Announcing Well Loved Quilt Repair Program

My new program Well Loved Quilt Repair is ready for presentation! The program is available for both Zoom and In Person presentations. I have pulled together my tips and tricks, and organized the program according to the types of repairs needed. The program is estimated to run just over an hour, with extra time for questions. I’ll show you how to repair anything from small tears and clean cuts…

to dog chewed areas…

and up to severe damage like this one.

This program adds to my offerings of programs now including Scrap Dancing for in-person and Zoom presentation, and Decisions Decisions for in-person only. I’d love to speak to your group! Now booking for 2022.

See my updated page Speaker Programs for a full list and contact form. Are you interested in learning some repair techniques?

14 thoughts on “Announcing Well Loved Quilt Repair Program

  1. So glad to hear that you have finalized your repair presentation. Our guild program committee would like to know more about your Zoom repair lecture. I am meeting with my fellow program committee members this week and the board later in August.. Would like to fill them in on cost, approximate time of lecture and other considerations.

  2. Kathleen Kingsbury

    You are so talented with quilt repair. I have referred people to your blog in the past for repair tips. Although I don’t know if I will be viewing your program myself, I will keep it in mind!

  3. farmquilter

    Congratulations on getting this oh-so-important lecture put together!! So many wounded quilts out there!

  4. I think this is going to be a very popular class. I continually hear from people who need to find someone to do such repairs, but there just are not enough people with the knowledge to make such repairs.

  5. Carolyn Thompson

    I would like to attend the zoom class for the repair presentation. Would you please give me the specifics?
    Thank you.

  6. I very much enjoy your blog. I do some piecing but mainly long arming. Abput half of my long arming is on donation quilts. Recently I received a stack of donations. In it was a top that hand pieced. The piecer was not very skilled and did not maintain 1/4 inch seams and used long stitches. As you can imagine, it is beginning toi fall apart. From the fabric I am guessing it to be 30 or 40 years old. I do not think it is worrth repairing. However, I am contacting you to see if you would like it. I thought it might be used for salvage to repair quilts as ithe fabrics are in good condition. Please let me know if you would like it and I will send it to you.

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