Cards, Stashbusters and a BOM

Recently, my blogger friend Jeanie at Marmalade Gypsy and I were chatting on email and she made a comment in frustration that I thought was a brilliant idea. Christmas was so busy and was going by so fast. We both were lamenting that there was no time for cards when she said “I swear, next year I am going to make New Year’s cards and just take the pressure off me!” As the holiday approached at breakneck speed, I kept thinking about her comment. Why not do that this year? So, here we are, the week after Christmas, I never got to the stamping bench, and I have time on my hands again. New Year’s Cards it is!! This adorable hot chocolate stamp seemed perfect, so I did a bunch on white paper. This one from my affiliate Impression Obsession isn’t available anymore, but click on Hot Chocolate Delight to see a another fun one.

I found a snowflake stamp and stamped bunches on a pretty blue patterned paper.

Mounting the image on a dark grey, I offset the blue paper for the front of the card.

I made up a little poem to print and add to the inside. Then I stamped Cheers and a Happy New Year on the bottom.

Here’s my poem, feel free to copy and use if you like.

Christmas came and went so fast
The time for cards already passed
But I want to wish you all good things
And Happiness the New Year brings.

I’ll be sending these out this week to everyone that sent me a Christmas card.

Moving on to quilting, I am going to be one of the bloggers participating in Jen’s Monthly Color Challenge. You can read about the challenge, which will use your scraps to create a ‘spicy’ quilt based on your spice cabinet for colors. Think colors of sage, cloves, garlic, nigella seeds, cinnamon and saffron, plus more for 12 blocks. Click on Patterns by Jen to meet the bloggers today. This will fit right into a Stashbuster challenge I’ll have for you on my blog.

So, what is the Stashbuster Challenge 2022 you might ask? Well, it couldn’t be easier. Once a month, on the first Friday of the month, I’ll publish a post for us to log our fabric in and fabric out. You’ll do this in the comments. The goal at the end of the year will be to have more fabric out than fabric in. You don’t have to register, and you don’t have to take inventory of what you have now. Just keep track of how much fabric you buy or are gifted each month, and how much you use or give away. The totals will be monthly, and also cumulative, so at the end of the year you will know if you had more come in or more go out. At the end of the year, I’ll send a non-fabric prize to a random participant, the more months you participate, the more entries you get.

On the frame, I made progress on the red and white quilt, and I’ll show you the finish later in the week.

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What are you working on this week?

18 thoughts on “Cards, Stashbusters and a BOM

  1. Mary Stori

    Oh the 2022 challenge is easy……I haven’t purchased fabric in years………literally YEARS….. The only material I purchase is PFD fabric……10 yards at a time. Although I will admit I was gifted a whole lot of fabric several years ago….much of which I sold so others could utilize it since the bulk was not my style. Yet I managed to take new paths and found I enjoyed working with fabric I otherwise would never own.

  2. Rita C.

    I didn’t send Christmas cards in 2020 because I just wasn’t feeling it. I had full intentions of sending after the new year, but didn’t do that either! I like the idea of New Year’s cards and think it’s great. Your stashbuster idea is also a great idea. Looks like you’re on your way to a good new year.

  3. New Year’s cards are a great idea and not only does it ease the time crunch for you, it gives the receiver more time to read the cards and enjoy! Cute stamp! I hope you had a lovely Christmas Carole~

    1. Rheanna

      I love the New Years card idea! And the Stashbuster challenge is exactly what I need for this upcoming year. My challenge to myself was to not buy any new fabric unless it completes a UFO.

  4. 2022 challenge is perfect. I was just thinking that I needed to use my stash more. Last 2 years with the pandemic I realize I didn’t need to buy fabrics as much as I needed to. The only fabric I allowed myself to buy was for background and backing as these are usually what I am missing. My LQS have been great in getting me bolts so I would always have background available. Bring on the challenge as I’m ready!

  5. I like your Stashbuster’s challenge idea. Send me the “button” info and I will share it on my blog too. Just happy you didn’t say “inventory” your “inventory”. I have to say, the first fabric I bought in a very long time was for my Christmas projects, and now I am at wits end trying to decide what to do with the scraps of flannel and leftover fleece. I’ve got to clean up my big cutting table today! I totally failed with Christmas cards. I do like the idea of your Happy New Year cards. I always admire the friends who can take the time to write newsy letters in their greeting cards. They obviously don’t sew… 😉 Hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful “in between” week!

  6. Julie

    It’s been go-go-go for you since Autumn Jubilee, no wonder time ran out before cards for Christmas. Fortunately the holiday comes every year & anything not finished this year can be brought again for the next one. Such a cute poem for your New Year’s cards! The stash buster color challenge sounds fun. I love looking at all the beautiful fabrics as they’re introduced but limited additions. I did fairly well, only one jelly roll, two layer cakes, one fat quarter bundle, one collection for a requested quilt & background yardage plus some odds & ends at the guild sale. As the guild sale supports our comfort quilt program it’s a win-win purchase. I’m ready to reduce some more.

  7. Those are cute cards and a fun idea to send them for New Year’s, too! I did send Christmas cards, but ran out, and recieved them from a few people I feel I should send some kind of greeting to. Happy New Year it is! I’ll enjoy seeing what you do with the color challenge, too. I participated in 2020, but have never finished up anything with those blocks. It’s probably time!

  8. Linda B

    I think you are onto something with the New Years cards! I actually got cards out to everyone a week or so before Christmas, but that is about the first time in several years. Yesterday I put a cute pin cushion together and cut fabrics for the free Fat Quarter Shop house quilt pattern…I liked the idea of making a block from fabric from a finished quilt. Looking forward to what you come up with in 2022 Carole!! Happy New Year everyone!

  9. Michele Bretz

    Ok, so you know, I wanted to put a stamp on the back of my envelopes and the ink was dry. I figured that since there were no local craft places on my side of town I would try cvs and ingles. No such luck!

  10. Kathy

    New Year cards are a great idea – I’ll try to keep that in mind another year. Hmm, where’d I put my daytimer for 2022. ^^ I hope 2022 is a good one for you.

  11. Cindy

    Oh goodness! I have been thinking the same thing for years!!! Why don’t they make New Years cards too!!!!! I am not as creative as you to make my own…maybe next year!!!!!!

  12. Jocelyn

    New Years cards are a great idea. I didn’t send many cards because I was down with a back injury and feel up to it. But I think I have some coffee stamps that might work for that. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I’m so glad you took my idea and actually ran with it (which I will aim to do for next year!) I love what you did — they’re delightful! The red and white quilt is so pretty. You’ve been busy. I need to get my creative self going this week. Seems I’m still partially in Christmas mode! Happy new year, my friend!

  14. Jennie Rauch

    Years ago a friend & her husband were teachers & so very busy in December they decided to invent “Hat Day” in January b/c nothing was going on then. They were first grade teachers, so as part of their counting lessons would have the kids bring in hats (& had their own collection). Their classes would parade thru school on Hat Day wearing paper hats, part of their collection, have activities, etc. Instead of Christmas Cards, they’d send Hat Day cards, which they enjoyed sending while relaxing after the Holiday.
    A question: When I click Impression obsession on your blog, then order something, do I have to do anything different for you to benefit, or does it automatically happen if I originate from your place? Thanks.

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