Sunday Chat, Quilting, Gardens and more

Here we are, the beginning of August, the dog days. It has been way too hot for my taste lately, but there is a cool down in the forecast for this coming week, and I hope it is real. Oliver and Charlie came by for a sandwich more than one day.

Oliver seems to be getting a bit older. The life span of a squirrel is pretty short, and I’ll be sad when he isn’t around anymore.

My candy stripe verbena decided to bloom again, lovely purple and white flowers.

I just love purple. The hydrangeas have a few purple blooms now too. I added some lime to the top soil to push them away from blue.

Some are purple, some are actually going to pink. In the background is my fabulous Barn Quilt Block that My Sweet Babboo made for me in 2019, and put up in January 2020. He needed a project, and made this out of ceramic tiles. It weighs a lot, but it should last forever.

Here is a close up of it, didn’t he do a great job?!! These are all tiles, some that he had cut diagonally to make the half square triangles. He mounted the tiles on waterproof backing, then grouted it just like a tile floor. This is my Tango block. He made it so I could tell clients to look for the quilt block to know the door to come to for dropping off quilts.

In the garden, the tomato crop is prolific. I took half of these to my friend Robin yesterday on our MINI drive in the mountains that ended at her home. I’ll have more on that later.

It has been an interesting week for TV. After a reader posted a comment on my book review of A Man Called Ove talking about the movie, I looked for it on DVD. Amazingly, the library had it on their list, so I got in line and this week it came in. We watched it that day. I think they changed the ending, but it was still funny and poignant. On Netflix, I’m enjoying the latest season of Virgin River, the new series called The Cook of Castemar, season two of The Movies That Made Us, and a quirky little show about an autistic teenager called Atypical.

We had to have some sushi this week, my choice was a Sakura roll. This was crab and avocado filled with tuna and salmon on top with a rich oyster sauce and a drizzle of spicy mayo.

My Sweet Babboo doesn’t care for raw fish, so he had a Hawaiian Roll. His was all cooked, with shrimp and avocado inside, and a lobster salad on top. Yum!!

This week My Sweet Babboo put up his redesigned feeder. The new one has an all steel pole, that telescopes so he can pull it down rather than climb a ladder to refill it. The feeder is on a stronger bracket, and is another foot taller so hopefully the bears cannot get to it. We’ll see. It was down enough days so the bear hopefully moved to higher ground to escape the heat.

Didn’t take long for the goldfinches to come back, and a titmouse too.

One last thing, if anyone has an older Bernina sewing machine that can use embroidery cards, or an Amazing Designs box that can convert them to your machine’s platform, please see my sale page for the cards that a reader sent that I cannot use. My machine won’t take these cards, and she gave me permission to sell them so I could buy ones my machine will use. I’ve already bought three more new cards, so these need to go to someone that can use them. All cards $15 each plus shipping. Priced below ebay! Click on Bernina Embroidery Card Sale.

I have a special announcement coming next week, something I am really excited about. It has to do with this little tease I gave you way back in March. Stay tuned tomorrow!

What are your plans for this week?

16 thoughts on “Sunday Chat, Quilting, Gardens and more


    Enjoyed your post this morning!
    What are we doing, packing to move from Texas to Oklahoma.

  2. Nice post. Your flowers are beautiful. The tiles of your block was just perfect. He sure did good on that one. He does good on everything it seems! I know you are enjoying your tomatoes.

    1. Mary Ed Williams

      I am loving Virgin River. Netflix is set up in my sewing room but I’m not getting much sewing done when I’m watching that. I am so jealous of your tomatoes. Great post!
      Mary Ed

  3. Mary Stori

    I recall seeing the barn quilt block before……but reminded of how clever he was to make it out of tile!!

  4. Julie

    That’s a barn block that won’t fade. Imagine the mosaics at Pompeii, still fresh after mounds of volcanic ash were washed away. I have a project due on Tuesday – I better get to work. Your tomatoes look scrumptious! We’ve had a reprieve from the hot weather, both last Saturday & yesterday were very cool, getting a nice breeze from Canada. Thank you neighbor to the north. Eagerly awaiting the answer to your tease.

  5. So glad for your reviews of some things to watch. I am nearing the end of my current lists and having ideas is great. I love the candy striped verbena – purple is my preferred color in my garden. I can’t wait to see what you have to share!

  6. I’ve never noticed a squirrel turning gray before – that’s interesting! Your purple flowers are beautiful! Love the barn quilt hubby made for you, too. We really enjoyed Atypical – can’t remember how many season there are. I wonder if they’ve added a season since we watched. We’ve been watching Downton Abbey over again, and enjoying it so much! My week will be full of visiting my mom at the rehab center and hoping her walking improves so she can get back to being more independent!

  7. Sue H

    Man, oh man! Glad we only have to worry about raccoons getting into our bird feeders. Bears would be another story. Hope the reconstructed feeder works!

  8. The feeder is a real engineering marvel! As is the tile décor! Gardening in Chicago is about a month behind you. Yours look so yummy! My tomatoes just got started and look like cherry tomatoes even though they will be “Big Boys” when they grow up. I am hiring out my Shepherd/Husky mix to the neighbors for “Bunny Patrol”. She races around the yard, leaving tufts of fur EVERYWHERE (finally something good comes from the perpetual shedding!)
    I pulled out all my upholstery fabric and am making Christmas stockings for the dog rescue auction. Sounds too soon – but I make, then photo, then post, then send to buyers and POOF it’s already Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Kathryn Laposata

    I enjoyed both the book and movie of “A Man Called Ove.” I just finished other of this author’s books, “My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry” and enjoyed it as well. I’ll give your Netflix recommendations a try since we seem to have similar tastes.

  10. Mary

    I very seldom see the movie of a book. The story in the movie is usually so different and when I have really enjoyed the book it makes me so cross. I loved reading A Man Called Ove and also My Grandmother asked me to tell you she’s Sorry.
    Love the wander around your garden and seeing your wildlife. Aren’t you lucky to have such a clever husband? :)))

  11. What a smart idea with a bird feeder you can lower to fill so it can go much higher. I love that concept (especially with bears hanging around!) And, that you name the squirrels. I name critters too — Harry the Heron, Skippy the ‘Munk, Bushy the Squirrel et. al. The “quilt block” your husband did is beautifully made and so perfect for you. I feel like we’re having a wonderful porch chat! Happy day to you!

  12. Deborah S Siddall

    Love your flowers and the quilt block in tile is genius. Was wondering what kind of birdseed you put in your feeder. You always seem to have quite a diverse selection of birds.

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