Quilting and Cooking

I got the quilting done on the blue and yellow quilt this week. When we left off, I had the top constructed and was deciding on a border.

I did choose to put a narrow white border on to preserve my star points. Then I loaded it on the longarm, and began quilting.

I used white Glide in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

The batting is Hobbs Cotton Wool blend, and gives beautiful definition to the stitching.

The pantograph is called Pansies by Urban Elementz.

I think the combination of pantograph and batting softens the edges of the design.

I finished the quilting in a day.

All done, I think it will be a nice addition to my trunk show.

After a day of quilting, I was in the mood to do a bit of creative cooking, so I tried another recipe from the new Tuesday Nights Mediterranean cookbook from Milk Street. The Greek Style Spinach Rice with Shrimp and Dill looked delicious and had all the ingredients needed. So, I picked one up and made this recipe over the weekend. It was fabulous! Both My Sweet Babboo and I enjoyed it, and it will be going into the regular meal plan here.

It was so good!!! I’ve earmarked several more recipes to try from this cookbook. It is nice to have something different for a change. Download the recipe from Milk Street – Greek Style Spinach Rice

I put a yellow fabric binding on the front side of the quilt by machine, and will be working on the hand sewing part this coming week.

What is on your sewing agenda for this week?

14 thoughts on “Quilting and Cooking

  1. I love the colour combination on the quilt. To my eyes it’s cheerful and calming at the same time. Now that the days are brighter I find I’m more interested in trying new (to me) recipes and I’m currently using a cookbook that I’ve had for years. However, it’s only now that lots of the recipes in it are appealing to me. It also helps that it is called ‘The 30-minute Cook’. I’m not one for spending hours in the kitchen cooking.

  2. Melanie

    Another very beautiful quilt to add to your trunk show. Always a great combo of colors. The Greek rice dish sounds wonderful….I shall try this one, have all but the fresh dill and I love dill, so it’s on my list of “must try soon.” Thanks, Carole.

  3. Jo Anne Seccurra

    Your quilting on your blue and yellow quilt is exquisite! This is the first time I’ve seen the cotton and wool batting in a quilt and it adds that three ‘d’ upshot to the top. This quilt is a classic!

    I am working on a table runner called “Charleston Lily” by Marie Bostwick and Deb Tucker. After making two king size quilts, a smaller project is welcome.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. That dish looks delicious! I love blue & yellow quilts! So spring-like, light and cheery. I have a quilt from church that I need to add labels to the back, and do a little “stitching” in the ditch to anchor the borders. It is a tied quilt, but I always get concerned when we add borders. 🙂 It’s also a blue & yellow quilt.

  5. Donna Hindle

    I love a blue and yellow quilt. I made one for a double bed size, but it is on a single bed and hangs down like a bedspread. Love it!

  6. Patricia Evans

    The blue and yellow quilt looks fresh and cheerful and I like the quilting design. I need to find some new recipes. We’re kind of tired of cooking as this very long year of being stuck at home.

  7. Julie

    Great idea adding enough border to maintain the lovely star points. The fabric is beautiful, what a perfect quilting design to enhance the florals. I’m going to try the recipe without shrimp. BTW the summer squash recipe you shared at Easter was a big hit at my house. This week I’m killing time making color blocks for one of Debby Brown’s color block QALs. I’m not sure which one to make, but it will occupy me while waiting for the next Pachanga clue. I noticed how you sneaked in another stack of HSTs last time! I wonder what’s coming up this week?

  8. Darlene S

    I like your idea of the white border to protect the points. Floats the quilt well. Really beautiful Blue, White and Yellow quilt with lovely quilting. So cheerful. Thanks for the recipe for the Greek Style Spinach Rice as it sounds yummy to me. I want to make it.

  9. I love your pansies pantograph, it’s perfect with that blue and yellow beauty. The rice dish souNds like something I should try, DH another so much, so maybe sometime when he can eat leftovers along with it! Sewing this week will be finishing my birthday shirt and putting the final borders on two graduations quilts, and getting one of them quilted. I also need to hunt fabric and notions for a duffle for a student’s Book 2 recital coming up.

  10. Wow. This one is spectacular, Carole. And so cheerful. Blue and yellow do that to me! Love the yellow binding with the white border. I may have missed this — is it wall hanging size or bed size (and what size bed if it is)? I can just see waking to that and feeling good from the start of the day!

    Thanks for the link to the recipe. I love every ingredient and am always looking for new recipes for shrimp. Who knows? Maybe this weekend! Have a wonderful day!

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