Snacking Foods for an Appetizer Meal

Time again to break out the appetizers for a heavy hors d’oeuvre menu! The Super Bowl comes at dinner time this year, a perfect time for finger foods. Even if you aren’t going to watch the game from Tampa, you still might enjoy a finger food meal for the Puppy Bowl, or perhaps a Sunday Movie night. I like some hot appetizers for cold days, and an addition of some chilled items make a great appetizer meal, and grazing during a sporting event. I have a new recipe for you today, along with a round up of some previous posts. You can see the linked posts for step by step photos and recipes.

Chicken wings are a favorite football food, and I did quite a bit of experimenting with them. I wanted to get a crunchy crush without frying, trying to make these with less fat. My recipe uses Panko and Parmesan cheese, baked in the oven to get that crunch with lots of flavor.

My Baked Spinach Spread is essentially the same recipe I use as a side dish for meals. It works nicely for spreading on crackers for a hot appetizer. Certainly having some hot veggies on the buffet is a good thing.

I also wanted to make a lower fat version of sausage balls, and found a way to reduce it with low fat versions of the ingredients. See my Sausage Balls recipe, along with the wings and spinach dip on my post Appetizer Meals.

Ham roll ups are a great finger food. These can be made up in advance, even a whole day before, and kept in the refrigerator until ready to eat. You can also add whatever you like to the basic recipe. I’ve seen them made with pickles in the center, or shredded veggies in the cream cheese spread. Ham Roll Ups.

I love Homemade Guacamole, but I don’t like raw onions. I make mine with milder green onions, fresh tomatoes, and a bit of sour cream to keep the color bright.

While we are on the subject of Mexican appetizers, try this one the next time you have some leftover Chicken Chili. Heat a cup of chili in a flat skillet on medium high heat, stirring often, until most of the liquid evaporates, and bean base is thick. Doing this will keep the chips from becoming soggy.

Dollop onto tortilla chips, top with cheddar jack cheese, and microwave for 30 seconds to one minute, until cheese is melted. Garnish with fresh chopped tomatoes and green onions. Yum! Chicken Nachos!!

I think you can put just about anything between chips and melted cheese and it would be good, LOL!! I’ve made them with Leftover Pork roast too.

And one last idea, just about anything is good on a small slice of toast. After all, just top a slice with tomatoes, basil and cheese and you have a quick bruschetta, great served hot or cold.

But if you want one more hot idea, here’s my new recipe for this year. I was inspired by the Slow Roasted Ham I made earlier in the week. Toast thin slices of artisan bread. Mix a tablespoon of horseradish sauce into 2 ounces of cream cheese.

Spread the horseradish cream cheese on the toast, and top with a thin slice of warm ham. Garnish with green onions. Yum!

Do you have a favorite dish for an appetizer or finger food?

15 thoughts on “Snacking Foods for an Appetizer Meal

  1. No football here…but could be a marathon day in the sewing room! I love all the finger foods, and partial to chips & guacamole or nachos. Great idea on reducing the liquid in the chicken chili. My daughters love the excuse to have a party/buffet and it is always fun to see what they come up with to eat. One does an artichoke spread similar to your spinach bake and keeps it warm in a small crock pot. Enjoy!


    All of your recipes look so good! Just the two of us for the super bowl. But may send my husband to the store and make small batches.

  3. Linda B

    Not a game watcher either, but snacks are so good. Watched a class on Craftsy last week on how to use the air fryer (!). So glad that platform is back. Anyway, one of the snacks was with dates: stuffing them with parmesan cheese and wrapping with a piece of bacon and air frying. Gotta try that. Our evening snack plate usually has deviled eggs, a slicle of cheese, some walnuts and a couple dates. I buy medjool dates at Costco that are incredible. I bought a new sewing machine yesterday, so spending every spare minute getting acquainted! Have a great weekend!

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Oh Carole, I agree anything is good between chips and melted cheese!! Wings and a dip we make with hamburger, lots of garlic and queso cheese (in a tub!!) are our favorite go-to football foods. While we won’t be watching the game today, we are watching the puppy bowl which should be fun! I’ll be making my cornmeal sausage balls. They are very yummy, quick and easy.

  5. kattails

    What a DELICIOUS post! I’ve saved your recipes from the past as I love finger foods, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. I’m anxious to try to last one, though. I’m out of ham but I have slow-roasted roast beef…that’s what is going on my ciabatta with the horseradish cream cheese. (We’re snowed-in or I’d head out to the grocery store for ham, chicken wings and spinach!) Thanks for all you do and all you share. Blessings from a snowy southeaster WV.

  6. Ron & Becky

    YUM! Thank you for the “lighter” versions of appetizers. My husband and I are seeing success on Weight Watchers and these are a big bonus for us.

  7. Oh my gosh, all your recipes sound so yummy and perfect for Super Bowl Sunday (or just about anytime). Enjoy the game! We’ll be watching too, with BBQ ribs, beans, corn bread, avocado and tbd ?

  8. Joni

    I will watch the Kitten Bowl VIII. I’ve made mini meatballs in homemade bbq sauce, baked mac and cheese and homemade onion dip served with veggies. I still have not decided on dessert, but my dad asked for my molasses ginger oatmeal cookies. All of your recipes and ideas are being saved for our next appetizer meal night.

  9. Patricia Evans

    I have a hot artichoke dip we like. For a bigger crowd, I make a cheese ball that has pineapple in it and the dried beef bread dip. Haven’t figured out a way to make smaller amounts of either of those. My step-daughter said chicken wings done in an air fryer are very good. I don’t have one and at this point I’m not really tempted. Also don’t have an Insta-pot.

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