Re-blooming Amaryllis

Waiting for this amaryllis to bloom again has been a real exercise in patience.  Remember it was January that I showed you the beginning.  Get ready, this post is picture heavy!!  This was early January.  Just a couple of new shoots of leaves coming alive.

Amaryllis Jan 2015

It took until late February for the bud to show.

Amaryllis bud Feb 14 -2

I was thrilled, as I have never been able to get one to bloom a second time. About 10 days later, I had this long bud stem.

Amaryllis 2-26-15

It was so exciting to see that it was going to bloom again, but since then the progress has been excruciatingly slow!! March 7, the bud began to show signs of opening.

Amaryllis slightly opening

Five days later, it is going to be a beautiful red just like last year.

Amaryllis rebloom March 2105

The next day, real progress! And it looks like there will be a third bloom.

Amaryllis third bud

Can you believe it, took two more days, but now it looks like there may be four blooms!

Amaryllis March 14 four buds

Later that day, the first two larger blooms are starting to open.

Amaryllis rebloom 10

The next morning, finally!!  It opened up to this gorgeous flower!!

Amaryllis rebloom 11

March 17, the first two blooms are fully open and beautiful.

Amaryllis rebloom 14

Next day, still waiting for the other two, and now I am hoping that the first two stay pretty.

Amaryllis 33

Two more days for the remaining two buds to begin to open.

Amaryllis 34

March 21, maybe they will all be open at once, hopefully before the first two fade.

Amaryllis 38

Yes, success!! Late in the afternoon on the 21st.

Amaryllis 43

Three are facing one way, and the fourth faces the opposite side.

Amaryllis 41

This is the first time I have ever been able to successfully overwinter an amaryllis.

Amaryllis 32

This was excruciating waiting, but the blooms finally got there. I cannot believe how long it took, but now that they have all opened, it is amazing how long they are lasting. They were still beautiful days later! Thank you to my sweet mother-in-law, Joyce, for giving me a gift that lasted so long and has given me so much pleasure. Both she and the flower are treasures!!


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7 thoughts on “Re-blooming Amaryllis

  1. Sharon Schipper

    Dad loved amaryllis, just after his roses, and we did get reblooming in CA where they were planted outdoors. In his later years I would get him one at Christmas, and we never seemed to get them to rebloom, so I was always replacing them. Congrats! the same issue with poinsettias in a cold climate: I can keep them alive for years, but indoors if you don’t do that light deprivation for a month or so, they won’t get the red color again, just green jungle plants. My paperwhites I had from last year made a half hearted regrowth this year, and just petered out. Now I need some FREESIA!

  2. catsandroses

    Wonderful! My mother-in-law is always able to get hers to rebloom, too, but I never seem to have the patience (or ability!); glad yours was such a beautiful success!

  3. Joyce


    Enjoyed watching the amaryllis reblooming. It was amazing and I can hardly believe your green thumb did this! What a joy to see this red beauty in cold winter weather!

    Love, Mom

  4. Mildred Plaskett

    Beautiful! I never had luck with a rebloom…leaves but no flower stock. Trying again this year. Thanks for sharing.

  5. beautiful-mine are just starting to show green-I have the bulbs for over 10 years now, given many away and they are still producing-mine usually bloom pretty close to Easter

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