Piddling Around

This past week has been a lot of piddling around, and not finishing much. I’ve done a few embroidery motifs using the new cards purchased for my 20+ year old Brother Pacesetter machine. I showed this one last week, as it was stitching, here it is completed. I’ll add two more to this one for a three-panel wall hanging.

Several asked about the darling pattern that I have for this hand stitchery when I showed it before. It is a Stitcher’s Revolution iron on transfer. It is available on Amazon – Stitcher’s Revolution Ktichen Sayings. There are lots of other designs too, if you are interested including designs with themes of Crafts, Gardening, Cats and Dogs, Spices, Baking, Camping and Critters, and more. I still don’t have much done on it, as I put it aside to do the binding on my To The Nines quilt.

I stamped a card and put it in the mail this week.

Then, I was inspired to do some little bags for the Safelight residents. I made a dozen cards with a simple design on the front, the Believe in Yourself sentiment inside, and a sweet flower on the envelope.

I stamped white paper bags with the adorable dog called Darby Love from Impression Obsession, one I use a lot this time of year. I added a Thinking of You sentiment and a flourish on the left with my Stampin UP roller. I put a card, a heart shaped treat and a pink tissue in each bag. They will be delivered this week.

While I’m on the subject of charity work, the national Project Linus organization is having a fundraiser quilt show. You can vote for your pick from 49 quilts made during a mystery quilt along from last fall, entering as many votes as you wish for $1 each, minimum of 10. Faithful FMCH blog reader and virtual retreat pal Mary Ellen’s quilt is #18, if you would like to support her beautiful interpretation of the quilt. There are some wonderful prizes for the quilt makers to win, and you can support this wonderful organization at the same time. Just click on the button below to vote/donate.

We woke to snow on Sunday morning, but it melted off quickly once the sun came up. A Northern Flicker stopped by, all by himself. He wouldn’t sit still for a good photo, and flew off a moment later. I expect we’ll see more as they do come through this time every year.

On the Amaryllis watch, it has taken days for the blooms to go from this…

to this. It looks like only two blooms this year, but it is the eighth year it has bloomed!

I am working on assembling Pachanga, so I can’t show you what I am sewing right now. Next clue for the mystery is Friday, and it is an easy one. I also have two customer quilts to longarm quilt, and a charity quilt to do after that. What are you working on this week?

17 thoughts on “Piddling Around

  1. Julie

    I’m sewing hearts, hearts, & more hearts until a Friday Zoom project from my guild. I haven’t done anything interactive yet on Zoom, it’s a test. Also my first time for this winter project, there’s always a mystery quilt workshop in February. Since you can’t predict the weather I haven’t previously signed up for winter projects.

    Winter is the perfect time for piddling, you accomplished nice variety of activities. The embroidered flower is beautiful. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

  2. Linda B

    Working on a pieced heart project and playing with a new machine. Snow and very cold all this week here…I think we will be breaking a cold temp record this weekend. Hoping we don’t have to go out for anything but take care of our chickens!

  3. JennyM

    I am wondering what you are using for your hand stitchery project. Is it a piece of fabric, do you line it with something? a tea towel? I would like to try something like this but I’m not sure what to stitch it on.

  4. karenfae

    8 years is good for bringing a Amaryllis back to life. I have two right now that came back for 2 years so I will continue seeing if they will every year. I sometimes think we are all just piddling around right now waiting for life to return to normal.

  5. Thank you for all you do for charity & for mentioning the Project Linus Fund Raiser. This has been a rough year for not for profits. All help is appreciated! Your Amaryllis is lovely.. mine only lasted 3 years. Sometimes we need piddling time.

  6. Arlene

    Good morning! Can you tell me what you do after your Amaryllis blooms and how to store? it until you want it to bloom again. I have two from Christmas that were incredible and I’m going to try to bring them back again…
    Thank you for your advice on this beautiful flower.

  7. Having a little coffee this morning and then off to report for jury duty. I am curious how they will handle this process with the social distancing. Kinda hope I am not picked though because it is a long trial (estimated at 3 weeks). We’ll see!

  8. I often feel like “piddling around” is what I do most weeks! Yet, things get done. It’s fun to see the different things you’ve been playing with. I love those Stitcher’s Revolution designs! I need to order those for myself. We get a lot of northern flickers here – sometimes we see 5 or 6 at a time on our tree, taking turns at the suet feeder.

  9. Patricia Evans

    A suggestion for your Amaryllis in the off season. Put it out on the veranda this summer, in bright light, but away from intense sun. Use a liquid fertilizer at 1/4 strength, every week. If you haven’t repotted it lately, do that it has gone through it’s rest period and before you restart it for the next bloom season. I’ve been doing way to much scrolling and blog reading. I need to make a list and get some things done.

  10. Mary Clabots

    For several years, I worked at getting my amaryllis to rebloom. I even pollinated a few blooms and grew some from seed. It was an interesting ‘project’. Somewhere along the line I learned that to get them to bloom they need lots of leaf growth…more leaves–> more energy stored in the bulb–> more blooms. BUT the leaves you grow this summer will not contribute to the next flowers; they have already formed in the bulb. So promote lots of leaf growth, as Patricia said above, and be patient with it next year because those flowers are already set. I put mine outside for the summer, but not intense sun. The rest period is not necessary for bloom, but is useful to time a bloom. Sometimes mine bloom outside in the summer. Mary in Wisconsin

  11. Joan Sheppard

    Wow you get a lot done for “just piddling” around. I’m testing a new quilt pattern and that’s always fun. Florals, deep pink and kind of olive/avocado. I have 4 now that need to be quilted – I’m stalling using the excuse that I’m waiting for batting to go one sale. Still knee deep in snow so shoveling takes up a good portion of each day. Perfect quilting weather. Love the birds and flowers. Did you ever do a “wild life” quilt with all the critters around you? Thanks!

  12. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Your embroidery looks beautiful! I really like that flower. I look forward to seeing your wall hanging. “Piddly” weeks can be fun too! You did get a lot done, though!

  13. Jo Anne Seccurra

    The valentine packages for the Safelight residents touched my heart. Love the inspiring phrase in the valentine.

    I voted for Mary Ellen! My hat goes off to her for a fine job on the quilt and for supporting Project Linus.

    Today I worked on preparing a virtual trunk show for my fellow guild members. I photographed quilts in the late afternoon light to try and capture the shadows in the quilting. Still lots more to do on this project! Good thing the meeting is in March!

    Sending joyful vibes your way!

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