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I’ve been working slowly on the needlework project, but weekends have become busy! I am not at all sure I am going to finish this in time for the fair this year. I’ve decided to do the outer section in black, like a cast iron pan. I think this will look great with some black beads that I got from my friend Mary some time ago on the little dots. The iron on transfer is from Stitcher’s Revolution Kitchen Sayings.

I had the best time on Friday, with the announcement of my pattern publication in Quilts and More magaxine. So many wonderful, supportive comments, and I had a ball reading and responding to them, having lovely conversations with long time and new readers. Thank you all so much for your kindness!

I needed a few cards for the shelf, as I was out of ones I could quickly stamp with the right sentiment and send. I got out some new stamps from Impression Obsession that are sewing related. This set called Sewing Delights is on sale now!

A used some lovely papers in blues and yellows.

I left space for a stamp saying Happy Birthday or Thank You.

The cute spool is framed in navy, then mounted with yellow print paper. Now I have a few ready to go for those last minute needs.

We’ve been on a drive recently too, plus there is another one to Highlands coming up. Car club events are more frequent now that summer is here. We are going hiking at Craggy Gardens and having a picnic with one of the clubs this week, too. So, I’ll show you some wonderful mountain and pastoral scenes later this week.

This week I hid some of the rocks I showed on a previous post. This one was set on the sign to a garden at a church where I had a quilt guild area meeting. It was so good to see friends and have some show and tell. It was still there when I left, so it hadn’t been found by any quilt friends.

Later that day, I put a few out on the windowsills at Beginnings Quilt Shop. The shop hangs quilts outside for everyone to see and enjoy. It is a mini quilt show everyday there.

This one was a sewing machine rock.

On another windowsill, I left a little snail.

At our guild area meeting, we decided to make some larger quilts for charity. The group is considering doing them for Safelight, to cover their twin size beds. I know our little group will have trouble making enough for all the beds, but we will do what we can. I proposed using the block from the hurricane quilt project as it is easy to trim if too big, and looks fabulous in all scraps.

If you like this, the pattern is easy. It is best if you are doing scrappy to do at least two blocks at a time, so you can put different half square triangle units in them. Just make two HST units from 5-inch squares, one light and one scrappy, then square them to 4-1/2 inches.. Set the the HSTs with 4-1/2-inch squares of background and scrappy medium-darks as shown.

It has so many ways to set it as well. I like all of them! This is the pinwheel setting.

This is a bargello setting. All of these were from blocks sent in by readers for the project.

I love the scrappy ones, but it is wonderful in all two colors, like scrappy reds and creams, or blues and whites. The blocks work in diagonal lines, or floating squares as well. Any setting that a log cabin light/dark block works in, this will too. So, I’ll be working on some blocks this week, quilting a Quilt of Valor, and getting a bit further on my stitchery project.

If you have Netflix, see Penguin Town, it is delightful. It is narrated by Patton Oswalt, the voice of Remy in Ratatouille. I’m still working on Cook of Castemar. We borrowed the movie The American at our local library this week as the AARP magazine said it was a movie for grown ups. It was slow moving and predictable, and we should have heeded the IMDB rating of 6.3. We usually only spend our time on shows that rate 7.0 or higher.

What are your plans for the week?

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Chat

      1. Margaret Wills

        Just ordered the pattern. Looking at using the sayings in some ways to customise some items for my newly renovated kitchen/ sun room.

  1. Rheanna

    My 3 older kids start school on Tuesday so Monday will be a day of prep and hopefully some fun outside as well.
    I am starting a quilt using a Christmas charm pack from Basic Grey that I picked up 2 years ago. I fell in love with the fabric but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it. Finally found a pattern I will use to make a wall hanging or table topper.

  2. karenfae

    no plans here I need to run and get a few groceries and pick a few weeds out of the garden other than that I will spend time with my stitching and yarn and books

  3. Linda B

    We have another hot week ahead of us, so continuing to knock out projects that have been on hold for quite a while…this week is baby bibs. Not sure I like trying to put binding on such small items…. Seems like a lot of things I do are to see if I ever want to do them that way again or not. Jury is still out on these, LOL. Just printed out the schedule for DH’s favorite football team…pre season starts this Saturday… hard to believe!!

  4. Mary Stori

    Great idea to add beads on the pattern dots!! The scrappy quilts are such an inspiration……you sure do pack a lot into a week….driving, hiding rocks, making cards……oh my!!

  5. Mary Ed Williams

    Why don’t you ask your readers to send some blocks for your guild project? I will make some.
    And, as usual, your pictures of the mountains are making me homesick.
    Mary Ed

  6. Kim Sharman

    So, so much quilty loveliness to be seen in this post. Those little rocks are sweet. Love that you surreptitiously place them here and there. Congratulations on your pattern being published; you must be so excited. I love the idea of black stitches and tiny black beads placed around the outer section of your embroidery. It should look fabulous

  7. Cathie J

    I love that block and all of its different settings. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on the quilt publication! I like your embroidery idea with the beads.

  8. I like to have some cards on hand for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I enjoy seeing where your car club goes on their adventures. We drove the blue ridge parkway end to end a few years ago. Gorgeous scenery! Those blocks are very versatile! So many designs to be created with them! I wonder who will find your painted rocks?

  9. Congrats on the quilt publication. I have a lot fo stampin up things I really should get out and play with. Love that block for the quilts – very versatile and a great way to use scraps.

  10. Michele Bretz

    We saw Penguin Town before you mentioned it and thought it was cute. Both my husband and daughter loved it and that’s a lot since they are on opposite spectrum of movies! Another one is Murdoch Mysteries with its nod to historical facts and figures.

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  11. I love those blocks for the Safelight project – are they called Split 9 Patch? They do make such great designs! Love your painted rocks. The quilt shop was a fun place to leave some! Thanks for the Netflix recommendation – Penguin Town looks like one we’d enjoy. Nothing too big on this week’s schedule, but I sure would like to see my mom get moved back home from her rehab stay.

  12. Sandra B

    Congratulations on the publication of your quilt….love it!
    We have a beach house at North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and a couple of trips ago, we found that someone had left a hand painted rock near our door…it had a cute butterfly on it. Well, when we arrived at the beach, from Virginia, a couple of days ago, the rock was gone. So it is making a journey to some unknown destination! Wouldn’t you love to know where all of your rocks go … the stories they could tell!!
    Have you seen the movie ‘Nights in Rodanthe’? It takes place right here at the Outer Banks…It is a great movie! We watched it on Netflix…don’t know if is still available.

  13. Gayle

    Congratulations on your quilt publication – it is beautiful! Hubby and I plan to watch the latest season of Virgin River on Netflix. We are wrapping up Season 7 of Bosch on Amazon Prime. If you like gritty detective series, this one is great. Based on Michael Connelly books. I’m finishing up a quilt for my oldest granddaughter who left for college this weekend. I didn’t quite finish it before her departure, but hopefully it will be ready for her first visit back home. It’s a very modern black and white quilt which has been a bit different for me. I enjoy your Sunday chats. Have a lovely day and week!

  14. I just love your pattern in the magazine. CONGRATULATIONS on this significant milestone in your quilting journey! I have some blocks “leftover” from the hurricane relief project. If you want them, I will hand them off when I see you in October. I love all the ways you can set those blocks and think that you are doing a wonderful thing for Safelight. Will the residents get to keep the quilt, or will they stay with the property? Makes a big difference when you start a project like this. Not much happening at my place ….stitching removal from my quilt….and re-stitching to anchor it. GROAN. I had terrible tension problems when I quilted it on the frame. I am patiently working through it.

  15. A little quilting, a little yard work, and a lot on the house. We are painting and rearranging (and getting rid of stuff) in the office. A job that has needed doing for probably 10 years….Must have time, money and energy all at the same time.

  16. Joan Sheppard

    Penguins are always a treat! Love the rock idea. You mentioned it before and I think I should try it too. Lots of people walk/run/jog around here. Looked up Craggy Rock! Looks like a fabulous place to walk/hike!
    Finishing up “Social Butterfly” So cute, and using up some “treasures” – fabric too big to pitch out, too small to be useful – works for this quilt.
    Thanks for all the wonderful photos.

  17. Congratulations on your publication in Quilts and More! I love that pattern and magazine! Thank you for sharing your needlework! I enjoy embroidering on dishtowels but never thought to add beads to enhance them! Great idea!

  18. Patricia Evans

    After getting my mammogram on Monday morning, I’ll be spending the rest of the week trying to stay cool. We are supposed to have 4 days in a row of 90+ which is unusual for us. We had an inch of rain yesterday in about 2 hours and I’m itching to tackle some weeds, but it’s just too hot and the mosquitoes are ferocious.

  19. Dorothy

    Would you like us to send some blocks to you for the Safelight beds? I love that block and all of the many ways it can be set. Looked for the magazine with your pattern in it. Magazine isn’t in the stores yet. 😦

  20. Julie

    I just finished a quilt top using some heart & flower blocks made over the past several months & started constructing the back so I’ll be sandwiching & quilting soon. Gosh, only watching IDBMs higher rated movies rules out a lot. I’m not always convinced the reviewer watched whole movie having seen characters & plots misidentified. That said, I don’t mind turning off something I don’t like whereas my husband will watch it to the end hoping it will improve. Ever the optimist!

    1. With IMDB, the rating is based on the average of all the reviewers, most of the time this is in the thousands, not just one person. It is so reliable, that we almost always enjoy things rated 7 and up, and usually feel the lower rated ones deserved it. Next time, scroll down to the reviews and click on the little arrow next to the heading “user reviews” to see more than just one.

  21. I love your rock project. I wonder if people know they can pick them up? The butterfly is especially cute! And of course those quilts are fabulous. I like the scrappy ones, too. That shop looks to die for — even if you don’t sew!

  22. Lovely post. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your embroidery and also the information about that particularly versatile quilt block. So many different settings and as you say with different colourways would look unique each time. Thanks for including all the information. Also enjoyed seeing your little painted rocks.

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