quilts, a lap size teaching sample, a charity block, a microwave baked potato envelope and 2 wallhangings. In Canada we have had some very cold weather and in January my husband enjoys football. So… In 0, out 57.25 yds balance -57.25. Yay! Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Shari K.

    IN: 9 yards (6 for a backing for BOM) 1 yd of neutral for stash, 2 yds for sashing for BOM
    OUT: 5.25 yards (made 5 pillow cases)
    Net YTD: 3.75 yards IN

  7. Rosemary B

    Ohhhh, I wish, I aspire to be on a different level than I am right now.
    My sewing space looks like an explosion. Up stairs in my “stuff room” it is frightening.
    I am hoping I can beg Sarah to come and help me separate scraps in bins this…. Spring maybe.
    Fabric. I am drowning. I have finally decided not to buy any more, forever!
    I am working on three quilts
    Happy Soggy Friday. I will go to my daddy this afternoon and play a game of scrabble

  8. Debbie Skinner

    I have not done an inventory on my stash as I have a lot of fat quarters, charms, 10″ squares, jelly rolls, some yardage (ranging form 1/4-3 yard pieces). That being said what I’m doing for the challenge is keeping track of what I use. So far I’ve used one jelly roll for Honor Flight quilt top-I have batting and backing for finishing-will be done this month. I have finished a lap sized quilt that was a QCNY Consortium Mystery 2021-I used fat quarters from my stash-purchased fabric for borders, binding and a backing. This will be going out once I have completed hand sewing the binding.

    ETA – Output of yardage was: 5.8yds
    Input: 5 yards
    Net -.8

  9. Valerie Reynolds

    Love this challenge! Wish I had more time to join…maybe this summer….I have soooo many fat quarters!!! Sending smiles your way!!

  10. Patty Brenner

    I didn’t write it down (I’ll try to for February) but I know I went the wrong direction 🙂 I attended the Phoenix quilt festival last weekend and bought quite a bit of fabric – probably 15 yards. I only made a few very small things (pillow cases and some machine embroidered gifts) so the ‘out’ is in the neighborhood of 3 yards. I do hope to go through my stash and cull what I’m not in love with anymore.

  11. I have only sewn once since my Christmas sewing. I’ve made ONE apron (for next Christmas….) that I can count as an OUT – 2 yards; IN – none. Next week I am going to pick up a bunch of fabric left to me by a dear lady who passed away. So, as I fold and measure it I will have to keep close track of the IN. 🙂

    1. Kathleen Rountree

      oh my. Well, let’s do Out first:
      6 kid-sized quilts went to a charity for refugee populations – yay – calling that 24 yards out.
      10 blocks to another charity – 1.5 yards out
      Total Out: 25.5 yards

      In: I forgot to keep track, but will do better next month, ha ha. I will guess 25 yards in , mostly post-holiday sales, so at least it was on discount.

      Total In: 25 yards

      WOOHOO: stash reduction .5 yards …

      February is gonna be bad – not as many days to sew…

  12. 7 yards out. 10 yards in. Net 3 yards in. Was doing good until I came upon bargain fabrics in all the right colors. Next month I will do better as I have a number of charity quilts staged to go out but not delivered due to uptick in Covid and the weather.

    I am motivated by all who shared how much yardage they’ve used! Impressive!

    This is much more fun that keeping track of calories!

  13. Sue Hoover

    IN: 5 yds for a BOM that will go into next year. That means I better get busy sewing UFOs to make up for it! Ha!

    OUT: 0 yds. I worked on several older UFOs and started a gift quilt. Should be able to finish the top soon and then on to quilting it. Hopefully will have a few yds out for next month.

    SUMMARY: +5

  14. I’m not entirely sure how to estimate my fabric usage, and yardage in or out because I make so rainbow quilts cut from scraps and fat quarters rather than color coordinated projects, but since I need to start somewhere, here goes! Fabric in: 2 yards for a background for a current project. Fabric out: one small finish quilt for donation. 36 x 36. I pieced the backing from stash, so there’s probably at 2 yards involved in that one. This, of course, doesn’t count everything that’s already there! 🙂

    1. Angie VE

      IN: 21 yards (mostly backing fabric!)
      Out: 17 yds (this is a guess! I finished 1 king and 1 queen quilt this month with backings from my stash!)

      I should have another 5 quilts back from the LAQ and a pre-order FQB this month, so I’ll have to keep better track!

  15. IN – 0 yards
    OUT – 5.9 yards
    NET – minus 5.9 yards

    Only small projects for January, but I see some backing in February’s future.
    I make tops for a shop which they finish into store samples or test out new patterns pre-release. In January I was given 6 yards to test 2 patterns & returned two completed tops, so technically there was an additional 6 yards in and 6 yards out.

  16. Mary C

    Month Fabric In -0 yards, Month Fabric Out -37.75 yards
    Cumulative Fabric In – 0 yards, Cumulative Fabric Out – 37.75 yards
    This was a productive month for me; we’ll see if I can keep it up!

  17. Niki B

    Great challenge. In this month, I added 1.5 yards, completed this month 11.5 yards. Plus I made a fidgit quilt from fabric from the craft club’s stash in my community. So I reduced my stash and theirs.

    I’m not counting the 5.5 yards that I ordered since it’s not here yet. That will be an add for next time.

  18. Kathy Kaplan

    I loved reading all the comments. Let’s see, 6 yards of 108 in . 2 yards of old fabric used. 6 in 2 out
    Hopefully more used this month!

  19. Tammie Frankum

    5 yards in as a backing for a WIP. At least 20 yards out…I’m decluttering and I have accumulated a huge pile of precuts and accompanying fabric to donate to a local quilt group. Not sure exactly how much it is, but there is a honeybun, 3 jelly rolls, 8 charm packs, 2 turnovers, 3 layer cakes and 13 yards of fabric. Plus, there are some blocks and other stuff from some scraps my MIL sent me.

  20. KJ

    Mine is easy: 0 in, 0 out. Ongoing health issues and addition construction means I have not been in the sewing room for months. I DO need to make a couple of small items for the new addition, so there will be some fabric out in February, I hope.

  21. Elle

    I finished 8 UFOs in January busting 46 yards of stash! ZERO fabric in. I emptied a 1000y spool and a 500y spool of thread. (I save them all for a year end photo opp 🙂

    I did finish 2 UFOs to flimsy stage but I don’t count fabric out until the quilt is DONE DONE.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the thread collection.

    1. Diane Doppelhammer

      I did better this month too. I made a 48″ table cloth for my sister-in-law and finished a table topper. My guesstimate would be
      In- 0 yards
      Out- 2 yards
      It’s a start!

  22. Janet Crossman

    I have sworn off buying anymore fabric, unless, it is an absolute neccessity.. So January was 0 in & 25 out. Made 11 king for Christmas gifts

  23. Just did my tally for the month of January.
    2.7 in for a class that I’m taking in February.
    12.3 out for the month of January.

    I’m trying to finish up some UFO’s so should be more out in February

    Take care

  24. Busy month—made 11 quilts (one was a UFO, the others all new and all Quilts of Valor). Since the pieced fronts of the throw and the backs are about 10 yards each total, that would be 110 yards. And no new fabric brought in!! I have a LARGE ‘collection’. (Stash doesn’t sound good!

  25. Elaine Nemeth

    36 yards out and 3 yards came in. Made 5 charity quilts . So minus 33 yippee. My neighbor just came and shopped my stash for binding. So one yard out for February score.

  26. Kathryn Laposata

    January fabric in: 6.5 yards
    January fabric out: 16 yards
    I made 16 pillowcases for Ryan’s Case for Smiles, which accounts for my Out. I needed background for a new quilt in progress, which accounts for my In.
    I hope to keep on the using rather than buying side this year.

  27. Margaret Nelson

    17.6 yd in
    .5 he out
    -17.1 yd out.
    I did really good until I came across $1 yd. Baby quilts will be made.

  28. Michele Bretz

    For the month of January, none in, 10 yards out. For a reference, a pair of jeans is approximately 2 yds. The chair takes approximately 5 yds. Because of the design, the fabric had to take multiple cuts. I went through 4 spools of thread and 4 embroidery flosses. Project competed: chair, pillow. How do I count for a new fabric made from remanents from my jean material?

  29. Joan Sheppard

    I am so inspired with all the number of quilts made. Me – zero in/zero out. Unless you count my foster puppy! One in – one out! And that almost didn’t happen because she was the cutest pupper ever. But that means I have to finish 2 by Wednesday for my sewing for the hospital. Snow days don’t help around here with Huskies who only want to be outside!

  30. Pat N

    I am embarrassed at my totals for this month. For the past two years I have purchased very little fabric, only using what I had. This year I decided to begin several BOMs (which required a few additions), and to buy all of the fabric needed for several large quilt gifts (due this year) as well as a kit for a future king sized quilt to cover one of our “quilt-naked” beds. I expect that this fabric acquisition frenzy will stop soon. 🙂 In = 63.75 yd Out = 9.1 yd. January month end result = +54.65. Good grief! Thanks for doing this, Carole!

  31. Shirley Marvin

    Well, really didn’t keep track, but made 20 NICU quilt tops approx. 1/2 yard apiece =10 yards out.
    But JoAnn’s had flannel at 60% off an I had an additional 20% coupon so bought a lot of flannel to use as backing for those 20 tops, And their clearance bin was 75% off and with the extra 20% that I had made 95% off on the remnants. saved twice what I spent , but didn’t count the yardage..
    So am way in the hole of in’s. Will do better next month…
    Then there was the out on the yarn front, pretty much emptied a large box of that making those towels that people hang on there fridge. So happy with this months finishes…

  32. Pam Jolly

    I didn’t do very well. Mostly because I have been slowly recovering from a long hospitalization in October and November. I haven’t been up for much sewing, but have had lots of time to shop on line. So, for January 9 1/4 yards came in and about 1/4 yard went out (for a mug rug I made). Here’s hoping much more gets done this month.

  33. poodlegirls

    I am making doggie scarves for our girls groomer. Made 42 small ones and 12 larger ones. Since they are double sided comes out to 6 3/4 yards. Also sent 14 yards to Linus this past month. that gave me 20 3/4 out the door. Unfortunately I did order 6 yards to go with my Log Cabin blocks that I made. It will more than likely be a wedding quilt gift. So my grand total is 14 3/4 to the good! Have 2 tops here that should be totally done this month plus one I haven’t mailed yet. This next month should be good one for, I hope!!!!

  34. Laura Riley

    I found some sale fabric to use for a couple of backings so have a larger intake for the month. However, this challenge did help me to resist some fabrics when I went to a couple of quilt shops with a friend. Knowing that I would have to be accountable for my purchases I just looked at some beautiful fabrics and did not do any impulse buying. Due to your monthly guild meeting occurring via Zoom instead of in-person I was unable to add anything to my out total. I have a couple of charity quilts ready to be donated.
    January – intake=35 yards
    – out=0
    Total for year +35 yards

  35. Connie S Wolfe

    In – 1/3 yard (purchased 4 Sew to Win Challenge blocks from the guild)
    Out – 2.3 yards

    It took me most of the month to get back into the sewing room, but I felt good to have completed a few small things.
    Connie W.

  36. Sandy

    This is great!
    In + 1
    Out -2

    I was doing a lot of crocheting 🧶 this past month but back to getting some quilts out.

  37. Debbie Miller

    I needed a few additions for an ongoing EPP project and with shops cutting nothing less than 1/4 yard cuts I added more than I really needed and found 2 beautiful remnants I couldn’t pass up! Nothing finished yet. So 5 yards in and 0 yards out. Maybe a finish next month!

  38. Sarah W

    I,too, gave into post holiday sales. I also signed up for local guild ufo challenge and the project for first number drawn only required binding. And I bound another quilt that was ready to go except for the binding. I did deaccession a couple of yards so …
    January in-8
    January out 3

    The rest of my ufo projects will use more yardage. I have unsubscribed from most of the emails alerting me to new fabrics or sales. That will most likely help reduce the “in” category.

    Thanks for the challenge. It is helping me focus on mostly using what I already have and finding a good home for some that I have but no longer like.

  39. miamiquilts

    I had 13 yards of fabric come in and only 1/2 yard go out. Yikes!!! I am traveling though and ordered several kits online. Hoping to make a huge dent in this number when I get home and can get to my machine!!!

  40. Alexandria

    Love your colour choice for the mug rug.

    zero yards in, 1/3 yard cut for binding that I’ll count as a zero for this month but at least I got a start on next month’s.

  41. Well, this year is off to a good start! No new fabric in, again. Finished 9 quilts and backs including one that was a UFO, the rest were all new starts. I made Simply Serene with plaids and patriotic HST; Fruit Punch with a patriotic jelly roll; United we stand panel; Simple Simon in patriotic; Threads from the Heartland (A JoAnn’s Block of the month UFO!); Cream 9 patch with Marine fabric, Pastel Chandelier or Beads; Pastel L block or half log cabin, Keep on Turning in black and bright batiks. Need a variety, so I don’t get bored!! So this month was a total of 90 yards used. All nine went to Quilts of Valor, which makes a total of 20 so far this year (in 2 months)!! I also donated almost 100 yards to someone making “Fire Quilts” for those affected by local fires. And probably 25 yards to someone who makes children’s charity quilts.

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