Fun Drive in the Mountains

Last weekend, we had a summer fun run with one of our car clubs. This club is primarily old British cars, and the turnout was fantastic. It was apparent that everyone had a serious case of cabin fever.

We met in Etowah, a very small community west of Hendersonville. Yes, those are two yellow Jaguars, and there is a third yellow one in the club that couldn’t make it that day. One of those was a group leader, driven by co-drive leader Dorothy. There will be a show sponsored by the club at the end of September that will feature Jaguars. Our modern MINI was next in the line.

The drive leader for our group was my buddy, Gail, fellow card stamper and MINI owner. Her MINI is one of the old original versions. We were the sweeper for her group. There was a nice symmetry to the group with an older MINI leading and a new one to sweep. Being the sweeper means we radio to the lead when all the cars have made turns, and we are the ones to stop if someone has trouble. This avoids everyone behind a car in trouble from stopping and creating an unsafe situation.

So, off we went, half the cars in one group and half in the other. Gail and Dorothy had a fun thing planned for us, something we’ve not done before. The drive route was a big loop, coming back to the same location. One group drove the route clockwise, and the other group went counterclockwise.

Beautiful arbored roads with some nice twisty curves made the driving fun. This time it was my turn to drive, and My Sweet Babboo got these photos.

We headed up towards Jeter Mountain.

Winding around the mountain, the views were lovely.

Halfway around the loop, we passed the other group going in the opposite direction. We had so much fun waving to them!

Everyone was waving, and a few horns were heard too.

Then we continued on. See the sign, more curves coming up!

In the valley, verdant green was everywhere. Ahead is a orchard.

At the last turn, our group got there first, and the other group had to wait for us to turn right, so they could make the left.

It was just so well planned and lead, we all arrived at the restaurant at the same time.

We have more drives on the schedule, next one will be tomorrow in the high mountains. I can’t wait, the views should be stunning.

Do you have something fun planned for the weekend?

15 thoughts on “Fun Drive in the Mountains

  1. Gail Rachow

    Nice write up, Carole, thanks for the photos and the kind review of the drive. It was so much fun.

  2. What fun! And beautiful views, too. I loved the idea of splitting the group in half and going the opposite directions! Not much planned this weekend because my mom is still needing me, but we are thinking of a day out next week, and looking forward to it.

  3. We were in NC a couple of weeks ago – first, for the Scottish Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain, then second, headed to Waynesville (Western NC) to visit my 99-year old father and 88-year old mother. With extended family, we rented a van, and sitting in the far back seat did nothing to help my motion sickness. I don’t know how you do it through those mountains!! Motion sickness is no fun while driving through the North Carolina twists and turns…. If my daughter hadn’t had an extra pair of wrist bands, I’d have been a lot worse than I was. The mountains are beautiful, but not so much when you’re in the back of a van!!!

  4. Donna

    Wow there are some great looking cars in your group and I am not a car person! My friend has two Corvairs and is in a Corvair club but your cars are much cooler! Looks like a fun club!

  5. What fun. Great turn out, beautiful drive, perfect weather and friends. I can’t think of anything one could ask for on such an outing that what you received. Beautiful pictures too!

  6. Mary Ed Williams

    What fun! Reminds me how much I miss the mountains and my father thrilled with whipping around the curves. I would be several shades of green by the time I got home.

  7. Sherrill

    What a cute bunch of cars. I used to own a Jag XKE like the yellow one (mine was a red 1963). I don’t see them very often but they make my head turn when I do see one.

  8. Sharon Vrooman

    Looks like a beautiful and fun day. I went to a quilt show last weekend and the lot was filled with minis. I asked if there was a club in the area – no. I think I started an earworm as the owners started looking for each other.

  9. That looks like such fun! And I bet the scenery was spectacular (though I fear I would be bad driving in such a beautiful spot — I couldn’t keep my eyes around the winding roads!)

  10. I always enjoy seeing photos of your drives in the British cars. My brother is restoring a Triumph Stag and has just been given an MG. Here in the UK Summer has gone AWOL so not much chance of having the tops down!
    I don’t know if you like watching detective dramas? You might enjoy ‘Endeavour’ which is set in Oxford in the late 50s and through the 60s. The attention to detail re. cars, costumes and decor is really well done.

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