June in the Garden

The floral show continues in June with daylilies and more coming along. I am delighted with these snapdragons, so many pretty colors and such a profusion of blooms.

Medium pink above, and the lighter pink below are side by side. The yellow ones behind are coming into bloom too.

Of course, I love the purity of the white ones.

On the veranda, I need to cut this geranium back and root the cuttings, but it is blooming so well I have been reluctant to do this yet.

In another pot, the purple pansies are still showing their happy faces.

The golden celosia and little tiny pansies are doing well in their birdcage planter.

I am a bit disappointed in my choice of these pansies for the hanging baskets. They are flowering OK, but not filling in as nicely as I had hoped. I think I’ll make another trip to the big box store and get something to fill in the pots a bit better. I miss the torenias, but they just have gotten too pricey.

In another pot that I overplanted a bit, the pansies are looking fuller.

Speaking of overplanting, LOL, I think I put too much in my veggie garden. I’m not sure, but I think that is a pumpkin vine heading down to the sidewalk. The tomatoes are over 3 feet high and covered in blooms.

The squash plants are also covered in blooms, can’t wait to have fresh veggies for the table.

The day lilies are starting to bloom now. This deep burgundy one with a yellow throat was the first to appear.

Now the peach color ones are blooming too.

The white lily is going to bloom again too. I planted this bulb in the garden when I was given it as an Easter lily some years ago. It has faithfully given me one beautiful bloom in June every year since.

The hydrangeas are starting to bloom, and once again they are periwinkle blue to light lavendar.

I added a bit of lime to the top to hopefully push them a bit more purple or pink. This one is peeking through the stair railing.

Newer blooms are more lavendar. We’ll see how they progress as the blooms mature.

Back to the veranda, the bargain impatiens have grown up, filling in the pots and blooming nicely.

I love how charming this deep purple petunia looks, growing out of the pot in my little wheeled cart. Looks a bit French or English country, doesn’t it?

Out in the forest, the mountain laurel is about done, and the dogwoods have finished their displays. The blackberry bushes are setting fruit for the wildlife to eat. My peach tree in the back was storm damaged in the spring and has died. The other peach tree growing next to the retaining wall has a few peaches on it, but I don’t think they will be very good as that one doesn’t get enough sun to ripen the fruit well. What is going on in your garden?

23 thoughts on “June in the Garden

  1. Charleen DiSante

    I have been enjoying your posts.You mentioned your tomatoes. Have you had any experience with bloom end rot? One of my pots is having an issue. Any advice?

  2. Kyra Franz

    I think you inadvertently labeled the first of your beautiful flower photos as “daylilies.” What are they, please.

    1. My first sentence is just an introduction of “daylilies and more”. The second sentence says that the picture is of snapdragons.
      “I am delighted with these snapdragons, so many pretty colors and such a profusion of blooms.”
      Thank you for your lovely complement of my photos.

  3. Rosemary B

    everything looks so pretty.
    Here, the bugs are out and annoyingly buzzy.
    My gardens look okay, nothing epic. The pouring pounding rain really trampled my hill garden. It really looks like a hobbit ran around in it. Even my lavender looks beaten

    I did a lot of clipping and trimming, about two hours worth, got some accomplishment made
    and that always feels great. Still, an ever ongoing matter in summer.
    Happy Wednesday already

  4. June Neigum

    What part of the geranium do you cut to root? I have always thought they were annuals. I have a beautiful pink one I would like to keep.

  5. You have so many pretty blooms, Carole! My snapdragons are also very happy this year! I seem to have one that is a combination of pink and yellow. Not sure I’ve seen that before!

  6. What a fun walk thru your garden. Fun to see how so many are blooming so beautifully, especially those which I recall you bought earlier this Spring. I think they are all pretty happy in your garden. As to my garden, what Spring color I have is quickly disappearing. Yesterday’s heat was a high of 96 and dry as a desert. Very unusual to get so hot, especially this time of year. But cooler, more normal weather is supposed to arrive next week. In the meantime, I’m trying to give all our plants extra water and they’ll be fertilized this coming weekend.

  7. Sharon F

    Love those blue hydrangeas! All your other blooms are also lovely. Here (North Idaho) rhodies are towards the end of their bloom, peonies and iris are going strong, clematis and climbing roses have a good start, and the day lilies are just starting to have a few blooms peak out. June is the prettiest time in the garden here.

  8. Phyllis Smith

    Hello Carole, Where has the day gone to? Your garden e-mail has brought so many memories back to me today. I can remember as a child going out to my grandma Abbott’s mail box for her and she had a small flower garden close by above the rain ditch and she had some snapdragons in it and I loved snapping them and she would tell me not to do that any more. Those flowers bloomed for many a year as I remember. I think that is where I learned to love having flowers in my own beds. I have always loved pansies and I think I will look for a large bird cage to put a blue bird planter in and grow some of them in hanging from my front porch, trouble finding a cage that big though. Have you thought of an ivy to help fill the bird cage? That would trail down some for a little foliage. Your purple and yellow lily is beautiful lily with the yellow throat is a beauty. Purple is one of my favorite colors, My shin tones go well with the spring and winter colors. I love trying to put colors together and make accessory pieces to wear. Want to call my cousin in Asheville and see if all of us cousins can possibly get together maybe this fall to go to the gingerbread computation and craft show. The youngest girl liked doing crafts but having lost contact for a lot of years she may have lost interest, time will tell. I depended on my talents God gave me to make extra money to help us out financially I’m ready to go the my swing and listen to the birds sing to me as its 6:45 and the evening is great by now. Have a great evening, Phyllis

  9. Kathleen Crigler

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos of flowers!! I love in particular the snapdragons and the hydrangeas!!

  10. Rita C.

    Lovely blooms. I’m surprised you still have pansies. but your conditions must be cool enough in the mountains for them to last. Here, the magnolias make one neighborhood smell so good as we walk three whole blocks (they’re planted in various neighbors’ yards). I love them! Hydrangeas and lilies are also showing their colors. Our town is in the midst of its Arts FestivALL, and it’s a hybrid (live/virtual) experience this year. Part of it is a porch parade like NOLA did for Mardi Gras. My daughter’s home is in an old, historic section of town and a local artist decorated her porch with an explosion of bigger-than-life flowers. It’s super cute!

  11. Your garden is beautiful. I love the snapdragons. My hydrangeas are on the way, too but yours are much further along! I forgot to plant my pumpkin seeds I might give some of them a go, but I think I may be too late!

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