Assembling the Miniature Quilt

I finished the tiny cornerstones on my last post on this quilt, and now was ready to assemble the blocks into the little top.

This is an exercise in patience, as these little blocks have to be precisely pinned. It is tedious work and took an entire day to get the assembly completed. First, I took two blocks and pinned through the corners on the top side. I used clips as well to keep the edges straight.

Looking underneath at the block on the bottom confirms the pins are holding the corners together and in alignment. Note that the pins are only put in straight. If I pin as usual, the blocks will shift and won’t remain lined up correctly. That is where the clips make a difference.

I did several at one time so I could chain stitch.

First two done.

Then soon, I had eight couplets. I pressed the seams open to reduce bulk.

Next, the couplets were pinned to make rows of four blocks. Using lots of clips this time ensured the edged remained aligned.

Sewing slowly, I made sure to stay right on the line, removing the pins at the last possible moment, and moving the clips as I went.

Four rows completed, ready to be sewn together.

Now the real nail biting comes in, sewing the rows. I carefully pinned and clipped again, trying to make sure the fan points and the seam lines matched.

Sewing the rows carefully, I still managed to get a couple of seams off.

I removed a partial seam and re-sewed it. Most of the points came out well, a few are just ever so slightly bent. But it was the best I could do. I put the tiny cornerstones down, and measured for borders.

A short time later, and the little top is finished.

Next week, I’ll show you the quilting and finishing.

What are you working on this week?

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20 thoughts on “Assembling the Miniature Quilt

    1. Sandra B

      Your mini is looking great! I do miniature projects occasionally, and appreciate you sharing the details of how you put this together….thanks for the tip of using the clips!

  1. I love how that is turning out, Carole! What you did is very tedious, but looks like it was worth the time and effort. I’m not working on much this week because my mom is in the hospital after a fall. Hoping to get her moved to a rehab facility today.

  2. It is coming together brilliantly! Great sewing tips with the pins straight down. Reminds me of lining up 6 layers of fabric for one block wonders….gasp….. All I can think is that you gave yourself a huge challenge and you DID it! I guess once the borders went on you are ready to remove the paper. Tweezers and a spray bottle of water for the stubborn bits? Well done!

  3. I think you did an excellent job getting all those points to match up! Sometimes I like to use a basting stitch that’s easy to remove before final sewing paper pieced seams together. And sometimes I just plain forget to do it.

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