Sunday Chat

With the summer winding down, I usually bring out my August placemats and table topper for a new tablescape. This year I haven’t been motivated to set a nice table, other than just the basics for me and My Sweet Babboo. So, maybe you’d like to see a couple of past tables with these patchwork linens from my Colors of August sewing from a couple of years ago. The pattern is on the link, with a second link from that one to show you the finish. I also did an improv table topper with the leftovers, that you can see HERE. The August colors were primarily green, yellow and orange.

Picking up the color scheme of the placemats, I put green chargers on the table, with orange ruffle edge dinner plates and yellow floral print salad plates. The centerpiece has silk flowers in the same colors, with my Mason Jar Candle Holders holding white flowers in the base with green leaves. Yellow napkins are held with yellow flower pots. The place settings are finished with crystal drink glasses, individual salt and pepper shakers and everyday flatware.

Another tablescape with the same placemats and topper, this one used spring green napkins held with the same yellow flower pot napkin rings. The place settings have orange chargers topped with white dinner plates and yellow lemon salad plates. Everyday flatware, drink glasses and S&P shakers complete these settings in the same way. The centerpiece here has most of the same silk flowers as the one above, but used my yellow ceramic basket. The mason jar candles have yellow flowers in the bases.

I saw this pretty butterfly on the veranda railing, isn’t he gorgeous? He is tiny, though, smaller than a quarter. It took quite a bit of time, but I think I have him identified as a Gray Hairstreak Butterfly.

My stupid orchid is still being stubborn about blooming. The flower spike has been giving me hope for over two months now, with no real progress. I have it outside in the heat and humidity, and it should be loving that. But all it has done is put out two new leaves and lengthen the flower spike just a little.

I had another article on the MadamSew blog this week, a tutorial on making Fidget Quilts. While you are there, check out their Weekly Deals great discounts on essentials. This weekend take advantage of their Rotary Cutter Deal, as they introduce their new line.

Jack stopped by for a sandwich before the rains came early in the week.

Out on the feeder, it seems our place has become the local diner for the teenage birds to congregate. I keep seeing juveniles of all kinds of species. Here, on the right and left are two juvenile house finches, with their red chests just coming in.

A really amazing thing was seen with a group of three juvenile cardinals. I think these may be from the same nest. One of the males was feeding his sister, just like he will do later to woo a mate. His red feathers are coming in but he still is molting under his wings and his beak is almost done turning orange. His siblings still have black beaks, but those should lighten up soon.

A moment later, she returned the favor, almost knocking him off the perch.

A titmouse came by to visit while the cardinal mom was still eating.

While it rained on and off for three days, I finished the Eagle Panel QOV I showed on the last post. It was a good time for some heartier home made meals, so I made a Mushroom Meatloaf for us. Click the link for the recipe.

I got a start on the Safelight blocks, making these in soft florals with creamy white background. If you’d like to do some see the Sunday Chat post to read about the block drive. And you can click on Safelight Quilts to download the pattern, parameters and address.

I am off on an adventure today, so I’ll be a bit late in responding to your comments. I appreciate every one, and will get to them soon. Welcome to a few new readers this week, check out the sidebar to see posts on subjects you may be interested in, like my original recipes, book reviews, free patterns for fall with my annual Autumn Jubilee, and lots more.

What’s going on at your place this week?

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Chat

  1. Melissa Mathews

    Good morning, Carole! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog. I enjoyed your bird pix and your tablescapes are so pretty. After completing an in-home Quilts of Valor award for a veteran of WWII and Korea tomorrow, I plan to start organizing to spend a couple of weeks at our Henderson County home. I have a birthday quilt for our grandson to bind if my longarm lady completes it before I leave on Friday. Hope you did not receive a great deal of damage from the storms Fred brought your way.

  2. Linda B

    I was sorry too to hear about flooding in NC, Carole! I am cutting stash fabric to try out a pattern before I cut into the kit fabric I bought a couple years ago. So challenged reading directions here! Hope you have a fun adventure today!

  3. karenfae

    I love meatloaf and hadn’t thought to do mushroom soup version of which my husband would hate LOL – so I guess I will stick with the tomato catsup on top instead but mushrooms version sounds great!!

  4. Your August tablescapes are so pretty! I love the yellow, green, and orange combination – and it can roll right into September, too. The teenage birds are fun to see! I can’t say that I’ve noticed them at our feeders, but that’s probably who we hear fighting with each over space sometimes! We spent most of yesterday moving my mom from independent living to assisted living – getting that set up has taken up a lot of time lately. It will be a big change, but hopefully a good one.

  5. Julie

    Such pretty tablescapes, perfect for August. On our way out this morning I saw British flags at the park & thought I might find a Mini gathering but it looked like the Triumph club instead. A good second.

  6. Patricia Evans

    Love to see your bird photos (well the butterfly was great, too). Is there a deadline for the Safelight Quilt blocks. I have a lot of florals that would work. Just need to find the time (when it’s not too hot to sew in my studio).

  7. Happy Sunday to you. What a delightful post and I love your table setting. You’ve inspired me to set a nice Fall theme table setting and I will work on it when I return home in September. Can I hire you to consult? Thanks for pointing out the Fidget tutorial you shared. I was just thinking about researching last night as my SIL has dementia and I think she has reached such a point where she could benefit from a fidget quilt, as well as other guests in the same care facility. I’m now off to read your tutorial and will start planning to make one ASAP.

  8. Patty Brenner

    Your post brightened my Sunday morning! I love the tablescape, the green, yellow, and orange are so cheerful together (and now I’m thinking how good rainbow sherbet would taste, lol). Your bird pictures are wonderful! What is the little green chested bird flying in to the picture with the 3 cardinals? It reminds me of the female painted buntings we get in my area (Texas hill country). I hope your afternoon adventure was wonderful, thank you for being one of my happy places on the internet.

  9. Cindy Frisco

    Trying watering your orchid with a few ice cubes each time, instead of water. Lay on top and let these melt. Lay pieces of banana peel once or twice a month for fertilizing. It should bloom beautifully.

  10. Joan Sheppard

    If you ever get tired of quilting, you would be my first choice of party planner! The table, the food, all look so inviting. Love seeing all the animals. Although you haven’t mentioned the bears for a while. Thanks for sharing your lovely part of the world.

  11. Bonnie Coleman

    Hey Carole! Making Safelight blocks and have a question. The instructions say not to mix white and ecru; does that mean don’t mix these in the same block? I’ve split mine up per block, using either all white or mixed cream/ecru, etc. please let me know if that is the right approach. Thanks!

  12. CarolE

    I love seeing the pictures of the birds! It must be such fun to be able to watch them outside your window. I wanted to thank you for your suggestion of lowering the bobbin tension to 180. That seems to be doing the trick!

  13. That butterfly shot is a great one Carole, also the birds congregating at the feeder, loved the one with the bird coming in for a landing. 🙂 Canning and more canning this week, beans, salsa, plums, crab apples and squash chips.

  14. Phyllis Smith

    Great morning to ya, Really liked your Sunday chat this week. Haven’t done to much this week, been concerned about my oldest, he go dizzy at work Tues. and his co-workers called the Paramedics. They took him to the hospital and couldn’t find the problem so he has to go back the 25th for more test. They are thinking a clot but want to make sure before they operate. He has a couple of stints already so my concerns have kept me from thinking about sewing. Have come up with another idea for the tomato pies. Bought a pasta and pastry mold that makes 4 different sizes of appitizers in a small, medium and large and a jumbo size . Thinking about making the tomato pie in the jumbo size and sharing with me son or my friend that didn’t thin tomato pie sounded good, I’m hoping to change her mind on that. Really need to get myself a bird feeder like yours to keep the squirrels away. Watched the cardinals feeding their young at my feeders as well, so sweet. Great picture of the yellow finch at the feeder also. Will be making your mushroom meatloaf with the lemon pepper and garlic, two of my favorite seasonings and love the idea of the soup as the moisterating gravy, sounds so yummy. Have a terrific week. Phyllis

  15. thedarlingdogwood

    Yum! That mushroom meatloaf looks good! I’m the only one in my house who likes mushrooms so I’d have to figure out how to make it in mini loaf sizes, but I bet that would work!

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